Monday, April 28, 2008

Konpem dah

Assalamualaikum & Goodday
Last week i got my confirmation letter. So now, no more acting, I'm a confirmed M44 officer.'s all God's doings.
Ekceli i've known about the confirmation via someone i never expected. THE SECOND BIG BOSS!!!. He SMSed me on Monday : Tahniah anda telah dinaikkan pangkat ke M44 sejak 30 Oktober 2007!
I was like terperanjat beruk you know. Not because of the confirmation, but because of the sms. I never tot the boss cared about a low level officer like me. Good for him lah.
When you are at the bottom of the chain, and someone higher up send you a simple sms like this, it means a lot lah. It might a PR exercise for him, but i really appreciated it. Thanks so much lah Dato', you made my day lah.
Just to explain how promotion in the government works. When you are promoted, you cant straight away assume the post, you have to go a probation period. During the probation period, you are just an acting officer for that post/grade. You have to fullfill all the prerequistes (i.e exams, courses etc etc) before JPA can confirm you.
So now, my friends are talking about promotion again. To me, i'm excited about promotion, but it comes to the actual work, i think it might be too early for me lah. To be in middle management is not easy, you think working in government is easy eh? No way man. I know you guys are skeptical, try it yourself then only you'll know.
Anyways, I'm all game for promotion, sapa taknak wei.... I just hope that it wont be that soon. At least wait till Akif is 1 year old. Then it'll easier to plan. For now, i just want to concentrate on the job yang kat depan mata nih. Kalo ada rezeki ada la, kalo takde pon aku redha :)
Some observation on Malay Dilemma
I realized that some Malays actually hate themselves for being Malays. Most of them usually practise very little of the malay culture and is more open toward life.
Moreover, they expect the not-so-open Malays to accept them as they are. Unfortunately, Malays are Malays, and it is hard for the not-so-open Malays to accept something that is too not Malay. Hence, the conflict of hating oneself being a Malay - presure from the society.
To me, the Malays need to change their perspective toward life, especially the malas & PHD attitude. But changing too much is also unwarranted lest we'll lose our identity. Be like the Japanese, they are sooooo advance in everything and yet preserve their culture and heritage.
Come on people, if you want to be different, dont look down on those who cant accept the changes just yet. Explain and justify it. And for those who's still stubborn to accept changes, dont flatly reject it, try to listen to the explanation. Offcourse they are not always right, but you too might make mistakes once in a while. Compromise la beb....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I need 575 GTC

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Alif's dream (my dream ekceli) to collect all of the Ferrari's models had crumbled. I found out dat the 575 GTC model is out of stock. At first, i tot it was only at dat particular petrol station but apparently the supply has run out of it nationwide. Aiseymen....this is so frustrating lah.

So if any of u got extra, do inform me eh. Here are the pics of 575 GTC :

Front View

Rear View

Side View

Side View

Top View

Since takleh beli ferrari. Abah bagi alif naik kuda je la ye. Jimat sket :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Boys

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Somebody commented that i dont have enough pics in my blog. True lah :) Dont have enough time la to upload the pics and my pc oso is not a big help la. So much for technology eh.

Anyways, last sunday i watched CJ7. It's a little bit different from the other Stephen Chow's films. The comedy is still there. But this has got some drama in it. Quite sad ekceli. It's a good movie to watch, so go and watch it.

Here are some pics of my boys :)

Alif has got a new bike. We bought it for his 3rd birthday.

Akif Wafi masa baru lepas bersalin. As u can see, his face is still swollen. Rambut pon basah lagi

Me and Akif

Akif with his nenek and opah

Yeah, i know. I look fat. But never believe this pic ok. I am ekceli much much slimmer :)

Alif and Akif. Some people say they look alike. Somehow i couldnot see it. Betul ke muka diorang ni serupa eh?

Alif and Akif. Banyak betul bibik letak bedak kat muka akif tu kan.

Cool pic eh. Cam nak boxing la plak

Masa ni buat aqiqah utk Akif. baju tu abang dia punya dulu. Recycle beb :)

Mama & Akif. Akif tak nangis pon masa kena gunting rambut ni. Alif dulu menangis dari mula sampai habis.

I know this pic is senget. Malas nak rotate la.

Alif's Ferrari collection. Ada lagi 3 nak beli nih.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Yea Yea dapat pegi jalan

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

i am going on for course today until wednesday. Now waiting for my ride to Lumut. Oh ye...the corse is at Pangkor ok.

It's a much awaited break from the office lah. Just lepak2 with friends and offcourse listening the lecturer. It's a financial course by the way. This should be an interesting one :)

Ekceli i wanted to write about last Akademi Fantasia's concert. But i think it's gonna take too much time la. So mebbe after i got back from Pangkor la. Anyways, just to quote Adlin Aman Ramli : 'untuk budak-budak muda yang baru nak belajar pasal rock, ROCK SEMEMANGNYA UNTUK ORANG LAMAAA!!!!!....
ehehhehe....terkenang kisah dolu2... :P

nana & yatt masuk paper hari nih. check it out ok. it's on NST's Tech & U pull out. Page 17.

ok la peeps. gotta go now. chiow!!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Today is actually my running day. I sooo want to run today coz i missed 1 session on Monday due to heavy rain. So i've decided dat today rain or shine i'll run.

But just now got a call from my beloved wife that potong everything. We need to go to pasar malam la pulak. Supplies are running low.

What to first rite....the fat in my stomach could have a party lah today, but comes tomoro siap nko.

p/s: mebbe i can run tonite eh...


Jakarta, 1 April (AKI) - Indonesia has banned the controversial anti-Koran film by the Dutch right-wing MP, Geert Wilders.
The Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called for calm in the mainly Muslim nation on Tuesday and said that Wilders would also be barred from entering the country.

I salute you Bapak SBY. Somehow i sometimes adore this Indonesian President. He's easily a much better president compared to his predecessors. Just wondering whether Malaysia, the home of the OIC Chairman will do the same thing :P

Boycott Dutch!

Of Change and Promotion

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

It's been a pretty boring working environment for last couple of weeks. The morale of the staffs seems to be at a very low level. The smiles are still there but i know it's a fake one. I guess its a process. They need some time to adjust to the new environment. True, we have a new boss, and we have to work according to his style. But the truth is, we are just humans. There are certain sentimental values that are still blocking the effort to change.

As for me, I'm not happy too. I was brought in by the previous boss and now the new boss wants to retain me. In a way, i feel if I stay, i'll be like a mercenary - no loyalty. I'm contemplating the possibility to transfer out to another division.

This is not about ideology, it's about doing your job with honesty and integrity. If I cannot perform 100%, what's the point of staying? Betul tak? At the end of the day, i need to feed my family with my salary rite? but if the salary is not 'berkat' as a result of me not being committed, what's the point?

On a more positive note, i heard that our batch is going to be promoted soon (soon is actually an overstatement ok) so if that is true, i might wait for a while la. We were last promoted in late 2006. But offcourse la, there are so many rumours regarding our promotion. Some say we are too young and inexperience and thus, we have to wait for a little while.

Literally, I agree la. We've been serving for only 4 years and 2 months. If we are promoted now, our seniors would be very envy of us la. During their time, it will take at least 15 years to be promoted.

Frankly, eventhough we are young, we are actually capable. Some bosses dont even know what's going on in his units. They actually have to bring us along whenever the big boss calls for a meeting lest they cannot answer. The only thing that my colleagues and i lack is that we have too much respect for the seniors eventhough they are not always right. It's a tradition thingy la. Because of this, we may not be able to carry our jobs effectively if we are promoted.

I think i'll let fate do the job for me la. I cant really think right now. Everything is gloomy and blurry. All i can think while at the office is to go back and play with my boys. And now, i have to endure another five hours before i can go home. and it gonna a slow and boring wait la.

see ya!