Friday, January 01, 2010

Sombre 2010

Tun M in is his book Malay Dilemma said, in a gist 'the law does not bring justice, it only provides the opportunity to bring justice'. I now know what he means.

The court's decision to grant the right to Catholic Herald to use the word ALLAH is an utterly disgrace to justice. At least in my opinion.

Was it according to the law? Yup, I guess at least to the interpretation of the sitting judge. But was justice being done? I believe not.

I feel that the judge was unfair in her decision. So what is fair? To me, it is by putting something in its rightful place. And granting a Catholic magazine the right to use the word ALLAH in their publication in a county like Malaysia seems to be awkward isn't it? It may be legally correct decision in the eye of the law. But was it correct in bringing fairness to the society and country as a whole? You figure it out.

So, today there would be a protest at the Wilayah Mosque after Friday prayer. Unfortunately, I can't be there. But, I believe I have to do my part in this issue. Hence, this entry.

I certainly don't know what is the agenda of Catholic Herald to pursue the usage of the word ALLAH in their publication when they know this is a majority Muslim country. I bet it was done not in good intention or at least from social point of view. Are they too naive to understand the consequences? Only a retard wouldn't understand the consequences.

This decision will definitely bring threat to the security to this country. In what way? I wouldn't want to go deep on that. Lu pikir la sendiri.....

p/s : my friends in Home Ministry have a lot on their plates now. Don't give up you guys