Sunday, July 04, 2010

Come What May

By now, I would guess that Argentina's players would be lying on their beds while staring at the ceiling and silently humming Madonna's 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina'.

It's been a very bad day for them. Especially for Lionel Messi. I think if he could trade off his Footballer of The Year Award with a win against Germany, he would. Or even for a goal for that matter. The fact that he couldn't reproduce his club performance which landed him the award must be very frustrating.

As for Diego Maradona, his dream to run naked in the streets of Buenos Aires has been shattered by a team that was obviously superior in every department. Also gone was his ambition to match Franz Beckenbauer's achievement of winning the World Cup as player and manager.

I'm very happy with Germany's performance in this WC's edition. They play their game fluently and with spot on precision. They possess military like discipline and their teamwork is unbelievable. They look unstoppable. Their latest win should elevate their confidence off the chart. I just hope that it would not make them cocky or overconfident.

So far their chances are getting brighter. Only two matches separate them from the coveted cup. They certainly have the winning recipe. The question is right now - can they execute it? I really hope they can. But this is football, anything can happen. Come what may, this Germany team is already a winner in my eyes.

Deutschland! Deutschland! Deutschland!