Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Berabuk dah ni Azrull


Those were the words of Amy. My number one reader! Thanks for being loyal to this blog Amy. You are the best.

It's been so long I just don't know where to start. So let's start with the ongoing Asian Games. Frankly, I'm satisfied my our athletes' performance so far. Some people are saying that Lee Chong Wei should have won the badminton final. But come on, anyone who has been following badminton knows that Lin Dan is Ching Wei's jinx. Chong Wei can beat any players in the world but not Lin Dan. So seeing him lost to Lin Dan, to me, is expected.

My real disappointment was in the doubles. Kien Kiat and Boon Heong didn't play their true potential. They did gave their best. But I think they themselves know it was not their peak performance. The Indons were great, but not that great. They just got lucky.

Takraw, also expected. The Thais are too strong for us. What worries me though is the emergence of countries like Korea, Japan and China into the sport. The once dominance of the sport by Thailand and Malaysia is finally penetrated. But that is not the worst yet, the worst is that Malaysia remains stagnant in the no. 2 spot. Thailand is way ahead of us and the others are catching up fast. I have a feeling that one day, we would be one of the minnows. So BUCK UP Malaysia!

The footballers on the other hand, were actually good. Seriously, before the games I gave them on up to the group stage. I never thought that they could qualify for the 2nd round. And the way they fought, were something to be proud of. Bear in mind, the team came to Guangzhou without six of the 1st eleven. After the 1st game, they lost another two key players. In the last group game, they lost three more players due to red cards. The red cards were actually bullshit!

The referee was obviously bias. Fine, the first red card was deserved. They guy shouldn't have kicked the ball out of frustration when he already got a yellow. He asked for it. But when the Australian referee gave a straight red card to the captain for protesting, that was so uncalled for. Yellow card yes, red card an obvious bias. Shame on him.

So, in the 2nd round, they played with a dilapidated squad, and yet, they lost fighting. To some people, that's more important. I see light at the end of the tunnel in this squad.

Hockey too is so far performing beyond expectation. They won three games and drew once. Still unbeatable. They will be playing their semi final match against India tomorrow. Hope they will do well. India is slightly stronger that us based on their performance in the Commonwealth Games. But in today's hockey, anything is possible. All the boys to do is believe in themselves and give the Indians too much respect. Hope they could at least win bronze to match the 98 and 2002 games. Good luck boys!

The rest of the Malaysian contingent are/were playing to expectation. Squash for example is for us to lose. Nicol and Azlan are simply in their own league. Swimming, athletics, are basically a platform for exposure to our athletes. we are just not there yet. But I think diving could deliver something. In fact they have delivered silver through the beautiful Leong Mun Yi (I really think she's adorable, don't you think?) and her partner. China is simply too good.

So now we have six gold. We need another three to achieve our target. Frankly, I think it would be impossible. But miracles do happen, and I hope it will happen to us.

Malaysia Boleh!!!!

p/s: ok tak entry ni Amy? :))