Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sydney's Summer

Sydney is experiencing its coldest start to summer in 50 years!  How ironic is that huh??!! and I am here to be part of history :)  So now I have one more story to tell my anak cucu years from now about what happenned in Sydney in the summer of 2011.  Ain't life great?!!  

The sky is always gloomy nowadays.  And it drizzles almost everyday.  Hampering my long term exercise regime (yeahh...I know it's lame, just cut me some slack will ya?)  The only exercise I consistently do right now is the Sunday football game with the guys.  Since it's now summer, we get to play until 8.00 pm.  Don't worry though, we didn't miss our Marghrib prayer :)

Still, the Sunday football game may not last.  We have less people now, so it's less fun.  In fact, last week we had to play with some people from China.  Playing with people you barely know was definitely less exciting.  Well, at least to me.  You see, some people play because they love the game.  I play because I love the people - my friends.  Yup, I'm sentimental like that.  I value friendship, I really do.  Friends are forever, unless if I got stabbed in the back.  Then it's a different story.  I remember a friend of mine used to tell me - If you fuck me once, shame on you, but if you fuck me twice, shame on me.  Ehehh....sooo Godfather.  

Anyway, I really hope there will be more students coming next semester.  It's not just about football.  It's about having activities to do within the Malaysian community.  Activities bring people closer.  And in a small community like us, it's important to be close to one another.  Here, it's soooo not like back home.  Back home, I barely had the time to chat with my neighbors.  Let alone play football!  We were so busy with our lives that the only time we really get to socialize is during Hari Raya or when someone dies.  Yup, we are that sad back home.  I hope I could change that when I got back.    

p/s:  another sad thing is this blog.  hmm....gotta post more often....