Friday, September 18, 2009

1Malaysia F1 Team

I don't know how to comment on this. A part of me support it, the other part are having some doubts.

RM1 billion a year. That means RM10 billion for ten years. Mannn...that's sure a lot of money.

This would be the biggest marketing strategy the government has ever had. At least to my knowledge.

On the positive side, this would be a golden opportunity to market Proton-Lotus collaboration and also Malaysia. Proton took over Lotus a long time ago. Since then, I don't see any big effort been taken to capitalize Lotus' big name in selling Proton. So by entering F1, this would be a big boost to Proton-Lotus collaboration image. The question is, will the world buy this gambit?

In terms of self motivating our own citizens, this is good. We would travel the world with some polished pride knowing that we could achieve the unthinkable. It's a big morale boost to all Malaysians. But what about the rest of the world? Will they recognize Proton? Will Proton be standing tall along BMW, Mercedes or even Honda and Toyota?

I don't know. I'm not a marketing guy nor an economist. This is just my 2 cent attempt on analyzing this issue.

But remember, that there were so many skeptics when we decided to produce our own car, the PLUS Highway and the Penang bridge. Now, we can never get enough of it. Hopefully this would turn into a good thing considering the huge amount of investment. Only time will tell. Stay positive guys!

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bye Bye Carlsberg!

.................................could the new jersey be like this?


Finally....Liverpool will have a new sponsor - Standard Chartered - beginning 2010. It was described by Liverpool officials as one of the biggest sponsorship ever. Eheheh....bye-bye Carlsberg. See ya! Don't wanna be ya!

I'm so happy because finally we muslims could buy the actual Liverpool jersey. I've been waiting for this moment for like forever. The dilemma has finally ended. Waiting is torture!

So to all Liverpudlians, better save up from now eh. Once the new jersey is in the market, kita serbuuuuu!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Raya Raya Raya

Five more days to Hari Raya and five more days to leave Ramadhan.
It's a bitter sweet feeling eh.
In general, I think I've been performing better compared to last year's Ramadhan. I think so la. In what way? That's for me to know and for you to find out. Eheheheh.....
Anyways, I'd like to urge all radio stations to start playing raya songs as frequent as possible. I think they are still shy. C'mon's the final week of puasa. It's the raya song time. Play 'em oredii!!!!
My favourite song would be 'Suasana Hari Raya' by Anuar & Ellina. I think the song is vibrant and suits the mode of Hari Raya which is about joy and happiness. Btw, how come the current generation of composers are unable to compose lovely raya songs like before eh? Brain dead eh?
The best modern raya song (by modern I mean 1990 and above la) would be M. Nasir's. Maybe a few others. But I reckon it is not more that five songs. Btw, I think 4U2C raya song is quite nice. Jangan gelak weiiii....but seriously, it's not bad....Jom try test nyanyi sket
Bergema takbir di pagi raya
Menyambut syawal
Bulan mulia
Bersyukur insan pada yang Esa
Berhari raya
Kita semua
To movie producers, please stop making sad raya movies. It's sickening!!!! This is Hari Raya ok. Let's do some happy movies eh. Not that it's bad to make sad raya movies. But to me we are sending the wrong signal about Islam. People would think that Islam is sad and gloomy and frustrating. A total killjoy!
Just look at Christmas movies. Can you find any sad movies? Nope. It's all about feel good movies. Of course there are a few sad scenes, but the scenes do not engulf the theme of the movie. So please check ok.
Anyways, hopefully this year's Raya would be better than last year's. Hmm....I actually don't intend to make this enstry as my raya entry, but JIC kalo tak sempat. Selamat Hari Raya to all!!! Maaf Zahir & Batin!!!!


Azrul & Family

Monday, September 14, 2009

Some Pics from my HP

Ni cousin Alif & Akif. Nama Arissya
Antara mengantuk & lapar
Aku suka gambar nih
Tesco! Tesco!
Alif control la plak
No picture please!!!
Alif punya drawing. Suka betul dia bila teacher dia tampal kat cermin
Hidung Akif yang mahal tu. Sejemput je
Kiddy rides
Alif yg cool. Akif yg drama
Kiddy ride lagi. Kali ni naik je. Tapi tak jalan. Coins dah abis
You want a piece of me punk??!!
Jangan pegang perutkuuuuu

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My Anger

There....I've said it....
I know this will affect my pahala puasa.....
But I can't tahan anymore la....
Sons of bitches!!!!
These Indons need to be taught a lesson
We ought to do something
Come on you guys
Don't you feel anything when you look at the pics? Something? No?
Seriously man....
We need to do something....
and quick!!!
They seem like they are ready for war.....
Emotional betul la....
What are we going to do??
Kecoh punya Indon!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Pastor's Ass

Got this from my wife. I tot I'd share it :)

A little humor with a good moral
The Pastor's Ass
The pastor entered his donkey in a race and It won. The pastor was so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the Race Again, and it won again. The local paper read:
The Bishop was so upset with this kind of Publicity that he ordered the Pastor not to enter the donkey in another race. The next day, the local paper headline Read:
This was too much for the bishop, so he Ordered the pastor to get Rid Of the donkey. The pastor decided to give it to a nun in a Nearby convent. The local paper, hearing of the news, posted The following headline the next day:
The bishop fainted. He informed the nun that she would have to Get rid of the donkey, so she Sold it to a farmer for $10. The next day the paper read:
This was too much for the bishop, so he Ordered the nun to buy back the Donkey and lead it to the plains where it could run wild. The next day the headlines read:
The bishop was buried the next day. The moral of the story is:
Being Concerned about public opinion can bring you much grief and misery & even shorten your Life. So be yourself and enjoy life. Stop worrying about everyone else's ass and you'll be a lot happier and live longer!


Did you guys watch the news last night? Did you remember the slot about some Indons in Jawa set our beloved Jalur Gemilang on fire as a protest to Malaysia? They accused us of robbing their culture - Tarian Pendet. Some also say that Malaysia has always been bullying Indonesia.

Hmm....these people are fierce eh. Just because of a traditional dance they are willing to go to war eh.
Such an ungrateful lots. Haven't they realized that we have been practicing tolerance all this while? Can't they see that nearly a million of their fellow countrymen are in Malaysia, robbing us of our 'jobs'? Do they know that their fellow countrymen have been contributing to our crime statistic?

Yup, some of us did do some bad things to the indons here ie maid abuse, the manohara case. But those are mostly isolated cases. In general, I believe that we have been so nice to them. Well, nice could be subjective too. But at least we never set their flag on fire right?

One thing I adore about them though - their loyalty to their country is amazing. They are willing to shed blood just because of tarian pendet (as if kita nak sangat ownership of that tarian). To them, the tarian is their pride and nobody can take that away from them. They see it as defending their sovereignty. Fuhh...respect ah

Wish we could have the same spirit here. No, I'm not saying that we are not patriotic. All I'm saying is that we sometimes are acting like a pushover. We seldom speak up. We are afraid of hurting other's feeling even though we ourselves are hurting. Dunno lah....

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Malaysian Football

I don't know whether I want to cry or laugh.
It is probably a proud moment for Malaysian football and it
came on Merdeka Day
- Coach K. Rajagobal on Malaysia's defeat 1-2 to Saudi Arabia
It is confirmed that our football is in a sorry state. We are proud even though we lost the game. ahahhaha....but at least the coach did have a Merdeka spirit in him.