Friday, April 20, 2007

Bestnya cutiiiiii

Assalamualaikum & Good Day,

Bestnya cutiiiiiiiii.....

Yesterday was DYMM Sultan Perak's Birthday. So cuti betulll....

In the morning went to Padang Polo for easy jog.

Balik umah je immediately tolong opah redecorate her furnitures.

Then went dating with mama. Lama siot kitorang tak dating cenggituh. We left alif with the bibik and also bribed him dgn Power Rangers punya VCD. It worked beautifully :P We left while he was watching the vcd. Sempat jugak cakap "Abah dgn Mama pg dulu ye, Alip jd good boy ok". Tak amik pot pon. Power Rangers Ruless!!!

We went to Jaya Jusco. Mannnn....i learned my lesson - never go to JJ during public holiday. I spent 20 minutes looking for parking space. Finally i decided the car needed some polish work. So anto kat tempat polish tuh and VOILA solved my parking problem.

In the JJ, orang cam semut. Ramainyeeee.

So we decided to tengok wayang. Went to TGV to watch Wild Hogs. Hillarious. Jon Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, Willian H. Macy & Marisa Tomei. All are great actors/actresses. Worth it la if you are a comedy punya fan.

After movie, pg kat VCD punya section. I promised Alip to buy him another Power Rangers vcd. After that jalan-jalan kejap and terus balik.

Malam tuh, pg umah parents aku for dinner. Mak masak nasik minyak, ayam kurma, rendang daging, rojak and one meal yg aku tatau nama dia. alaa yg ada timun, nenas cket, apa tah nama dia.

Huu...memang cannot tahan la. I had two full plates. Then ratah the ayam. Pastu ada air oren la plak. What Projek Kurus? Never heard of it......

We went back home rite after Diari AF. So tu la aktiviti aku yesterday. Bestnyeee.....

Oh ye, from sunday to wednesday next week aku kena pg Jakarta/Bandung. Again? yup..yup. But this time sponsored la. Nanti once aku balik aku ceriter ye. Have a nice weekend y'alll!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Assalamualaikum & Good Day,

"Define maturity?", was the question.

I realized that i dont even know how to answer that. Offcourse you can always look into a dictionary. But is it relevant? Dont think so lah. The dictionary defines things literally. In real life, we cant really rely on meanings defined by dictionary, betul tak? Or else you'll get confused.

Some people say that you are matured when you reach puberty age. Ye ke? A little bit lah kan. Puberty is just a stage where you are sexually matured. Meaning you can kawen oredi. But are you really matured?. Dont think so....

Some people say, maturity is when you are able to think 'out of the box'. Ye ke? Maybe. But the ability to think out of the box could also mean that you are an intelligent or maybe creative person. Could an intelligent & creative person be considered matured? Not necessarily...

Some people say, career wise, you are matured when you aim for a job that offers the highest satisfaction instead of highest salary. True also lah. Money means nothing if you are not happy with your job. I learned this 3 years ago when i switched from private to government. Then i was earning around 3k when i realized that my job SUCK. It was fun, but at the same time SUCK.

Joining the government was a gamble. I had to face a 1k pay cut. Risau jugak lah masa tuh. But after 3 years, i have no regrets, i'm happy with the gomen. Gaji ciput but hati happy :P

Whatever it is, to me, you are considered matured when you are able to taper off your selfishness. To me, this could be achieved in marriage. Marriage is about sharing and caring. You need to have these two traits in order to succeed in marriage. So if your marriage is rock solid, then you are considered matured.

Take me for instance, i'm a KFC junkie. Dolu-dolu when i was single and still in KL, i will stop by at KFC KLCC every friday after prayer just to makan KFC (patut la gemok!!).

But now, everytime i have that want-to-eat-KFC feeling, the mature side of me will say, "kalo aku makan sorang-sorang kesian mama & alip tak merasa, takpe lah tunggu weekend la"

or whenever i had that rasa-cam-nak-minum-ice blendedlah feeling, the mature side of me will say. "daripada aku beli air nih, baik la aku beli susu alip"

or during Hari Raya when people are buying baju raya like crazy, I'd say, "aku takyah beli lah, baik belikan untuk mama & alip". my wife had to paksa me to beli baru la aku beli. It's not that i dont have money. I just feel that my needs are not as important as it used to be. I feel that when my family is happy i'm happy. And that's enough for me.

so ladies and gentlemen, that is MY definition of maturity. Korang punya tatau la. Terpulang lah. Whatever that makes u happy :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Assorted Post

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

I'm currently annoyed with Blogspot. Everytime I click on the New Post page, the message is usually 'Done, with error'. It means that i can still post, but with limited functions. For example, i cant use the font color & font size options. This really annoys me lah. I dunno who's fault is it. Me or the host. Just wish that it could be rectified ASAP.

I did some blog hopping yesterday, and found out that Live Journal offers coooooleerr templates. Kalo tak caya go to ( see, i cant even use the "link" function )


This week was an uninteresting one.

On monday the office had a budget screening in Penang. Good meeting that was. Most of our 'one-off' requests were approved. After the meeting went to chowrasta to buy some buah pala and jeruk. Then, went for a Nasi Kandar Penang session. Got back to Ipoh by 12 midnite.

The rest of the week was boring. Some of the work had to be delayed or cancel due to some meddling by the politicians ( i soooo hate politicians). Some completed way ahead of time which left me with too many time to kill. Aku ni efficient sangat ke eh? Hopefully lah....


Just now i had a crave for roti canai. ekceli i've been having this craving since Monday. So tadi cannot tahan anymore. So i went out to the nearest kedai mamak just to indulge mamak tuh punya roti canai.

But now i have another crave ( macam orang mengandung la plak ). I so want Kopi Bin's Ice Blended. Been soooo long since i last drank that overpriced ABC. I think since i moved to ipoh, i have never been to the Kopi Bin outlet. Dunno why.

When i was still in KL, at least once a week mesti pg lepak kat kopi bin. Usually with kazarul & zid. We were like orang kaya who didnt know how to spend our money :) We usually lepak at kopi bin near Ampang Point. Why? Because it was near to zid's office. That woman kalo jauh2 memang la dia maleh nak join. Sori Zid....eheheh...

But it was fun ya know. Eventho we knew that the drinks were drilling holes in our pockets, but we didnt care. Bujang oiii masa tuh....we dont care shit. We enjoyed pretending to be yuppies :)
But that was then, now we matured oredi ( eh yeke? )


It's funny how TV could tailor our principle eh...take Grey's Anatomy for example. The only time u can see women approve a married man having an affair. I guess Derek is a very lucky guy. Women adore him eventho he's a cheater. How could he cheats when he oredi has a hot wife ( yeah i think Addison is YUMMY ). and i hate Meredith, i think she's sooo weak lah.

But then i guess love could melt the strongest man/woman init? Life's like that la. Have a nice weekend!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Projek Kurus & Damai Laut

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

I'm soooo hungry. Famished actually. And lunch is 3 hours away. huhuhuhu.

Anyways, my weekend ponya activity


Bad news lah. I have brain problem. Last week i didnt finish one single run (it's jog actually). Dunno why. The legs werent tired, stamina was ok. Only mental not ok. I always kalah to the slightest obstacle i.e. ada anjing kat depan la, orang bakar sampah la, tali kasut terlerai la....

I missed the days when i was strong mentally. I used to represent my school in 4 x 400m and cross country tau. and hockey too. center half position lagi. for those non hockey fan, center half is the most penat position in hockey....:P

Yup, people believe it or not. CROSS COUNTRY tu beb. So now i know that i do (or is it I DID) have the ability to do this. but why now cannot eh?

I think it's because of the excessive lemak around my belly lah. i'm heavy now. or maybe it's just one of those days lah when u just feel lazy & helpless :P

hmm....this week i'll make sure that i'll finish even if i have to crawl...eheheh



went to Damai Laut in Lumut during the weekend. Ipoh's lawyers ponya family day. best gak la. dapat gak jalan2 and rilex. here are the pics

Special Agent Mama & Special Agent Hafi. Masa ni on our way to sukaneka. tgh tunggu lif. punya la lembab. so amik gambor dulu la.

Tak main la dgn local people. Instead of playing with his frens, dia lebih minat dgn group budak2 mat salleh nih. americans & canadians. budak2 tu pon tak kisah. suka la alip

Group photos with the budak2 mat sallehs. baguih eh anak aku punya PR. btw, nama alif hafi nih literally means 'a noble best friend'. so i guess the names reflects the personality eh

Pertandingan sapa amik paling gula-gula dia menang. hadiahnya...gula-gula yg diorang amik tu je la :) mama tgh tolong alip masukkan gula2 tuh dalam seluar

sambil lepak sambail makan gula2 yang dia menang tadi. sambil-sambil tuh usyar belon2 yang ada kat beg urusetia

lari sambil bawak cokodok dalam sudu. mama was the secretariat so kena tunjuk rajin la distributing the cokodoks

tiup belon sampai pecah. alip pakar dalam meletupkan belon nih. tapi dia takleh join sebab untuk 6 years and above only. next time la alip

carik gula2 dalam tepung. as always adee je mak bapak yg jadi coach. ehehehhe. seronok tgk anak deme nih aktif :)

Bapak dugong dan anaknya yang sedang tido dengan nyenyaknya. Kenyang + Penat

Special Agent Abah & Special Agent Alif Hafi. hmm..... kalo mama focus ke kiri sket dah bleh nampak laut dah. rugi....rugi

mama in action. volleyball nih memang makanan mama la. they won. dapat la tuppaware sorang satu

Special Agent Alif Hafi on his Black Underwater Ops. Tak nak kluar tuuuu. Puas aku pujuk

Tercengang....aku pon tak sure apa yg dia tengok. i think he was like 'fuiyooooo.....besonya lobang hidung uncle nih...' :)

Alip menang bola. Dia memang dah lama aim bola tuh. dapat jugak akhirnya. tapi sayang bola tuh dah kempis.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

6 weird things about me

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

I almost have nothing to do today. Today is one of those all-meetings-cancelled-until-further-notice days. so to kill the time, i read my frens' blogs. then i remembered that i was 'tagged' by zid the rambutan. so here goes,

not sure whether these are weird or not, i am not really a weirdo :)

1. i cant eat cold rice/cold meal. it doesnt matter whether the lauks are the same (lunch=dinner) the most important thing is that it has to be hot/warm. kalo aku tak puas makan.

2. i cant do the dishes. i get this nauseous feeling whenever i do the dishes. my wife did force me once, after 1 1/2 plate i almost vomitted. then she knew that i wasnt actually making any excuses. oh yeah...btw i can ONLY do own dishes, others punya sori ah....

3. when i was small, i will only eat one lauk at a time. for example, if there were chicken and fish. i would eat the chicken first, then went to the kitchen to wash my plate, went back to the table to refill, and then only i eat the fish. then, the idea of mixing the 'lauks' didnt bring any logic to me and oso gave me the nauseous feeling lah. but now since aku dah beso, it's getting better lah.

4. i am afraid of frogs and lizards. geli-geleman aku. jangan kata suruh pegang, suruh aku berdiri tepi aku tak nak. usually if there is a dead lizard in my room, i'll get my 'bibik' to remove it since my wife pon takut jugak. Bibik tu pon selamba jek pegang dengan tangan. yucks. fortunately, she doesnt cook for us :)

5. i like to be in the dark. usually when i got home, i will close the curtain so that the sunray cannot panetrate. i dunno why, darkness calms me down. my wife on the other hand hates darkness. she wants the room to be 'terang-benderang'.

6. when it's cold, i shiver. but not shiver, shiver. how to explain eh?'s like when u get electrocuted, that shocking feeling plus shivering. it only happens when it is cold and it'll last for a second. still dont get it? nevermind lah. i think my nz gang should know la this shocking + shivering thing. kazarul slalu menyirap kalo aku kena bende nih. usually he'll say 'bodoh la ko ni' and my reply will always be 'sejuk la bodoh'.

hehhh...ok tak. ok la tu....



PSV Eindhoven 0 Liverpool 3

yes people....i'm a liverpudlian.



Assalamualaikum & Good Day

this song was in AF5 concert last week. it brings out memories lah.

Disini lahirnya sebuah cinta
Yang murni abadi sejati
Disini tersemai cita cita
Bercambah menjadi warisan

( korus )
Andai ku terbuang tak diterima
Andai aku disingkirkan
Kemana harusku bawakan
Kemana harusku semaikan cinta ini

Dibumi ini ku melangkah
Keutara selatan timur dan barat
Ku jejaki

Bukanlah seorang perwira
Gagah menjunjung senjata
Namun hati rela berjuang
Walau dengan cara sendiri
Demi cinta ini

( ulang korus )

Ku ingin kotakan seribu janji
Sepanjang kedewasaan ini
Ku ingin sampaikan pesanan
Aku lah penyambung warisan

To others, this song may not have any meanings. But to the men and women of PTD Batch 1/2004, this song means alot. This is our batch's song. This song reminds us of our purpose in the government.

so kalo ade member2 batch aku yg terbaca blog aku nih. aku nak dedicate lagu nih kat korang. gila jiwang ah lagu nih. aku kekadang kalo terdengar lagu nih jadi semangat nak kerja + sebak cikit :P

p/s: there's no shame in being patriotic

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kuantan & KL

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Last week (Wed-Fri) i was in Kuantan. De Rhu Beach Resort. I didnt like that hotel.

For the first time in my life, i had to sign a deposit slip for a TV remote control. They gave the remote during check in and i was supposed to return it during check out. If i lost the remote i have to pay RM 100. The remote is not new you know. It's ancient!!!! Penuh dengan 'selotape'....GILA

On Friday i singgah kejap kat KL. Met the NZ gang. The usual suspects were there except for Kazarul who was in Melaka. And this time Nik was there too.

Nik is fatter and balder now :) He's 88kg !!!! ehehehh....i'm thinner than him. i did kutuk him on his 'spare tyre'. His answer was 'aku takpe rul, aku pumping iron...' ahahahah...whatever la Nik. To me if you are overweight, you are overweight lah :) Anyways, he gave me some tips on fitness. TQ Nik.

It turned out that wakrin didnt reject the offer from google. It's just that he needed more time to think. Upon hearing this, Nik & I basuh him cukup2 lah. I mean I would kill to work in New York or California....wakrin on the other hand seems doubtful. Basuh ponya basuh, he promised that he would return the call from Google to set the interview.

Gila ah....interview pon kat NY tuuuhhhh....pegi la wakrin...u got nothing to lose bro. It's only an interview....

Achik is now hating his job. He went for a job interview as a lecturer. Until today i couldnt picture him as a lecturer. Good luck la achik.

Furthermore, now achik & nik are interested in agricultural projects. i gave them some tips and they seemed 'semangat'. But dunno la this people, i've been knowing them for the last decade. so i learned not to be excited too early :) see how la....

btw they are interested in doing Ikan Keli Dalam Kanvas and Lembu Susu :)