Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tsunami & the Big Three Oh

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Ekceli kan petang tadi aku dah post dah entry nih. Rupa2nya ada title je, content tak kluar pon. Hampeh ponye PC. So here i am, doing it all over again :P

Yesterday, marked the 3rd year since the infamous tsunami. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India & Sri Lanka were caught offguard. Many perished and hurt. Loses were in billions especially in Indon. Government had to fork up millions of ringgit to provide compensations and rebuilding programs. The victims' families, i'm sure can still feel the agony of this unfortunate tragedy whenever 26 December comes. So, today i'd like to convey my deepest condolence to those affected families. Be strong....

Yesterday, also marked my 30th year of existence in this world. Yup people, i am now the proud new member of the '30 something club' :) i tot i'd wake up and feel miserable. Surprisingly, i wasnt. Being 30 is not that bad huh.

Being 30 and all, got me to thinking. After all these years, what have i achieved? Am i an underachiever or am i doing just well?

During my younger days, i used to say that i will own a bmw 7 series once i reached 30. But now, that seems to be out of my reach. So the question now is, does my failure to own the bmw make me a loser? a tough one to answer eh.

Then i realized that life dont usually go as we planned it. Therefore some alterations had to be made to our goals in life to adjust to the constantly changing surroundings. Sometimes we even have to totally let it go because it has become irrelavent. Sounds familiar ? :)

Why do we do this? The only answer that i can think of is that we are just merely trying to survive. There's nothing wrong in surviving isnt it? And i also strongly believe that surviving is definitely not a sign of losing. There is always a blessing in disguise. We only need to be a little bit patient.

But for the record, i am happy with my life. Sure i did lose some here and there, but i also gain even more than i've ever hoped for. So my point is, never give up hope, have faith in whatever you are doing, never give up on your families and friends, and most importantly never give up on Allah. I believe that if we could will this, then we will understand that there's always something for everyone. We just need to find it.

Good Luck finding it peeps. May Allah be with you.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Clarification on Chennai Trip


Sometimes i forgot that i'm a gomen servant. in a way, anything i do will reflect the gomen too.

Aje made a good point by saying that the trip was a waste of tax payer's money. I did reply on this in the comment section, but i then realized that some people dont read that section.

Anyways, i felt obligated to clear the air, and here is the explanation. FYI, the gomen didnt spend a single sen for the trip to chennai bcoz we were there by invitation. The big spendor was the company who invited us there. so the trip is kinda like a trade mission lah.

We were treated so generously becoz they see us as deemed investor, this is a normal practice lah. Even us treat our deemed investors like that.

So hope this will clarify everything eh. dont wori, the gomen oredi has a policy on oversea trips, and it's not so generous lah :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chennai Roti Canai

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Last week i was in chennai for 3 days. A WORK visit. So less leisure :P Anyways, to pen down everything would be boring and long, so i decided to only publish the highlights of the trip:

The flight to chennai was only 3 hours.

I found out that they dont have Roti Canai in Chennai. They said that roti canai is from Malaysia not India :)

For the first time, i dont have to wait long for my passport to be stamped at the immigration counter. Pakai diplomatic lane tuuuu.....perghhh dengan selambenya we cut through all the people. From their expressions, i could sense a mixture of envy and awe.

Stayed at the Taj Coromandel, some say it's a 7 star hotel, some say it's a 5 star hotel. but i think it's a 5 star lah. Anyways, the rate per nite is rm 1,400.00. Bleh?? It was my first time in a luxury hotel and hopefully it'll not be the last.

We travel by three cars, mercedez s 320. felt like celebrities lah. N we got the local police to plough the traffic for us. Hmm...senangnya hidup.....:)

The indians, they are suicidal drivers i tell you, i think they dont have traffic rules lah. The traffic lites are just for deco je kot. Nobody bothered to even look at them.

The indians, the are animal lovers, just imagine they have cows resting on the dividers. Not just resting, they do their 'business' there too. The cows are so lazy that they do their business while laying down. Horrible mannn.... i cannot imagine if we have this scenario in jalan tun razak. mau havoc satu kl :)

On the 2nd day, as we were going out thru the hotel gate, we saw this one guy sleeping on the sidewalk, he had NO pants on. N before you ask, nooooo, i didnt bother to look. N when we got back that nite, he was still there. Only now he was nearly entirely naked. Still laying down on the sidewalk. That's life huh.....

For the first time in my life i had lobster for lunch. Yup, that's rite folk, never had one before. I'm not that rich lah :) But offcourse, I'm always thankful for what I had and have. Only now, I'm more thankful. Alhamdulillah....

Dinner on the 2nd day was very late. Nearly 11 pm. I was so eager to eat. But got shut down when i found out that they served vege food. I hate vege food. But then, it's a rezeki rite. So just belasah je console myself, i imagined that i was eating a BigMc.

My boss gave me some money to spend, but ironically, we only had 45 minutes to spend for shopping. So nothing for me (as usual). But mama and alif got a LITTLE something lah (notice the little is in caps ;) ). N offcourse i bought something for my staffs.

The flight home was better for me as i was upgraded to Business Class. Thanks to Cik Wan from our consulate in chennai. Thanks again cik wan. It was my first time too. Mannn....asek makannnn je. i had apple juice first, then they served satays, but i didnt touch it coz i dont like satays, rugi eh. Then they served salads and after that the main course lah. In between, they gave us salted peanuts. By the time i finished, it was 40 minutes away from touch down. perghhh....memang gemuk la kalo salu naik business class nih.

So i guess that's about everything lah. I know, that some of you have had much much better experience than mine. Not to brag or anything. But, you know, just to share something about my life lah :)

Satu je yang kurang about this trip. No pictures. Tak sempat nak snap. Ada tu ada tapi senget. Nyesal aku suruh orang tu snap. Overall, i'm so thankful to God for giving me this opportunity.

Ye la kan, nak pegi sendiri, memang belum tentu. hopefully one day, aku ada cukup duit untuk bawak mama, alif (and baby) naik first class and hotel yang best. tak aci la kan, aku sorang je merasa. insya allah, one fine day nanti.

Anyways, today is our 4th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mama!!!! Thanks for everything. I'll always be 'Mad About You'. This year is kinda special coz we're expecting our 2nd baby. Insya allah by 31 December 2007, we'll be upgraded to a family of four. Hopefully, everything is going to be fine. Still got the shivers mannn....

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Aku kena marah dengan Amy :) Dia suruh aku update blog.'s a good thing thou, it shows that my blog is ekceli being read by my frens. thanks amy. appreciate it.

ekceli kan, i have drafted at least 5 entries, but never been able to finish it! yup, i'm that busy :P but to blame it solely on work pon not fair lah. tipu la kan sampai takde masa langsung.

i got timeeee (iklan astro), but i just dont have the right time to post. u know lah, to post an entry u really need to have a clear mind. i just dont have that kind of luxury anymore.

i always got stuck midway coz suddenly i remember that i had to call someone la, i forgot to look at a file la etc etc.....

but the truth is, i'm not so happy la lately. why? for 2 reasons...i really miss my nz gang and this job of mine is a lonely job. for a certain reason, i dont get to share my problems with my frens here in ipoh. i think it's best for them and myself. dont get me wrong, they are good and nice people, but the problem is, we are not that close yet as compared to my nz gang.

as for the nz gang, these guys, they know me inside out oredi. when we go for lepak, i dont even have to tell them my problems. just being with the guys, solve half of my problems oredi. best eh....i think mebbe bcoz when i'm with them, i get to really laugh....u know yang jenis sampai macam nak putus tali perut tuh....betulll.....i'm not lying mannn...kalo tak caya tanya zid :)

so, this is my dilemma. i'm not happy and this leads to my inability to post an entry. ehehehh...ok tak reason aku :)

but next week i'll be going to kl. hmm....mebbe can stop by to meet frens. see how lah. tungguuuuu......

Monday, October 29, 2007

Smashing Pumpkin's Reunion

Assalamualaikum and Good Afternoon

Last Saturday i went to my school reunion in Kelana Jaya. It was a small one but enough to bring back memories from our schooling days in Labu. It was fun and i feel that we should do this more often. But this is not our first reunion though, there were other series of reunions before, but this one is the first in two years if i'm not mistaken.

So like any other reunions, we did what people usually do. Recollecting the moments we had in smap, kutuking the wardens and offcourse comparing who has got the biggest 'spare tyres':) Generally, most of the boys have grown bigger (or should i say 'wider') and most of the girls didnt change much.
Most of my schoolmates are doing well with their lives. Some are lawyers, some work as execs with telcos, lecturers, phd holders etc, etc. As for me, i think i'm doing ok lah, nothing spectacular but ok lah :) since i'm a gomen servant, they dont ask much lah, coz most poeple know what gomen servants do. save me some time to explain my job to them :)

The menus were kerang bakar (btw what's kerang in english eh? i just realized that i didnt know that), bbq chicken, chicken rice, nasi himpit and etc etc etc. More than enough to accomodate everyone.
Oh yeah, i went there alone, my wife decided not to come at the 11th hour coz she was feeling tired. Alif oso didnt want to come with his abah coz he wanted to play with his cousins. ok gak tu, if not i had to be the part time lifeguard at the swimming pool coz u know lah bebudak kalo dah jumpa air kan :)
All in all, everything went very well and everybody was happy. We managed to revitalized the bond we had and still have. Most important thing is that after the reunion is that you know that you still have friends all around you and they are ever willing to be part of your life.

Ok lah peeps, gotta go now. Enjoys the pics :)

Me, the Angkatan Buang Tua ( Alif Ba Ta) and Salman. Btw the three of them are in the middle in case any of you are interested :)

Aji, Kabi & Me

Aku & Aji berjaya buat2 sibuk so that tak kena tolong bungkus makanan :)

Family Photo

Bird's eye view of the BBQ site

The Kerangs

The Ayams

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Apa-Apa je lah

Assalamualaikum and Goodday

Hari Raya is just around the corner eh? Frankly, The excitement of Hari Raya has oredi started to seep thru me lah. I dunno why, but this year's raya seems to excite me a little bit. Mebbe bcoz of the new environment and mebbe bcoz i've managed to fulfill my wife's demands this year. Seronok oii kalo dapat happykan isteri nih. And mebbe bcoz she didnt ask much this year :)

However, there's one thing that upsets me this year. i think this would be my worst ramadhan of recent years. i was not able to really concentrate on ramadhan due to my work. so i couldnt feel the joy of ramadhan. kekadang tu sedih gak when i realize that ramadhan is nearly over and i did so little to take advantage of this holy month. sayang ah. hopefully umur aku panjang till next ramadhan.

Another thing that upsets me during ramdhan is the newspaper. you know that during this season they got this one section where those who are living abroad can send their pics and greetings. I HATE THAT SECTION. everytime i turn to that page, i'd be a little bit 'syahdu' la knowing that it could be my picture instead of other people. their smiles seem like grins to me :P hmm...i really need closure man....ehehehe

apa lagi nak tulieh ni eh. oh ye...last weekend had a buka pose session dgn kaka, wakrin, ijan and imran. yup, there were only five of us. what to do, nik was in kerteh, achik had to take care of his wife, the others also had their own plans. but it was nevertheless fun and achieved its objective - to lepak2 with frens and continuing the tradition of buka pose. We buka pose at Sakura Kristal. tempat nih kalo tak silap aku penah masuk Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. The food was ok. at least to me. imran was complaining kuah sate tak sedap. i didnt care coz i dont eat sate :D so i think it was worth it la.

then, that oso had a teh tarik session. this time achik & boy were there. we lepak until around 1 am and then chow.

ok la aku ingat nak balik ah. so if this is my last post before raya, i would like to wish all my muslim frens SELAMAT HARI RAYA & MAAF ZAHIR BATIN. Drive safely eh. one more thing, my kad raya lepas raya baru sampai kot. sori ah. at least aku anto la jugak kan. bai.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Tag Raya

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Aku kena tagged la plak. Ni sume kerja Muzie aka Zyrin aka Ribena Beri. Tapi ok gak la. Sebab pasal hari raya. Hmm...dah masuk second half of ramadhan ni, baru terasa aura raya tu ek. So here goes....

Sejak bile anda mula berpuasa penuh?
Tak ingat la bila. Aku rasa dalam darjah 4 ke atas kot. Sebelum-sebelum tuh memang konpom ada ponteng ponye lah. Besela kan, bebudak. Malas je yang lebih. Iman pon kurang :)

Pernahkah anda ponteng puasa dan apakah alasannya?
Offcourseeee....mesti la pernah. Alasan? Takde yang konkrit la. Basically sebab malas je and saje nak rebel :) tapi aku nak stress sket eh, keje ponteng ni aku buat masa aku blom baligh lagi la.

Adakah anda pernah main bunga api dan mercun?
Apa ponye soklan daaa...zaman aku mercun tak haram lagi la beb. Kalo bunga api, dulu bapak aku salu belikan yang brand kucing tuh. yg tangkai dia besi tu kan. sebab ada lagi satu brand yang banyak kaler tuh banyak sangat asap dia. takleh berbapas aku. Mercun plak aku rasa aku dah main semua jenis mercun la. cakap je jenis apa, yg jenis terbang, lompat, tembak2, suma abang dah khatam. masa aku duduk kat tengganu dulu, lepas berbuka je sementara nak tunggu terawih, kitorang main perang2, pergh.... masa tuh geng sapa ader mercun das yang jenis 30 das tuh memang king ah. gila siot masa tu, memang tembak orang nak kasi terbakar punye lah. takde kesian-kesian de. Habis baju melayu. kalo pikir-pikir balik memang bahaya siot. Alhamdulillah tuhan masih sayang dengan aku.

Juadah apakah menjadi kegemaran anda sewaktu berbuka?
Aku nih, tak berkira sangat la. Makan je apa yg depan mata. Ada satu tahun tuh, masa kat PPP, almost everyday aku layan murtabak. Sampai Imran ingat aku sengkek :) Siap dia belikan aku nasik lagi sebab kesian kat aku yg kononnya sengkek. Ehehh...memang sahabat betulla.

Lagu raya manakah anda suka?
Aku suka lagu yang Dam Dam Dum...Bunyi Mercun. Apa eh tajuk dia? Lupa ah aku. Kalo lagu yang syahdu sket, aku suka lagu M. Nasir la - satu hari di hari raya. Aku rasakan, ni je la lagu artis zaman sekarang ni yg boleh dikatakan evergreen. lagu lain tuh, stakat dengar sekali je la. lepas tuh terus lupa. caya la sifu. keep it up man.

Tahun ini anda beraya dimana?
Ipoh. Dah lama dah kitorang tak beraya kat KL. Since grandparents aku passed away, semua pakat celebrate sendiri-sendiri je. So kurang la meriahnya. Tapi bg aku memang dah sampai masa dah, semua anak2 dah besor, siap dah ada cucu lagi. So logik la kalo beraya sendiri-sendiri. Oh ye, besenya petang raya pertama tu, kitorang runner gi Batu Pahat jap. 2nd raya singgah KL & 3rd raya dah ada kat ipoh balik dah.

Pernahkah anda bertugas di hari raya?
Tak pernah. Tapi rasanya taun nih kira yg first la. Unofficially aku kena jadi usherer kat umah bos aku. kira dia punya annual open house la. Tatau la camne rasanya keje di pagi raya eh.

Apakah kenangan manis di hari raya?
Kenangan manis eh? aku memang takleh lupa zaman kitorang beraya kat KL la. Lembah keramat to be exact. Kalo suma berkumpul, ada la dekat 70 orang dalam rumah tuh. budak2 je dah dekat 40 orang. atuk aku nih anak ramai, 10 orang beb. tu yang meriah tuh. malam raya tuh, kitorang pegi takbir. group takbir atuk aku tu penuh dengan cucu2 dia je, termasuk la aku. dalam kul satu baru abih. sampai umah atuk suma tido bergelimpangan. asal ada ruang je kitorang selit. besok tuh, subuh2 dah kecoh dah. ye la kan, bilik air ade dua je, yang nak mandinye ramai...memang berebut la. tapi by the time nak semayang raya sumer dah ready dah. sebelum tu offcourse breakfast ramai2 and acara salam2 sambil collect duit raya. memang best la. tapi zaman tu dah berlalu. tinggal kenangan je la. tu yg kitorang kekadang rindu sama atuk & nenek. diorang ni la yg macam glue yg lekatkan seluruh kaum keluarga. bila diorang dah takde nih...kureeeng sket la.

so itu la dia nye story raya aku. so aku nak tag orang lain plak la. sapa eh? aku pilih

1. Zid
2. Amy
3. Tokman
4. Nadia
5. Aje

aku tau...aku tau...majoritinye pompuan. member2 aku yg lelaki ni mana la ada blog :) tokman je yg rajin sket. ok la ye. selamat berpuasa. dah dekat dah ni. saborrrr....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thank God It's Raining

Assalamualaikum and Good Evening

It's been raining these last couple of days. And i was like 'Alhamdulillah 1000x'. It is sooo relieving. Seriously man...i couldnt have asked for more :)

Wanna know why? Well, Ipoh been having these ridiculous traffic jams during fasting month. And to ipoh people, jams are an anomaly. We are so used to smooth traffic and when suddenly we have to endure this, WE ARE ANGRY!!! . And because of that, we tend to be a little bit frustrated + annoyed + ruthless. thus, we've become one of the worst drivers in the country :P

there's no such thing as compromise or tolerance. at least in KL, if you switch on your 'signals' sooner or later people will give you way. but in ipoh, you have to fight for it, really really fight for it. i kid you not man.

To make it worse, we have three schools which are located betul-betul in the heart of the city and the parents being malaysians, double park along the roadside creating bottle neck. and dont let me start on the school buses. They are IDIOTS. Sometimes, the schools remind me of BBGS near starhill, remember the jams it caused? triple that in ipoh.

So now we have abnormal traffic jams + inconsiderate drivers + hunger. Try to add hot wheather into that equation and u can imagine the horror i've been dealing during this fasting month :P

so now it's raining, and i'm smiling all the way home. i dunno la, the cold wheather somehow reduces my anger. i dont care about how other people feel about the rain, but i like it :)

so people, always remember one thing, BE COOL on the road eh. After all, it is Ramadhan, and you are suppose to tahan all the ujians rite? see ya....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No Baju Raya

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Pose ke ? :)

Pose la hendaknya ye. Bukan lama pon. Sebulan je.

This year, i spend less time berbuka at home. So many functions to attend. Sometimes i find it irritating you know. I'm so used to berbuka at home with families, and when i had to berbuka outside it doesnt really excite me. But what to do, it's my job rite. Lucky for me my wife understands, thanks honey.

enough about work eh.

this year i will not be buying new baju raya for myself. instead i got something better, something that's been long overdue, it is in the form of : see below :)

pheewiiittttttttt....cantik tak handphone baru aku. nice eh? this is actually my second handphone. the last time i bought a handphone was in 2001 if i'm not mistaken. forgot the model oredi. but it was the same as zid's. alaa the one yg kaler oren and sporty tuh. long time ago man.


i bought this one bcoz i got it cheap. my SIL went to langkawi and found out the price is actually cheaper by rm 400. so i cannot tahan anymore lah. initially i wanted the nokia 6110 navigator, tapi out of stock la plak. so n95 la jawabnya. eventhou it's quite expensive, i think ok la since this is the first in 6 years.


so far i havent finished exploring yet. hard to find time lah bulan pose nih. hopefully by hari raya i'll know all the functions lah.

so, ok lah ye. conclusion is, if u want to buy handphone, go to langkawi. have a nice day.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Reminiscing Ramadhan 1995-2000

Assalamualaikum and Good Evening
It's ramadhan again eh. Sekejap je kan.
The Prophet S.A.W once said : 'treat the month of ramadhan like it is your first wedding night'
(lebih kurang la kan, i couldnt remember the exact words). Lemme elaborate a bit, it means that we have to welcome ramadhan with joy and thankfulness not welcome it with a long face. y'all feel me? i bet u do lah. korang sume clever people :)
anyways, ramadhan sure brings a lot of memories. especially the PPP days. here are some of the things that i could remember:
one - sleep. the most popular activity during fasting month....malam tido, lepas sahur tido, masa kelas pon tido, masa break pon tido, balik kelas pon tido....kekadang tu dah tak jadi cam fasting month dah...instead it was sleeping month :P
two - hot spot. the surau would suddenly be one of the most visited place during class hour. dont get me wrong. it wasnt that we were more pious in ramadhan. it was just that we needed a place to sleep :P ngantok oiiii.....
three - pasar ramadhan. eventhou we were sleepy for most of the time, but when it came to going to pasar ramadhan, perghhhhh cerah bijik mata memasing....:D bukan nak beli barang sangat, nak cuci mata je yg lebih. Plus the pasar malam would be very crowded and thus less space to move. and being boys, we love tempat yang sempit2 nih....if u know what i mean :)
four - air kaler-kaler. one of the most hottest gerai would the gerai air. only during ramadhan we could buy odd flavoured and colored drinks. usually kazarul la yg suka beli air yg pelik2 ni. he had this tall glass and he'd fill it up untill it was full. me n the others being the opportunist would always 'pau' him. u know just to irritate him la...ehehhh....jgan marah eh Ka...alaaa tak luak pon air ko tuh...
five - nasi lemak wak. my frens had this craving for nasi lemak sold by this one wak jawa. everyday makan nasik lemak. i oso cannot understand la. but since it was their money, i couldnt care less :)
six - cheater. yup some people cheat during fasting month. when i say cheat, read it as tak pose la ye. one of my closest frens got kantoi during this one year. he ate maggi but forgot to throw away the he stole a stick of cigarette from me :) silly him. some more there was at least one eye witness who saw him with the maggi while he was heading home. my fren....jgn ponteng2 lagi eh. ko tuh anak dah dua dah :)
so that's it. actuallly got some more. but sometimes less is more ( lame reason eh ). so if u guys want to add the list. feel free to do so. to all my frens and readers, selamat berpuasa and please do take advantage of this holy month. let us all do so la eh. especially those yg ada hajat beso tuh. and dont forget, masa lepas terawih tuh doa2kan la untuk kengkawan sekalik. mana la tau, kena malam lailatul qadar. insya allah!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007 entry

Assalamualaikum and Good Day

Hello all. It's been quite some time eh? Nearly three months since my last post. I've been busy adjusting myself at the new office plus my pc is sooo stooopid. The IE needs to be reinstalled but until now the people from the IT division haven't shown their face yet.

Anyways, this post is like lepaskan-geram-session for me lah. I've got plenty to write but i guess if i write everything this post is going to be a boring one. So i'll give u guys a synopsis of everything eh.

The new job is taking alot of my time. Imagine this, i can only read the papers after i got home, i only switch my pc on after office hours (itu pon kalo sempat) and my project kurus is crumbling before my very eyes. I hardly run nowadays mostly because i got home late.

Everyday after flashing in (no more punch card bebeh) i got into my room and a stack of papers oredi awaits me. While signing and reading the papers, the public will come in and out as they please. Pouring down their problems to me and hoping that i could solve them.

I oso have to attend all the meetings which i really like coz i could escape from entertaining the public. It's not that i hate them, i just need a break once in a while. It's very stressful to be a good listener and most importantly ensuring that the people left my room with a smile.

When the boss is out to attend a function, i'll follow him. Penat oii. Luckily all the cars in SUK are Perdana. Comfy la sket compared to the busted old pajero in my previous office :) Oh ye...i've been to the istana twice oredi in a space of two months. Cool eh :)

Dunno about u guys. But I'm a commoner, so when i got the chance to go to the istana i got a bit excited lah. Especially when the Raja Puan Besar Tuanku Zara is there :)

ok lah. Cukup la for now. oh ye...a bit on merdeka. I really hope that u guys do appreciate the freedom that we currently enjoy. It's not easy to come this far and it is sure not easy to go further ahead. I'm really happy to celebrate Malaysia's 50th birthday, but we oso have to remember that we were ruled by foreign powers for 446 years. So we have to work hard to recover from the four and a half decades that we've lost. Most importantly we have to show our patriotism. Not by joining the army but at least show that u care by at least knowing what the government is doing. That's all it takes. I know all the stuffs i said sound corny, but u gotta start somewhere rite :)

' Saya bukanlah orang yang penting
bagi negara ini,
tetapi apa penting ialah
apa sumbangan saya kepada negara ini '
~ Tun Hussein Onn ~

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Most of the time, decisions are formulated based on the info we have in front of us. Usually it is in the form of document. But sometimes the documented info is just not there.

In this case, you then, have to rely on explanation given to you by another person. So, your decision is basically driven by your own instinct. In dealing with people, like my job now, this is usually the case.

Just now, while i was minding my own business struggling to finish my work. There was a knock on my door "Encik Azrul, ada makcik ni nak jumpa encik" - "ok"

The makcik came in, her first question was "Sibuk ke?"

"Biasala cik, ada le sket2" "Ada apa hal makcik?"

"Saya ni ada masalah peribadi?"

"ok, apa dia tu?" (apa pulak la ni)

"saya putus duit, suami saya outstation, dia keje bawak lori, minggu depan baru gaji dia masuk, jadi boleh ke bagi makcik RM50, sampai minggu depan je, nanti bagi la balik"..... "Kalo tak caya tengok buku bank ni"

Aku blur kejap. I reached for the bank book, opened it, and stared. Then i realized that i didnt understand my own action. What on earth was i doing?

"Err....saya tak paham la cik, apa makcik cakap tadi?"

She went to explain the same thing again.

"Mmmm....makcik dah pegi ke pejabat YB ADUN ke?"

"Dah banyak kali dah!!!" she replied in disgust. Not sure whether with me or the YB.

I decided to size her up further. "Bila makcik pegi ye?"

"Dah banyak kali dah!!!" same tone same expression

"Bila tu cik, hari nih ade pegi?"


"Minggu ni ada pegi?" i pressed on

"Takde lagi le" now she seemed a little bit worried.

I know why. She was lying to me. She couldnt even look me in the eyes.

At this point, my instinct tells me that she was lying . She didnt seem to be so desparate. She didnt even have the courtesy to introduce herself to me. I was puzzled.

At last i decided that she couldnt be trusted. So aku pon taichi la lebih kurang. Bersilat jugak la. I told her that the office takde peruntukan untuk bagi pada orang ramai (which is true, pejabat daerah mana la ada duit) . Suggested that she would be better off if she went to see the YB.

Last-last dia pon mengalah la. Dia kata pastu dia nak pegi pejabat YB plak.

I dunno la. I hope it was the right decision. Aku sebnarnya tau dia nak pinjam duit aku. Tapi aku memang betul-betul confident dia tipu. Anyways, she's a stranger. And i didnt want to set a precedent. Kalo takde duit pg mintak kat pejabat daerah. Mati ooiiii....

Lagipon watpe nak tolong orang kalo tak ikhlas ye dak. Tak dapat apa pon. Dah la tak ikhlas, silap2 kena tipu lagi. So daripada aku menyesal baik la aku tak bagi duit tuh.

I always believe that I should myself first before helping others...hehh...macam dalam kapalterbang plak eh. So i have no regrets. Sori la makcik. Better luck next time.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Rilek Jap

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Ekceli I was preparing a working paper (ke paper work?). Tapi suddenly I ran out of idea and tak cukup info. So rather than pening2kan kepala, i decided to add a new post :)

To succeed in something, you have to take risks (actually, calculated risk would be the proper word eh?). The trick is, knowing when to stop pushing it.

I've decided to take a break from my running program a.k.a Projek Kurus. Now both of my shins are aching. Yang left one tuh dah ok dah sket. But suddenly the right one plak ada rase2 cam nak kena. So i guess it's time to rest la. Dalam seminggu la rasanya nak lepak.

Petang Jumaat ari tuh hujan. So because of that, i decided to run after marghrib. Konon-kononnya nak really follow the program la.

I was supposed to do 2 x 12 minutes & 2 x 8 minutes with 5 minutes rest between sessions.

The 12 minutes went well, rasa cam terbang je. Ye la malam kan, sejuk je. Orang pon tak ramai kat Padang Polo tuh.

The next 12 minutes tuh aku stop at 10 min++. Sakit siot kaki aku. I tot i could just bulldoze jer. tp tak tahan ah.

Got home sambil jalan terdengkot-dengkot. My wife greeted me with a smile that said i-told-u-so-but-u-so-degil-one. ehehehh....she's been complaining that she had to urut me more eventhough she is actually the pregnant one :)

So, for the whole week, aku nak lepak la. Best gak takde buat apa2 petang nih. Bleh tgk 'Friends' and 'Transformers'. Lagi best kalo dapat swim eh. But i'm not a good swimmer lah. I want to, but dont know where to go for help.

So ok lah, i think i should get back to my paper work. tata titi tutu

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Berita Gempak?

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Gempak eh the title. But before we go to that, we digress to something else first ok.

Did you know that the right way to run is that you must not touch your heels to the ground. If you allow that to happen, you are actually wasting your energy and time.

Did you know that the toes must always point forward and never downward whenever the feet lands. If the toes are pointed downward, you are actually mimicking breakings and thus wasting precious energy and time.

If you are jogging, it is as good as you are walking. So stop wasting your time jogging. You are better off brisk walking.

How do you know whether you are jogging or running? If you run at 9.66 km/hour then it is considered as running. Slower than that is consider jogging. Assuming that you are running at a consistent pace. You are to cover 1 km in 6 m 12 s :)

Kesimpulannya ladies & gentlemen, no wonder la aku cepat pancit, salah teknik rupanya. eheheh...always find something to blame eh. But at least i'm not jogging la, i'm RUNNING :))

ok enuf of running.

Actually i dont really consider this as gempak la. Just that i couldnt find a proper word for it. well here goes....

Remember that i once said that my career is about to hit another milestone. It is happening now. Just got the black & white yesterday.

The letter states that i can no longer be an ADO....
The letter states that i will be posted out of district administration....

jeng...jeng...jeng...suspen tak :)

So my new office isssss (drumrolllllll)

THE MB'S OFFICE AS HIS SPECIAL OFFICER or kalo dalam BM tuh Pegawai Khas la.

I dont actually know how to react la. A part of me says that it's a good thing. A part of me says '...why me?'. But the only thing that i really like is that i dont have to commute 75 km a day anymore. The office is in Ipoh, so sep la sket minyak aku.

Actually, aku risau gak nih. Aku rasa pegawai khas tak banyak benda yang bleh aku blajo. Tp member2 aku kata ok tempat tuh. Diorang pon kalo dapat offer nak gak jadi pegawai khas nih. So skang nih, sedap sket la hati aku.

Anyways, I'll commence on the 18/06. So next week will be my last week in district. Bye-bye district. Hello Ipoh!

Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm a Magistrate

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

I received a phone call just now. It was from the local police. The conversation went like this:

Police : A'kum Tuan, saya Inspektor Zulham dari IPD Sg. Siput Tuan
Me : W'salam, ada apa inspektor? (Aku ada kena saman ke eh?)
Police : Nak mintak tolong sket la tuan, Majistret takde hari ini
Me : Ok..... (So?)
Police : Jadi kami nak mintak tolong tuan sain untuk tahan reman la tuan
Me : Oooo...ok. Datang la. (what?!!!!)
Police : Tima kasih tuan, saya datang dalam 1/2 jam lagi. A'kum
Me : W'salam

Finally, i was able to exercise my power as a Magistrate. FYI, an ADO is gazetted as Magistrate Class II. So, today, the local magistrate is not in. So the only other person who could sign the remand order is me.

I suddenly realized that i didnt know what to do. Mula la gelabah. Call sana call sini. ehehhehe...

So when the police came, i was 90% ready. The accused was a frail looking old chinese guy. I dont have to discuss lah what he did eh.

The procedings went well. The interpretor read the pertuduhan to the accused. I then asked him whether he understood or not? He said yes. Then asked for his plea. He said "saya mengaku bersalah tuan".

Then i asked him if he has anything else to say. He asked for bail. I looked at the policeman, he nodded and said "RM 2,000.00 tuan" I then jot down some notes on the remand sheet and signed it and stamped it. Selesai. phewww

Honestly, i was excited+nervous+scared.

Excited because it is new experience. Hey not any tom, dick & harry can send a man into prison ok :)

Nervous, because it is a first time and i didnt want to do any mistake. No play-play ok. This is the law we're talking about.

Scared kalo2 the accused would blame me for remanding him. Mana la tau kan. Orang2 camnih bukannya bleh percaya. But Insyaallah. I was just doing my job.

Weekend Update

Assalamualaikum & Goodday
Projek Kurus
Went to Padang Polo on Saturday. According to my running program, i was supposed to do easy run for 15 minutes. I added my personal agenda :) I wanted to cover 3 km in 15 minutes. The result, i managed to run the 15 minutes (offcourse la kan, 15 minutes je beb) but failed miserably to cover the 3 km. Only managed to cover 2.6km. Me sucks at running eh. Better stick to hockey lah :)
There was this otai who i guess is around 45++, he ran so fast i could only follow him for 5 minutes. tu pon dah rasa cam nak pecah dah dada. Damn you old man. takpe...gimme till end of the year. then we'll race eh. Racing against an old man? How pathetic eh :)
My left shin didnt give me any trouble during the run. Only after the run it started to hurt a little bit. Mebbe bcoz i was careful with the running lest i aggravate the injury. Oh i know what it's called. Thanks to Ironman Wawa. It's called shin splint. He told me that's common among beginners (yup i'm a rookie) and i have to stretch more to avoid it. I did exactly that and i worked. Thanks wa.
Shrek 3
It was Alif's first ever trip to the movies. He was soooo excited. My wife & i were excited too.
I was afraid that he couldn't stand the 90 minutes and we have to leave half way. But Alip did me proud. He survived the 90 minutes. There were whinings here and there but on the overall it was ok. Next time bleh pegi lagi la camnih.
The movie itself was great. Funny lah from the beginning till the end. Camner la orang tak respect hollywood nih eh. Power siot technology diorang.
Tanggungjawab Sosial
School Holidays = Kenduris.
Ehehehhe....Over the weekend, i had to go to 4 makan2 punya functions. A.D.O la katakan. Nanti kalo tak pegi orang kata sombong pulak. It's not like i hate going to these functions, it's just that i hate that i have to eat a lot. Tak makan nanti orang kata sombong jugak :)
So kesimpulannya, my weekend was like this:

4 x (nasi nasi minyak + rendang + kari + ayam masak merah + daily meals) + pop corn + sodas
20 minutes worth of brisk walking & easy running

ahahahha.....camne la nak fit camnih......sabar azrul sabar :)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

To Run or Not To Run?

Assalamualaikum & Goodday
My left shin is killing me. It hurts when i run. And i dunno why. There are no bruises and it doesnt swell either. Only when i run it hurts. I'm so sure i didnt knock on anything recently. Or did I?
What pisses me off the most is that it throws a monkey wrench into my running program. Everytime i run, i couldnt finish it or the timing is way out of my target. I think my shin conked out oredi la.
Do i need to go to the doctor? Not ready yet. I think i'll let it be for a while. If this aching is not gone after a month, i'll go. Malu lah eh, baru lari sket-sket dah nak pg jumpa doctor.
Oh yea....i've been following this running program by Nike. So far so good lah. It helps to build up my stamina. The drawback is that i have to restart what i've started earlier. I had to start with a very short distance and gradually increasing the distance.
Consequently, i'm gaining weight again :( Apparently the low milage is hampering the fat burning process. But i'm not that worried lah. It's just temporary. Once i hit my normal mileage back, i think i'll be able to shed some fat. Amin....



There are indications that my career my will hit another milestone. I oso dunno whether it's a good thing or a bad one. It's not confirmed yet. But the news was conveyed to me directly by the Civil Servants' Don of Perak. But i think i shall keep it to myself until the black & white arrives. So tunggu eh.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm Back

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

I'm back.

After 3 weeks of 'vacationing', turning up to office was something that I hate :) But since i got 15% increament, i guess i shouldnt complain much. Berkhidmat Untuk Negara bebeh!!

What to rant eh?...i got a lot to write actually but dunno where to start. Let's see....

The Course

The title of the course - Kursus Asas Perundangan dan Pentadbiran Tanah. Heheheh....dah keje kat district nih, kene la tau pasal tanah kan.

Best gak la course nih. I met some of my PTD Batchmate. Shaqul, Sepul, Tanti & Paksu Mang.

Something that i learnt during the course. Working as ADO is very risky lah. Anytime you could be locked in jail. You really need to understand the law before you decide on something. takuttttt.....


He fell 2 weeks ago and needed 3 stitches on the forehead. No one's fault actually. He tripped on his own leg and hit the bed curb. I saw the wound and I nearly cried. I felt helpless & guilty, oso i tot i failed as a father.

I still remember promising to myself that i would take a great care of alif. But somehow God showed me His power. It was fated.

But Alif was brave. He cried but not because of the pain, he was scared of the doctor (he saw the doctor holding a syringe) at first he was struggling, but mama managed to calm him down. Mama had to baring next to him and sang his favorite song 'Seroja'.

After that, while still sobbing, he said to the doctor 'tenku dotter' (thank you doctor). he paused for a while and then he said 'alip nak sweet tuh bley tak?' (there was a bucket of sweets on the doctor's table). ehehehhe....upanya masa tgh kena jahit tuh, sempat lagi dia usyar sweet yang ada atas meja tuh.

So now the cut is fully healed oredi. Scar? Ada gak, tapi tak obvious la. Luckily dia kena kat tepi dahi tuh, so tak menjejaskan kehenseman la :)

15 % increament

Pheww....a long awaited news. It's been 15 years since our last increament. Good timing la. This is the second good news of the year la. The first one offcourse when i got the promotion, and now this. Not bad after years with the gomen huh?

I calculated my new salary. Hmm...better than what i made in the private. Kalo manager kat tempat lama aku tgk gaji aku skang mesti dia nangis suma rezeki tuhan. Alhamdulillah syukur.

To Err is Human but To Arr is Pirate

I love Pirates of the Carrabean. Good movie lah. Eventhough the ticket is priced at RM10 instead of the usual RM9, but it was worth it la.

I really wanted for Liz Swann to fall for Captain Sparrow, last-last kawen dgn Will Turner jugak. The first time i saw Kiera Knightly masa Part One, my first impression was 'lawa siot minah nih', but in this episode, dia nampak cam comot-comot sket la. Mebbe to suit her as a pirate kot. Not just any pirate tau, King of Pirate.

I reckon there will a Part 4, if not takkan la the director reveal about the Fountain of Youth masa ending tuh. Betul tak? Cuma aku heran eh, why la Lord Beckot didnt return fire masa tgh lawan tuh eh? What was the deal made between him and Jack? Kena beli DVD la nih.

Friday, May 04, 2007


yeah...yeah i know i said that the last post would be my last for the month. but the boss is not in and i've delegated my work to my staffs

Layer One: On the Outside
Name: Azrul Sani bin Ibrahim, one it'll be Tan Sri Azrul Sani (rhyme kan nama aku)
Birthdate: Boxing Day 1977
Current status: I'm handsome :) so go figure lah :)
Eye color: not sure lah. probably brown
Hair Color: Jetblack
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Layer Two: On the Inside
My heritage: Adam & Hawa
My fears: Early death
My Weaknesses: Mama & Alif Hafi
My perfect pizza: The free ones, offcourse

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My thoughts first thing when I wake up: Frankly, Dulu : Cepatnyeee terang. Sekarang : Alhamdulillahil lazi ahyana ba'dama amatana wa ilaihin nusyur
My bedtime: The earliest midnite
My most missed memory: 403/11, Section 18, PPP S. Alam

Layer Four: My picks
Pepsi or Coke: Vanilla Coke
Mc Donald's or Burger King: No BK in Ipoh, so no choice la
Single or Group Dates: Single la beb
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Tea or Nestea: Nestea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Coklat
Cappucino or Coffee: Kopi cap Kapal Api

Layer Five: Do I
Smoke: Hell yeah
Curse: on my way driving to the office
Take a shower: my shower conked oredi, so it's gayung lah
Have a crush: nope...kidding....offcourse lah
Think I've Been In love: always
Go to school: SMAPIANS class of 94
Want to get married: been there done that
Believe in myself: yup...i really do
Think I'm a health freak: trying to be

Layer Six: In the past month
Drank alcohol: hell no or else i'll be in hell
Gone to the mall: c'mon lah, ipoh is not that hulu
Been on stage: dah muak dah
Eaten Sushi: never
Dyed your hair: like i said b4, i'm handsome :) so no need la this dye-dye thingy

Layer Seven: Have I ever
Played a stripping game: ahahahahahahahahh
Changed who I am to fit in: offcourse...everybody does...we dont change in principal lah, just change for a while b4 we can maneuver things better

Layer Eight: Age
I am hoping to be married: hish....balik2 soklan nih

Layer Nine: What was I doing
1 min ago: are u kidding me
1 hour ago: switching on my laptop
4.5 hours ago: buat keje la beb
1 month ago: buat keje jugak
1 year ago: still in ipoh doing the job that i love

Layer Ten: Finish The Sentence
I love: when my son scream my name when i got home
I feel: happy
I hate: waiting
I hide: when mama is looking for me because i forgot to buy something that i promised i wont forget and i told her she didnt need to remind me so many times :)
I need: to get to my old agency & my old job. districts suck :P

so there you go. enjoy eh. have a good weekend

Hit & Run

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Finally an entry :)

Got back from Jakarta & Bandung last week. Nothing new though. Only this time i flew with KLM Airlines (Royal Dutch Airline) instead of Air Asia. Bad Service lah. Compared to MAS macam langit & bumi. Dah la tak lawa. suma tua2 tau. ada satu steward siap dah botak lagik. tapi english power ah. american slang. i was suprised lah, i tot dutch would speak like malaysians. anyways Hidup MAS.

I was actually suprised when told that we were going to fly with KLM. Usually it is a must to use MAS in any gomen trip overseas. Dunno la why. Nevermindlah as long as it's free eh....

This time around, i was able to observe more. Last time i was busy taking care of my family. So this time i had time of my own. but nothing new actually. only some minor things that need no further discussion :P

a first i was determine to shop. but when i was there. there were nothing for me to shop. i wanted to buy some shirts and jeans. but takde yang berkenan yang plak. yang untungnya my wife and son la.

mama got two long sleeves tshirt (she requested these actually). one esprit and the other forgot the brand lah. alip got 1 tommy hilfiger, 1 oshkosh and 1 ecko.

me? i only manage to buy some DVDs. very cheap ah. Dalam rm2 ++ a piece. i bought 8 :) 6 of them are HEROES season 1. best ah.

enuf of indon.

touch down in KLIA and i straight away shot to wangsa maju where my frens were oredi waiting. we did the usuals chatting, eating, drinking, kutuking adn laughing.

some updates. wakrin decided to reject the offer from google. suprisingly, nik & i didnt object or say anything. we respected his decision lah actually. he's a grown man. he should know what's best for him.

kazrul is expecting a new baby. that makes all of us except for wakrin lah offcourse. achik is expecting his second just like me and kazarul and nik is expecting his third child. dah tua ek kitorang. anak masing2 dah nak masuk 2 dah :) rezeki tuhan....

apa lagi nak update eh. oh ye...the title hit & run. the title is like that bcoz this would my first and last entry in May 2007. next week onwards i wont be in the office. kursus lagiiii....lama plak tu. 3 minggu...

so ok lah. got some work to do. have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, April 20, 2007

Bestnya cutiiiiii

Assalamualaikum & Good Day,

Bestnya cutiiiiiiiii.....

Yesterday was DYMM Sultan Perak's Birthday. So cuti betulll....

In the morning went to Padang Polo for easy jog.

Balik umah je immediately tolong opah redecorate her furnitures.

Then went dating with mama. Lama siot kitorang tak dating cenggituh. We left alif with the bibik and also bribed him dgn Power Rangers punya VCD. It worked beautifully :P We left while he was watching the vcd. Sempat jugak cakap "Abah dgn Mama pg dulu ye, Alip jd good boy ok". Tak amik pot pon. Power Rangers Ruless!!!

We went to Jaya Jusco. Mannnn....i learned my lesson - never go to JJ during public holiday. I spent 20 minutes looking for parking space. Finally i decided the car needed some polish work. So anto kat tempat polish tuh and VOILA solved my parking problem.

In the JJ, orang cam semut. Ramainyeeee.

So we decided to tengok wayang. Went to TGV to watch Wild Hogs. Hillarious. Jon Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, Willian H. Macy & Marisa Tomei. All are great actors/actresses. Worth it la if you are a comedy punya fan.

After movie, pg kat VCD punya section. I promised Alip to buy him another Power Rangers vcd. After that jalan-jalan kejap and terus balik.

Malam tuh, pg umah parents aku for dinner. Mak masak nasik minyak, ayam kurma, rendang daging, rojak and one meal yg aku tatau nama dia. alaa yg ada timun, nenas cket, apa tah nama dia.

Huu...memang cannot tahan la. I had two full plates. Then ratah the ayam. Pastu ada air oren la plak. What Projek Kurus? Never heard of it......

We went back home rite after Diari AF. So tu la aktiviti aku yesterday. Bestnyeee.....

Oh ye, from sunday to wednesday next week aku kena pg Jakarta/Bandung. Again? yup..yup. But this time sponsored la. Nanti once aku balik aku ceriter ye. Have a nice weekend y'alll!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Assalamualaikum & Good Day,

"Define maturity?", was the question.

I realized that i dont even know how to answer that. Offcourse you can always look into a dictionary. But is it relevant? Dont think so lah. The dictionary defines things literally. In real life, we cant really rely on meanings defined by dictionary, betul tak? Or else you'll get confused.

Some people say that you are matured when you reach puberty age. Ye ke? A little bit lah kan. Puberty is just a stage where you are sexually matured. Meaning you can kawen oredi. But are you really matured?. Dont think so....

Some people say, maturity is when you are able to think 'out of the box'. Ye ke? Maybe. But the ability to think out of the box could also mean that you are an intelligent or maybe creative person. Could an intelligent & creative person be considered matured? Not necessarily...

Some people say, career wise, you are matured when you aim for a job that offers the highest satisfaction instead of highest salary. True also lah. Money means nothing if you are not happy with your job. I learned this 3 years ago when i switched from private to government. Then i was earning around 3k when i realized that my job SUCK. It was fun, but at the same time SUCK.

Joining the government was a gamble. I had to face a 1k pay cut. Risau jugak lah masa tuh. But after 3 years, i have no regrets, i'm happy with the gomen. Gaji ciput but hati happy :P

Whatever it is, to me, you are considered matured when you are able to taper off your selfishness. To me, this could be achieved in marriage. Marriage is about sharing and caring. You need to have these two traits in order to succeed in marriage. So if your marriage is rock solid, then you are considered matured.

Take me for instance, i'm a KFC junkie. Dolu-dolu when i was single and still in KL, i will stop by at KFC KLCC every friday after prayer just to makan KFC (patut la gemok!!).

But now, everytime i have that want-to-eat-KFC feeling, the mature side of me will say, "kalo aku makan sorang-sorang kesian mama & alip tak merasa, takpe lah tunggu weekend la"

or whenever i had that rasa-cam-nak-minum-ice blendedlah feeling, the mature side of me will say. "daripada aku beli air nih, baik la aku beli susu alip"

or during Hari Raya when people are buying baju raya like crazy, I'd say, "aku takyah beli lah, baik belikan untuk mama & alip". my wife had to paksa me to beli baru la aku beli. It's not that i dont have money. I just feel that my needs are not as important as it used to be. I feel that when my family is happy i'm happy. And that's enough for me.

so ladies and gentlemen, that is MY definition of maturity. Korang punya tatau la. Terpulang lah. Whatever that makes u happy :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Assorted Post

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

I'm currently annoyed with Blogspot. Everytime I click on the New Post page, the message is usually 'Done, with error'. It means that i can still post, but with limited functions. For example, i cant use the font color & font size options. This really annoys me lah. I dunno who's fault is it. Me or the host. Just wish that it could be rectified ASAP.

I did some blog hopping yesterday, and found out that Live Journal offers coooooleerr templates. Kalo tak caya go to ( see, i cant even use the "link" function )


This week was an uninteresting one.

On monday the office had a budget screening in Penang. Good meeting that was. Most of our 'one-off' requests were approved. After the meeting went to chowrasta to buy some buah pala and jeruk. Then, went for a Nasi Kandar Penang session. Got back to Ipoh by 12 midnite.

The rest of the week was boring. Some of the work had to be delayed or cancel due to some meddling by the politicians ( i soooo hate politicians). Some completed way ahead of time which left me with too many time to kill. Aku ni efficient sangat ke eh? Hopefully lah....


Just now i had a crave for roti canai. ekceli i've been having this craving since Monday. So tadi cannot tahan anymore. So i went out to the nearest kedai mamak just to indulge mamak tuh punya roti canai.

But now i have another crave ( macam orang mengandung la plak ). I so want Kopi Bin's Ice Blended. Been soooo long since i last drank that overpriced ABC. I think since i moved to ipoh, i have never been to the Kopi Bin outlet. Dunno why.

When i was still in KL, at least once a week mesti pg lepak kat kopi bin. Usually with kazarul & zid. We were like orang kaya who didnt know how to spend our money :) We usually lepak at kopi bin near Ampang Point. Why? Because it was near to zid's office. That woman kalo jauh2 memang la dia maleh nak join. Sori Zid....eheheh...

But it was fun ya know. Eventho we knew that the drinks were drilling holes in our pockets, but we didnt care. Bujang oiii masa tuh....we dont care shit. We enjoyed pretending to be yuppies :)
But that was then, now we matured oredi ( eh yeke? )


It's funny how TV could tailor our principle eh...take Grey's Anatomy for example. The only time u can see women approve a married man having an affair. I guess Derek is a very lucky guy. Women adore him eventho he's a cheater. How could he cheats when he oredi has a hot wife ( yeah i think Addison is YUMMY ). and i hate Meredith, i think she's sooo weak lah.

But then i guess love could melt the strongest man/woman init? Life's like that la. Have a nice weekend!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Projek Kurus & Damai Laut

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

I'm soooo hungry. Famished actually. And lunch is 3 hours away. huhuhuhu.

Anyways, my weekend ponya activity


Bad news lah. I have brain problem. Last week i didnt finish one single run (it's jog actually). Dunno why. The legs werent tired, stamina was ok. Only mental not ok. I always kalah to the slightest obstacle i.e. ada anjing kat depan la, orang bakar sampah la, tali kasut terlerai la....

I missed the days when i was strong mentally. I used to represent my school in 4 x 400m and cross country tau. and hockey too. center half position lagi. for those non hockey fan, center half is the most penat position in hockey....:P

Yup, people believe it or not. CROSS COUNTRY tu beb. So now i know that i do (or is it I DID) have the ability to do this. but why now cannot eh?

I think it's because of the excessive lemak around my belly lah. i'm heavy now. or maybe it's just one of those days lah when u just feel lazy & helpless :P

hmm....this week i'll make sure that i'll finish even if i have to crawl...eheheh



went to Damai Laut in Lumut during the weekend. Ipoh's lawyers ponya family day. best gak la. dapat gak jalan2 and rilex. here are the pics

Special Agent Mama & Special Agent Hafi. Masa ni on our way to sukaneka. tgh tunggu lif. punya la lembab. so amik gambor dulu la.

Tak main la dgn local people. Instead of playing with his frens, dia lebih minat dgn group budak2 mat salleh nih. americans & canadians. budak2 tu pon tak kisah. suka la alip

Group photos with the budak2 mat sallehs. baguih eh anak aku punya PR. btw, nama alif hafi nih literally means 'a noble best friend'. so i guess the names reflects the personality eh

Pertandingan sapa amik paling gula-gula dia menang. hadiahnya...gula-gula yg diorang amik tu je la :) mama tgh tolong alip masukkan gula2 tuh dalam seluar

sambil lepak sambail makan gula2 yang dia menang tadi. sambil-sambil tuh usyar belon2 yang ada kat beg urusetia

lari sambil bawak cokodok dalam sudu. mama was the secretariat so kena tunjuk rajin la distributing the cokodoks

tiup belon sampai pecah. alip pakar dalam meletupkan belon nih. tapi dia takleh join sebab untuk 6 years and above only. next time la alip

carik gula2 dalam tepung. as always adee je mak bapak yg jadi coach. ehehehhe. seronok tgk anak deme nih aktif :)

Bapak dugong dan anaknya yang sedang tido dengan nyenyaknya. Kenyang + Penat

Special Agent Abah & Special Agent Alif Hafi. hmm..... kalo mama focus ke kiri sket dah bleh nampak laut dah. rugi....rugi

mama in action. volleyball nih memang makanan mama la. they won. dapat la tuppaware sorang satu

Special Agent Alif Hafi on his Black Underwater Ops. Tak nak kluar tuuuu. Puas aku pujuk

Tercengang....aku pon tak sure apa yg dia tengok. i think he was like 'fuiyooooo.....besonya lobang hidung uncle nih...' :)

Alip menang bola. Dia memang dah lama aim bola tuh. dapat jugak akhirnya. tapi sayang bola tuh dah kempis.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

6 weird things about me

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

I almost have nothing to do today. Today is one of those all-meetings-cancelled-until-further-notice days. so to kill the time, i read my frens' blogs. then i remembered that i was 'tagged' by zid the rambutan. so here goes,

not sure whether these are weird or not, i am not really a weirdo :)

1. i cant eat cold rice/cold meal. it doesnt matter whether the lauks are the same (lunch=dinner) the most important thing is that it has to be hot/warm. kalo aku tak puas makan.

2. i cant do the dishes. i get this nauseous feeling whenever i do the dishes. my wife did force me once, after 1 1/2 plate i almost vomitted. then she knew that i wasnt actually making any excuses. oh yeah...btw i can ONLY do own dishes, others punya sori ah....

3. when i was small, i will only eat one lauk at a time. for example, if there were chicken and fish. i would eat the chicken first, then went to the kitchen to wash my plate, went back to the table to refill, and then only i eat the fish. then, the idea of mixing the 'lauks' didnt bring any logic to me and oso gave me the nauseous feeling lah. but now since aku dah beso, it's getting better lah.

4. i am afraid of frogs and lizards. geli-geleman aku. jangan kata suruh pegang, suruh aku berdiri tepi aku tak nak. usually if there is a dead lizard in my room, i'll get my 'bibik' to remove it since my wife pon takut jugak. Bibik tu pon selamba jek pegang dengan tangan. yucks. fortunately, she doesnt cook for us :)

5. i like to be in the dark. usually when i got home, i will close the curtain so that the sunray cannot panetrate. i dunno why, darkness calms me down. my wife on the other hand hates darkness. she wants the room to be 'terang-benderang'.

6. when it's cold, i shiver. but not shiver, shiver. how to explain eh?'s like when u get electrocuted, that shocking feeling plus shivering. it only happens when it is cold and it'll last for a second. still dont get it? nevermind lah. i think my nz gang should know la this shocking + shivering thing. kazarul slalu menyirap kalo aku kena bende nih. usually he'll say 'bodoh la ko ni' and my reply will always be 'sejuk la bodoh'.

hehhh...ok tak. ok la tu....



PSV Eindhoven 0 Liverpool 3

yes people....i'm a liverpudlian.



Assalamualaikum & Good Day

this song was in AF5 concert last week. it brings out memories lah.

Disini lahirnya sebuah cinta
Yang murni abadi sejati
Disini tersemai cita cita
Bercambah menjadi warisan

( korus )
Andai ku terbuang tak diterima
Andai aku disingkirkan
Kemana harusku bawakan
Kemana harusku semaikan cinta ini

Dibumi ini ku melangkah
Keutara selatan timur dan barat
Ku jejaki

Bukanlah seorang perwira
Gagah menjunjung senjata
Namun hati rela berjuang
Walau dengan cara sendiri
Demi cinta ini

( ulang korus )

Ku ingin kotakan seribu janji
Sepanjang kedewasaan ini
Ku ingin sampaikan pesanan
Aku lah penyambung warisan

To others, this song may not have any meanings. But to the men and women of PTD Batch 1/2004, this song means alot. This is our batch's song. This song reminds us of our purpose in the government.

so kalo ade member2 batch aku yg terbaca blog aku nih. aku nak dedicate lagu nih kat korang. gila jiwang ah lagu nih. aku kekadang kalo terdengar lagu nih jadi semangat nak kerja + sebak cikit :P

p/s: there's no shame in being patriotic

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kuantan & KL

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Last week (Wed-Fri) i was in Kuantan. De Rhu Beach Resort. I didnt like that hotel.

For the first time in my life, i had to sign a deposit slip for a TV remote control. They gave the remote during check in and i was supposed to return it during check out. If i lost the remote i have to pay RM 100. The remote is not new you know. It's ancient!!!! Penuh dengan 'selotape'....GILA

On Friday i singgah kejap kat KL. Met the NZ gang. The usual suspects were there except for Kazarul who was in Melaka. And this time Nik was there too.

Nik is fatter and balder now :) He's 88kg !!!! ehehehh....i'm thinner than him. i did kutuk him on his 'spare tyre'. His answer was 'aku takpe rul, aku pumping iron...' ahahahah...whatever la Nik. To me if you are overweight, you are overweight lah :) Anyways, he gave me some tips on fitness. TQ Nik.

It turned out that wakrin didnt reject the offer from google. It's just that he needed more time to think. Upon hearing this, Nik & I basuh him cukup2 lah. I mean I would kill to work in New York or California....wakrin on the other hand seems doubtful. Basuh ponya basuh, he promised that he would return the call from Google to set the interview.

Gila ah....interview pon kat NY tuuuhhhh....pegi la wakrin...u got nothing to lose bro. It's only an interview....

Achik is now hating his job. He went for a job interview as a lecturer. Until today i couldnt picture him as a lecturer. Good luck la achik.

Furthermore, now achik & nik are interested in agricultural projects. i gave them some tips and they seemed 'semangat'. But dunno la this people, i've been knowing them for the last decade. so i learned not to be excited too early :) see how la....

btw they are interested in doing Ikan Keli Dalam Kanvas and Lembu Susu :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Morning in Kuala Kangsar

Assalamualaikum & Good Day
I was in Kuala Kangsar just now for a tazkirah session with the Perak Mufti, Dato' Seri Dr. Hj. Harrusani bin Hj Zakaria.
I have always admired the Mufti. Very humble person. Whenever U are around him, you feel very calm and peaceful. When he speaks, you will have this urge to listen to what he's trying to tell you. After meeting him, you will have this feeling to do something good to people around you. (hmmm....i'm bad at describing people lah kan)
Anyways, the tazkirah was about Maulidur Rasul. The tazkirah session went for about an hour and followed by the Q&A session.
one of the question caught my attention. the mufti was asked for his opinion on social problems about muslims in malaysia. my first thought was ' alamak, soklan ni common sangat la....amende la mamat ni'
the mufti's answer was quite long. so i just give u guys the gist la ye. dia kata lebih kurang camni la:

'orang islam di malaysia ni banyak yang dah leka, mereka bukan tak faham akan dosa dan pahala, mereka faham, tapi mereka lupa. Mereka lupa yang nyawa mereka boleh ditarik pada bila-bila masa, mereka lupa yang nikmat syurga itu benar, mereka lupa yang azab neraka itu benar, mereka lupa dan mereka leka'
'cara yang paling mudah adalah kembali kepada asas, hiduplah seperti seorang muslim yang sejati. maknanya kita bangun sebagai islam, sembahyang, pergi kerja sebagai seorang islam, berpakaian seperti seorang islam, bercakap seperti orang islam, makan seperti orang islam dan tidur pon seperti orang islam'



hiii....risau kan. aku ni pon kekadang tu semayang pon ujung-ujung waktu je.
have u ever thought that whether u are in the right path or not? ekceli suma benda yang mufti cakap tu doable. tapi as always, kita ni (esp. me lah) take things for granted. tau nak serooonokk aje.
well, i'm going to be 30 this december, i hope i really can be what i'm supposed to be. A good muslim, a good husband and a good father (refer to resolution :P)Insya Allah. Sama-samalah kita ye.
Ya Allah, Engkau kuatkanlah imanku, iman isteriku, iman anakku dan iman kawan-kawanku. AMIN.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pizza Hut

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Some pics from my mak's birthday. We celebrated at Pizza Hut ( Yup, Ipoh pon ada Pizza Hut )

Atuk & Cucunya

Alif buat-buat paham apa orang cakap

Senyum sampai ke telinga. Very diplomatic punya smile as in 'I dont understand what U are saying Mak Ngah, i just smile to be polite' :)

'Kat bawah chair alip ni ada cat ke mama?'

Dia tengah geram on something. Not sure what.


Mak, my sister & Abah

My sisters & Mak

Birthday Girl. Tahun depan dah nak pencen dah. Happy Birthday Pn Pengetua!!

His aunties always treat him like celebs. So to repay them, Alif would perform some stunts like this one. Mama malas nak layan....:)

Post ni Aje Yang Request

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

This is the ubat kurus i was talking about. Aje requested the pic. So here it is.

Frankly, i'm not sure whether it is effective or not lah. It has been quite some time since i last weigh myself.

But my pants seem to be a bit longgar. But that might due to my jogging as well. So conclusion, i dunno whether this ubat works or not. Plus I have not taken it for a month now. Since somebody died bcoz of ubat kurus. My wife bans all ubat kurus.

So now, i have to get kurus on my own effort lah. No Pain No Gain.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Assalamualaikum & Good Day,

Feels like want to lay down and sleep. The sofa seems to be soooo inviting at this moment la (dalam bilik opis aku ada sofa ok....jangan jelas ah :P )

today, got four meetings. 8.30 am, 10.00 am, 3.00 pm & 3.45 pm. perghhhh...tak sempat aku nak bernapas....

after the second meeting i got tired oredi. plus today is Friday. so i drove early to the mosque and lepak dalam kereta tido.

after prayer, rushed to attend the 3.00 pm meeting. i told the chairman i need to get off early bcoz of the 3.45 pm meeting.

He said, 'no problem tuan'. he only let me off at 3.45 pm. ciss...kena tipu aku.....

so i drove like crazy to the fourth and last meeting of the day which was about 15 km away. I arrived at 4.05 pm - i got lost. I approached the main gate....the guard was there....

me : Hello, saya ada meeting di dalam ye
guard : inche...itu meeting ahh sudah cancel laa.....

hiiii.....kalo korang, korang marah tak? apa la....if you have to cancel the meeting, please inform in advance la kan. buduh punya olang....

dah jom balik. have a nice weekend

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Alif Hafi bin Azrul Sani

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

masa ni Opah buat majlis 'Naik Buai'. I think he didnt like the idea spending his time in the buai.

Finger Lickin' Good

tolong abah...alip nak jatuh ni. masa ni tak pandai balance lagi

dah beso dah anak aku skang ni. kejap je dah 2 taun 5 bulan. tapi sampai skang tak berenti nyusu badan. berenti la alip oiiii....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3 km

Assalamualaikum & Good Day
On monday I increased my running distant from 2.5 km to 3.0 km. Now my route has two hills for me to climb :P actually it's not that 'hilly' la, more of an incline. but still, the seksa tuhan je la yg tau.
and yesterday, for the first time in my short jogging career, i timed my jog. i did 00:21:02:09 for the whole 3km!!! ahahahahha....malu ah kan. i think even a drunk can run faster than me.
Nevertheless, i wasn't upset. ekceli i targeted below 20 minutes. so to clock 21min++ is not that bad lah. i hope after a month i would be able to clock below 18 minutes. Insya Allah. wish me luck ok.
so now, off i go to Kuala Kangsar. One whole day of meeting :(

Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Summary

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

My weekend went like this


Went to Padang Polo in the morning. The plan was to jog 4km, but couldnt finish it. Only managed 2.6km (according to the marker)

The reason : i ate 6 cokodoks for breakfast and a mug of coffee. so i felt a little bit heavy. But nahhhh....i was just weak in the brain department. Not enuff determination. It's all in the mind la stooopid.

In the afternoon, i took mama & alif for our weekly jalan2 session. went to ipoh parade.

while mama was busy looking at handbags, i was busy chasing alif around the mall. berpeluh-peluh aku di buatnya. so was he.

i guess he was boring duduk in the stroller.

In the evening, i went to a Senamrobik Perdana in Sg. Siput. Dato' Seri Samy Vellu was there too. The senamrobik was soooooo tiring la. Mebbe bcoz of the jogging i did in the morning.

Later that nite, watched AF5. Boyyy.... they suck BIG time. i think this is the worst set of students AF had ever had. Pity the industry.....


Morning : Breakfast, read newspaper & zzzzz.....

Afternoon : watched Melodi. they were making noise about fans prefer indon artists better than malaysians. well i have a message for them : LAGU MESIA TAK SEDAPPP!!!!

The rest of the day : resting & zzzzzz

sekian. tima kacih :)

Dah Jumpa Dah

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Last Friday when I got back, i asked Alif about my contact lense.

Me : Alip tau tak kat mana abah sorok abah punya contact lense
Alip : Tauuuuu.....
Me : ye ke...tunjuk kat abah bleh tak....
Alip : Bleyyy.....

He ran towards our room and i followed.

Alip : Tuuuuuu!!!!.....

I couldn't believe my eyes. the contact lenses were there on top of the meja cermin right where i left it. I tot i left it on the closet.

PELUPA betulla aku nih. Alif pon bleh ingat. I'm not young anymore :(

TQ alip. Abah lap U

Friday, March 16, 2007

Alif's Curse

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Alif was doing his routine climb up on our meja cermin yesterday

Me : Haaa....nak wat apa tuuuu???
Alif : Alip nak pajat la meja ni, boleh tak? Abah marah tak?
Me : eh marah la....kan abah kata takleh panjat2
Alif : Boleh la abahhhh....
Me : Alip nak amik apa?
Alif : Tuuu....kotek len tu....yang gweeen kaler tu
Me : Huh...mana bleh...dah, dah, tanak main sini la, jom kita main ball kat luar

on our way out, i decided to hide the contact lenses. I put it on the closet.

This morning the contact lenses HILANG....hiii geram betulla aku....i was sure i hid it on the closet. but i couldnt find it. i searched it everywhere, but to no avail.

i think i kena sumpah by my own son la....

ok la everybody...have a nice weekend

p/s: tomorrow i gotta go for a senamrobik session with dato' samy vellu....bosannnn

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Assalamualaikum & Good Day
A few weeks back ada satu group of indians ni datang jumpa aku. There were three of them. Two brothers and their mom.
Out of the three, only the younger brother could speak malay.
They mengadu that a few years back their home was demolished by the gomen to give way for a road project. They claimed that they were promised some compensation money by the district office (opis aku la tu). But until now they have yet to receive anything.
At this point aku dah tak sedap hati dah. Coz to my knowledge district office will never offer any compensation. oh ye...i forgot to mention that they were living illegally - setinggan.
Since this happened before my time, i asked them to wait and i went down to check with my officer. Turned out that they were lying!! Cilakak!! The district office never offered any compensation, it was the Y.B's office that promised for a compensation. Lega...
So i went back up and explained to them. I offered to help them by writing a letter to Y.B's office. They were so happy la. Very happy i tell you.
So it was time for them to leave. I salam each one of them starting with the younger brother. Bila sampai turn si older brother ni. Dia salam with both hands and suddenly bowed, i was like - eh apsal pulak la mamat ni....
Rupa-rupanya DIA CIUM TANGAN AKUUUUU....yg bestnya tu I could feel his thick and black mustache brushing my skin. What a nightmare!!!! Geliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sioooottttt.....bodoh punya mamat. becoz of that i lost my appetite....hiiii...until now i could still feel the feeling...yuckss