Sunday, January 06, 2013

Breaking a Hiatus

Hello Peeps...

After a very long hiatus, I finally found the energy to update this beloved blog of mine.  The truth is, I did missed blogging.  But due to some unforeseen consequences, me being preoccupied with studies and of course my natural laziness...I conveniently demoted myself from a self-glorified blogger to merely a blog reader and blog hopper :)

So now, I'm ready to restart my so-called blogging career...che wahh.   

Me thinks me likes to start with some light entries.  Just some updates on myself would be a great start right?  FYI, I started this blog when I was transferred from KL to Ipoh back in December 2006.  Hence, the title of the blog.  But now, I'm back in KL.  So should I change the title to From KL to Ipoh to KL? No?

My office is literally in heart of KL. In fact it is actually in the golden triangle.  So I'm now back to where I first started my career.  

The new office, is not actually what I had in mind when I finished my master's degree.  So naturally, I was ranting and complaining all the time.  It didn't last though.  I'm learning to love the new job and frankly, I'm falling in love with it.  Yup...something that I found lacking in the melange of my previously hackneyed postings.

I guess the love comes from the team that I'm working with.  From the very big boss,  her right-hand men, my colleagues and juniors...we all just click so well like a well oiled machine.  We are like a big happy family.  And of course, the family is not perfect.  There's always some issues waiting to disrupt the dynamics.  But we managed to keep the stress level low.  The stress level is so low I'm actually looking forward to go to work everyday - another thing that was lacking previously.

I hope that what I have right now would last.  But from experience, I know that sometimes good things don't last forever.  I just hope that it's not anytime soon.  Hopefully...

C ya later peeps!