Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pita Merah

A guy complained to me that the government delivery system is flawed with too much red tapes.  He said that if the government could remove the red tapes the public would be much happier and would save a lot of everybody's time.

I told him I agreed but didn't elaborate more.  Malas....  Not in the mood to debate this never ending issue.

Just to explain why do we need red tapes.  The red tapes are designed as an internal control mechanism and monitoring purposes.  This is to ensure that fraudulent and misrepresentation activities could be curbed.  Also, it is an effort to foster integrity among the government servants.

After all, the public have been complaining that government servants are involved in shady dealings or there are too many grey areas in government procedures which are prone to manipulations and unfairness.  So, to solve this, we came up with a stringent and more rigid procedures.  And yet the complaints continue.

And you may ask....if the procedures are so rigid, why there are still government servants being charged of corruption?  Well, I guess we need to come up with more red tapes :)

The government can never win I tell you.  Buat salah tak buat pob salah :)  But you know what?  We serve the public, and the public is our boss, and the boss in always right.  So be patient, no matter how ridiculous the demand gets sometime. 

Encounter with a gym ball

Do you know what this is?
This is a gym ball

In a glance, it looks friendly and playful
But don't be fooled my friends
It's actually mean, cruel and evil
I shit you not

Nasty ball I tell you
Especially to an unfit person like me
Damn you ball!!

But mark my words ball
I will conquer you one day
I'll kick you in the ass like nobody's business don't have an ass
But I'll kick your ass anyway
We'll see who's gonna have the last laugh

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Alif Hafi goes to the barber

Me : Jom la Alippp, kita pegi jumpa uncle barber tu
Alip : Tanak!
Me : Jom la.... nanti abah belikan slurpee, bestttt
Alip : Alip batuk la abah....tanak la 
Me : (cheh....tiba-tiba claim batuk plak ye)
Jom la alipppp.....
nanti kan lepas potong rambut, alip jadi hensemmmm
Alip : Macam Ben 10 ke abah?....
Me : Uiishhhh....lagi hensem dari Ben 10
Alip : hmm....ok la
Me : (perasann la plak)

It was his first time to the barber.  All this while, his barber was his mama.  So, it's natural for him to be a little jittery and nervous.  He made me stand next to the chair through the whole process.  


After...skema ah

Alif & Akif

Yesterday, Alif bit his brother on the cheek.  So now Akif got a bite mark on his cheek. Boys....  

Alif is usually calm and would always avoid confrontation whenever he could.  But I guess yesterday he cannot tahan anymore.  And I had no choice but to punish him, he had to stay in the toy room and cannot watch tv for the whole night.  Akif?  Well I can't punish him can I? He's too young too understand.  

Akif too is getting naughtier now, always pestering his brother.  There was this one time, Alif was sleeping in the 'buai' (yup, he still sleeps in the buai sometimes), Akif took a ball and throw it into the buai and then he ran away laughing.  Cheeky huh?...

I think it's normal for brothers to fight.  It'll strengthen their bond.  But I always make sure they make up after a fight.  They'll hug each other and everything will go back to normal. After ten minutes the crying will start again...ahhaha....boys will always be boys.  Here are some pics

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Final Destination

When I read about the double decker bus crash in Rawang, it reminds me of a scene in Final Destination.  Horror isn't it?  Imagine you were sleeping in that bus, the next thing you know, there is a man's head on your lap.  Decapitated.  Just by writing this, it invokes anxiety and frustration.

I don't know la.  I'm one of those drivers who drive in frustration everyday.  Apart from the wobbly and bumpy road, it's the attitude of the other drivers that really pisses me off.  

I actually don't mind the speed demons, if they want to drive fast, they can knock themselves out.  I'd always give way to these type of drivers.  Because, maybe they're in a hurry for a reason, ie. emergency.  That could happen to anyone of us right?  So the next time someone gives you the flash from behind or tailgating you, just give him some room to overtake, ok. That's what I call 'bersopan di jalan raya' :)

The type of drivers who really annoy me are those who drive ever so slowly.  In fact, I think they are the cause of the problems we are facing today.  

To slow drivers, hear this.  You may have the sweetest time in the world, but please remember that the person behind you might be late for work.  And you are driving 50 kmh on a clear road!  The first minute of driving behind a slow driver should be ok, but after that, it will start the countdown to boiling point!  

It's sooo frustrating to lose some precious time, especially when you are really really really late.  You flashed, you honked, you 'cucuk' the car, but the driver seems to be in oblivion, and the clock is ticking and obviously will not wait for you.  To make it worse, you could see the driver's shaking and moving his body, apparently he was enjoying the number on radio. You are getting more miserable and emotional.  Now, you'll focus all your energy just to overtake the bugger in front you.  And that's how accidents happen....

It's true that we need to use our otak instead of our hati.  But God created us with these two organs.  And we're just human being. We are weak and full of imperfections.  

Just because you follow the speed limit, it does not make you a 'pemandu bersopan' ok.  If you have another car tailgating you and the road is clear, why not just drive a little bit faster.  Or if you don't want to, just move your vehicle a little bit to the left side of the road so that the guy could overtake.  These are the gestures or actions that are actually courteous.  By doing so, you could ease the tension and may also save some lives.  Trust me, it will.

And yet, if I'm not mistaken, in January or February this year, the RTD announced that they would conduct verbal test for the illiterate and the slow.  WTF??!!! As if we don't have enough problems on the roads!  This is insane.

I'm sorry ok.  I have nothing against the illiterate and the slow.  But believe me that we have enough psychos on the road nowadays.  How would you expect an illiterate person to drive when they can't read the signboards?  What if the signboard says 'Awas! Jambatan runtuh di hadapan' and the fellow thought it's a signboard for a 'kenduri' or something.  Rilek je mamat tu drive.

And the slow.  Tak payah la susah-susah nak imagine.  Kat traffic light pon cukup la.  Can imagine how their brains would work?  How would they interpret the colors? -  'Hijau maknanya jalan...kuning maknanya sedia untuk berenti...merah maknanya berani...Eh berani ke?...Ke merah maknanya garang? apa eh?...aaahhh confuse ah'   See what I mean??!!  And I'm sorry again if I've offended anybody.  But this situation could happen ok.

Dunno la.  Balik rumah lagi best la.  Drive safely you guys! 

Monday, April 13, 2009

No idea

I have a lot to write.  My fingers are waiting eagerly at the keyboard to start the dance.  But my brain seems to be overwhelmed with other things.  Writer's block....

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

They didn't win :)

They didn't win last.  I'm soooo happy.
This should teach them a lesson.
They are not actually invincible.
Hope this will at least shatter their morale.

But last night's result is not important.
Most important thing is tonight's result.
Hope Liverpool will triumph over Chealsea.
You'll never walk alone!
Man U suckkssss

p/s: I know you guys must be thinking of something else eh...gotcha!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mana suma blogger pegi nih?

I notice that most active bloggers are not active today.  Why eh?  I guess everybody is concentrating on the tri-election areas.  Wow....this time, the by-elections really draw serious attention from all and sundry eh.  Good luck to all candidates, I really hope the voters will vote for the best candidate.  Do not gamble ok.  Vote with wisdom.

At least five people have asked me today - tuan rasa, sapa yang menang tuan?

I was dying to answer and deliberate.  But I know that's not possible.   My job is to defend the integrity of my service and the good name of the government.  I must be seen as neutral.  I must not be biased.  I must show to the people of my district that my job is to serve them and the government of the day whoever they maybe.  I must facilitate and not frustrate.  Poyo jangan tak poyooo..... :P

So, as long as I am in the office and wearing my name tag and tie and whatnot, my answer would be - sapa-sapa menang pon tak kisah la.  Asalkan saya boleh buat kerja dah la  :P

You may feel that I'm taking things too seriously.  What do you expect?  Of course I take my job seriously.  As a government servant, I need to take every steps carefully lest I'd receive tons of complains against me.  'Our successes are ignored....our failures are exaggerated'.

But at the end of the day, I'm just another citizen, another voter, another supporter and my true allegiance is to my beloved country.  I have my own rights, I expect people to respect that.  Keranamu Malaysia :)  

Monday, April 06, 2009


Last Friday, at office.  A guy with a messy beard and hair came to see me.

Guy : Selamat petang tuan
me : Petangg....masuk la....ada apa yang boleh saya bantu?
Guy : Camni tuan, saya dari persatuan XYZ
me : ok
Guy : saya datang ni nak mintak kebenaran tuan untuk bertapa
me : BERTAPA??!!
Guy : ye tuan, saya ni memang selalu bertapa, saya ni WALI
Guy : dah banyak tempat saya bertapa di kedah, pahang, perak
me : encik nak bertapa di mana ni?
Guy : di Gua ABC yang dekat dengan kuil kami tu
Guy : kat sebelah kuari tu
me : tak bahaya ke bertapa sebelah kuari??!
Guy : takpe tuan, saya ada jin jaga saya
Guy : Lagipun saya boleh menghilangkan diri....


Friday, April 03, 2009


Can anybody explain to me pasal Adsense ni tak?
Nampak cam best
Tapi aku agak skeptical sket ah
Any info on this is very much appreciated
I know I could read the policy
But I'm too lazy :)

Marley & Me

Have you guys watched this movie?  I have! And I love it.  Those who's trying to start a family should watch it!

Even though I don't have a dog, well I don't own a pet for that matter, I totally can relate to the story.  You know la, the tension managing the family, managing the wife, managing the kids, the dilemma in choosing between career and family, the sacrifices we made, the challenge to battle the selfishness in ourselves, the frustration that sometimes we cannot share lest it will make things awkward and the whole nine yard la.

I guess the director had successfully tailored the story to real life situation.  Touching the real issues we face when we intend to start a family.  These are petty issues that could be blown out of proportion if not managed with subtlety, intelligence, wisdom and most importantly patience.

This movie has reminded me that the real person who really gets things to go the way they should is the wife.  My wife does the same thing - yelling at the boys, yelling at me :)  Well, we (my kids and I) are all boys, and boys will always be boys.  Even though he is a 31 year old boy.  ehehehh...

Me?  What do I do?  I will wash the milk bottles, play with kids for a while, and when House, or CSI, or Heroes or anything on the movie channels starts, I will conveniently take the boys to the toy room let them tear the room down.  And did I clean the aftermath?  Rarely...But I do do chores at home, it's just my chores usually don't require me to juggle between different tasks.  I could do it on my own sweet time with little interference from the boys  and my wife and with peace in mind.

All I'm trying to say is that managing a family is not easy.  It takes a lot of efforts from the husband and wife.  Although sometimes things may not go the way we planned it, but that's just how the universe works.  Sooner or later something good will surface.  And when that moment comes, we'll look back at the hardships we've gone through with a laugh and we realize - that's the beauty of life.

Aku pon follow American Idol jugak

I don't know why I follow this season's American Idols.  I never did.  Something about this season attracts my attention.  I think maybe because the inclusion of Kara Dioguardi.  She's interesting eh :)  Or maybe because Akedemi Fantasia sucks like hell :D

Anyway, Megan Joy was voted out last night.   There goes the hottest chick in American Idol.  Well, she did performed poorly, though.  But I like her.  I like her gestures while she sings.  Cute :)

My take on American Idol this season - the title is between gokey and lambert.  Gokey's strong point is his emotion while Lambert's is his vocal.  Since I'm a rocker in heart (really?), so I kinda hope that Lambert would win this season.  I'll echo Paula's comments on Wednesday when she said Lambert's is in the same league with Steve Tyler and Mick Jagger.  

But I also think that Lil Round could give the boys a run for their money.  She just needs more X factor I guess.  Let the voters decide la.

p/s: Jimmy Kimmel said : I you don't vote for the blind guy, you'll go to hell :D

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gimme my BMW!!

I saw the news last night....
Some lady won the Petronas BMW contest....

It's not fair la....
I want to win a BMW tooooo.....
One day, I hope luck will on my side....
One day....

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Today is a very productive day at work
I feel so happy, so content, so fullfilling
I feel I have done what I'm supposed to deliver to the people
I wish everyday could be like today