Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Yesterday Malaysia celebrated her 52nd birthday. This year's merdeka was not as colorful as before eh. I wonder why?
Maybe it's the Ramadhan, or maybe H1N1, or maybe because there are too many infighting among us.....who knows....
The fact is, this year's merdeka do you describe it eh .... dull? lame?..... I think something in that region lah. Pity Malaysia. The obvious sign was that the number of people flying the Jalur Gemilang has declined tremendously. Did you notice?
Anyways, let bygones be bygones. Let's us focus on next year. Hopefully, this year was just an anomaly. Till next year.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'll be on leave tomorrow. So I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of you Happy Merdeka Day!!!
May Allah bless Malaysia!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This morning, I was scheming through friends' status when I saw this one:
Hari ini aku baru kehilangan seorang rakan kerja merangkap mentor yang aku hormati. En Zainal Abidin A Jalil telah pulang ke rahmatullah pagi tadi... Semoga Allah melimpahkan rahmat kepadanya di bulan Ramadhan ini... Aku betul2 akan merasa kehilangannya...
At first, I didn't pay much attention. But suddenly it was all very clear to me. I knew the arwah. I was told the cause could not be verified at the moment. But it has something to do with tumor.
Although I never worked with him, but occasionally we did meet in meetings or seminar. A nice person he was. A good officer, committed to his work.
The things that I remember about him : he likes to read, he likes to talk and most importantly, he loves his country. He loves this country so much. That's why I feel so moved. We did not only lose an officer, but also a patriot.
May Allah bless his soul. Al-Fatihah.....


Aku tak paham ah. Apsal la sekarang baru nak kecoh pasal isu ni eh. Dulu masa mula2 jatuh hukuman apsal tak kecoh. Dah nak kena sebat baru la masing2 nak bersuara. Apsal lama sangat 'lag' nye tuh.

Yang bestnye tuh, tuan punya badan takde la kecoh pon. Orang lain plak yang menggelabah. Rilek la wei. Kalo Kartika tu dah sanggup, apa nak dibisingkan lagi. Proceed je la. Buat orang lain confuse je la.

Bagi aku la. Once mahkamah dah diberi kuasa untuk jatuh hukuman, jangan la kacau lagi. Kalau tak, jangan la bagi kuasa kat mahkamah tuh. Tak yah la interfere dgn proses undang2 tu.
Hukuman tu untuk kebaikan bersama. Takkan la pasal Kartika ni pompuan takleh nak kena hukum berat2. Ingat nanti kat akhirat ada beza ke laki & pompuan. Sama je seksanya. So, elok la kalo Kartika sendiri dah insaf dan sanggup kena masa kat dunia nih.

Ish...tak paham aku

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ah, Reds

I woke up as usual at 4.30 am for sahur. But today's sahur was different. There was urgency. I left the bed when my handphone's alarm struck the first ring. I hurried myself in front the tv. Switched it on. Push the buttons 8,1 and 2 and hoping for a pleasant news.
But was shocking. Liverpool was trailing Aston Villa 0-2. Damn itt!!!!! They were playing at home. And Villa is not even a Big Four team!!! Sheeshhh....At min 72, Torres scored one. It seemed like a beginning of a miracle. But then, of all people, Stevie G handed Villa a penalty when he made a sloppy tackle in the penalty area. Damnnn.....Final score, Liverpool lost 1-3 to Villa. Crap....

But in a way, I was relieved, though. I was glad I didn't wake up at 3 am to watch the game from the kick off. Good decision Azrul.....

Liverpool is not doing well this season. They lost 2 out of 3 of their opening games. Not a good sign. They lost to Spurs in their first match, which to me wasn't really annoying. You know first game and all, readjusting, adapting and playing away, it kinda make sense. But to lose to lowly Villa???!!! At Anfield???!!! Unacceptable.

I blame the American owners. Thanks but no thanks you Yanks!!! Why don't ya leave EPL alone and go buy some sorry NFL team to toy with.

I'll give Liverpool till the fifth game. Hope they could make a comeback by then. If not, they could say goodbye to this season and concentrate on next season. Just hope that they wont be out of the Big Four. Come on can do ittttt!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Aku sampai opis kul 8.25 ari nih. Merah punch kad aku. Hampeh tul. Ni sebab tidur lepas subuh la nih. Tak pon sebab dah dua hari bangun lambat kan. Tetiba kena bangun awal, tu yang terbabas tuh. Takpe esok kul 7.30 aku sampai opis dah. eheheh

Ok la. Nak balik dah nih. Bulan pose nih bleh balik halh an hour awal. ah....

Selamat berbuka!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Happy Ramadhan everyone. May this year's ramadhan will bring more blessings than before!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Healthful Food - Tips from the elders

I was hanging out with my staffs after lunch when one of them inform me that one of my stuff just found out that he has high blood pressure.

This prompted my exec officer to start a story about a tip he got from an elderly man he once knew. This man passed away sometime ago and he was 92. Nearly a century!!! So my exec officer once had a chat with him. He asked the man what were his secrets to live a healthy life. So the old man said to him: (well, of course I had to alter the wordings la)

You young people only eat two types of food. One is sweet, and the other is salty. As you know, the sweet ones will expose you to diabetic. The salty ones will lead to high blood pressure. The people of my generation, we eat 4 types of food - sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Bitter food is actually medicinal, try take any pills, it only has one taste - bitter. The sour food will act as the neutralizing agent. So when all of these tastes combine, you body will not be burden to process it as everything is balanced.

On top of that, unlike you guys who work from the table and in air conditioned room, we work using our four limbs. We sweat and bled and we used up all the energy we have for the day. Our blood flows smoothly because we basically have no fat in our bloodstream.

So you guys, start eating well. And try to get tips from our elderly. They know more than we think they do.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pool him!!

I was shocked, baffled and disappointed with SPRM. I guess you guys know about the statement made by SPRM's chief of investigation. But in case you haven't, read here.

The statement is a disgrace to his agency and to all civil servants. We are tasked to carry out our duties without fear of favour. We are paid to do it. Nobody put a gun to our head when we signed up for this job. So please live up to expectations.

Please bear in mind that SPRM was only an agency before this - ACA, now it's a commission. What does this mean? It means they are free to exercise their power and authority from any so called puppet master. They are the master of their actions. They should be more bold in their pursuit of obliterating corruptions and not surrender without a fight. Sadly they succumb to pressure. Shame on them.

I became more frustrated when the statement came from a very senior officer. He is even a Datuk. In this testing time, the last thing Datuk Shukri should do is to give up hope. He should instead boost the morale of his officers. Not shut them down completely. He should have known better the role of a leader. He should lead. Not chicken out.

I think the Commissioner must do something drastic. He needs to get rid of the timid and bring someone with panache to head the unit. He should pool the coward. Give his five figure salary to someone else. Someone who deserves the post.

Buduh la.....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ustaz Asri of Rabbani Dies of Heart Attack

Ustaz Asri of Rabbani nasyid group dies of heart attack at Hospital Pantai Kuala Lumpur at 11 am this morning. Such a big loss to our nasyid industry.He was the best of all. May he rest in peace.


-Taken from Tunku-

Politicians with balls

Finally there is a politician with balls.

He's willing to be stripped of all his positions and will not entertain any intimidation. He's willing to stand his ground. Caya la YB. I solute you!!!! Tabik spring sket!!

Though I do not share his ideology, but I admire his courage. Some people might say that this is just another drama or wayang kulit. But who cares right? At least he is willing to fight for the right reason. Whether he is sincere or not, let's leave that between God and Him.

I hope this will be the first milestone. Hopefully there will be a lot more politicians like this.

I hope they understand that there is a limit in pursuing any agendas. Whatever that agenda may be. The end doesn't justify the mean. Along the way, if you find out that the only way to achieve your agenda is by doing wrong against other people or would inflict injustice, for God's sake. Please stop. It is just God's way to tell you that your agenda is actually wrong and bad.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

13 and counting?

Last night, the death toll of H1N1 reached 13.


Mannn....this has gone out of hand. Hospitals are overcrowded. People are panicking. Nowhere seems to be safe now.

I just hope that my family will not be infected. Aminnn....

Hmmm....gotta buy some vitamins for the boys la....

Beware you guys and take care!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tongue Twister

How many times can one twist his/her tongue? One? Twice? Thrice? It doesn't matter though. Because all you need to know is, the tongue will come to a point whereby it will snap after too much twisting. Try it if you do not believe me.

Yup, tongue is elastic, but it will not hold forever. There is a snapping point. Hmmm...I'm writing in circle now, am I?

My point is, stop twisting your words too much. Stop the lying. Stop the acting. Stop bullshitting. Yup, if I'm not mistaken, Sun Tzu once said, 'the bigger the lie is, the more believable it is'. Maybe in war. I'm not convinced it would be effective in real life modern world.

So, please remember, once you are 'kantoi'ed. No words can back you up anymore. People will know you true colors. And people will start deserting you.

Astro Sucks

I'm Pissed with Astro!

I received a letter yesterday. Astro will be increasing my monthly bill starting next month.

Reason being : the cost of airing the sport channels has increased and they can no longer absorb the cost.

I have no complaint about the cost. But I'm annoyed with the sport channels. You see, Astro has this one channel dedicated solely to golf - The Golf Channel. And yet, other sport channels such as ESPN & StarSport are still airing golf programs. Why la? You have a dedicated channel then stick to one channel only la. It's not fair to non golfers, dont you think?

The Non-Golfers are actually absorbing the cost of the Golf Channel!!! I think the Golf Channel should only be offered through additional subscription. Just like Turbo Channel. So, if you are a golf aficionado, by all means, subcribe the channel. That's how Astro should make their money. Not by making others to equally absorb the cost.