Monday, June 29, 2009


I sat for my TOEFL test last Saturday.

It was tougher compared to the first one I sat in 1997. 12 years could really changes things huh :)

Nevertheless, it wasn't undoable. It was just tougher.

Basically, I felt could have done better. I fumbled in the first section. Miscalculating the time given to me and eventually I missed the last question. It was simple actually, there was a reading passage and then some questions to answer, but the passage was so technical in nature, I had to read it twice before I could really understand the whole idea. It was about geothermal energy, and how it could be used to warm homes and be generated as electricity. And since I'm not a science freak, I couldn't really capture the idea of the passage.

The fumble really derailed me of my confidence. I was a little bit jumpy after that. To make it more frustrating, the rest of the reading passages were also technical in nature, the 2nd one was about infant amnesia, it discusses about why we cannot remember anything before we reach 3 years old. Again, the passage was flooded with a lot of annoying science jargon. And the third passage was about how did man develop the needs for agriculture. Ntah hape2 ntah, citer pasal ice age la, nomadic tribes la, anthropology la.

Mannn....I hope I'll pass this test. The JPA requirement is 92. I hope I could make it. Janji lepas. I guess I need to tune my mindset. It's not easy to go back to school you know. I left UiTM in 2000. It has been 9 years now. My brain has developed a lot of rust.

I hope I'll be ready for my Master's. I still have time. Hopefully....Insya Allah

Facebook RIP

Over the weekend, the whole world was shocked when the news of Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcett deaths broke out. It was really a sad weekend.

Amid his controversial and eccentric life, MJ was a legend and will always be a legend. I grew up listening to his songs and I was always fascinated with his creativity especially when it comes to his music videos. Simply and superbly fantastic. To MJ, if you were a Muslim, may Allah bless your soul.

To Farrah, RIP. Sorry, I couldn't really comment about her, the only angels I know are Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore :)

Today, I got another shock. I tried to access Facebook, but it was denied. Apparently, the IT people has decided to ban Facebook. This is actually frustrating and annoying even.

Well, policy is policy. No matter how stupid or irrational it may be. As employees, we have to abide by it.

This sucks. RIP Facebook

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out of Town

I'm now at Damai Laut. Attending a course.

The first time I was here, it was my honeymoon. Yup. Nothing fancy. Just Damai Laut.

Well, we actually planned for Sabah or Bali. But then, there were constraints : time, logistic and to some extend, money. So my wife and I decided to go for a 'mini honeymoon' first and after a month or so we'd go for a real one.

But we could only plan....

We got married in December 03. In January 04, we find out that my wife was pregnant. So everything was cancelled.

Damai Laut seems like it was before. Peaceful and romantic.

Just now decided to go for a walk. You know, just to reminisce old times. Found the gym instead. Tried the treadmill. Injured my ankle. Sheehhss.....

As I said, we could only plan. I'm now limping..... :)

Friday, June 12, 2009



Peringkat    SARJANA
Status    BERJAYA
Jawapan    TERIMA


Inna lillahi wa Inna ilaihi rojiunn

Azwan (Wan Cibai) telah telah kembali ke Rahmatullah pagi tadi

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan ahli syurga


Takziah dari aku sekeluarga

p/s: Hari ni hari Jumaat....

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Masa aku masuk opis tadi, aku tengok aku punya tumbler air dah siap berisi dah.  Wahhh....bagus staff aku nih.....kipas ke nih?  Tapi kalo nak kipas misti dia buat depan aku aku memang seorang boss yang baik?...ahahhaha.....thanks la to whoever yang isi tumbler aku nih.....

Malam ni nak main badminton

I need shoes for my badminton game lah.  All this while I've been using my jogging shoes, which is sooo uncomfortable in terms of balancing.  I need shoes with flat sole.  Cam yang kat atas nih.  Cam besssttt je...

I got my self a new racquet too.  The legendary Yonex Carbonex 21.  I know I'm not that good to own a Carbonex 21or maybe a pair of new shiny shoes.  But I don't care.  My money whattt.  But I'm determined to be better.  In fact I'm better now than before.  I've picked up some new techniques from my friends.  And I'm not so gelabah now, I'm more composed.  Chewahhhh.....

But of course, I'm never gonna be like Datuk Lee Chong Wei.  I could, but it's just too late oredi.

I realize that Badminton is more fun than running.  Because you play in group.  You can kutuk each other, you motivate each other and at the end of the day all of us will indulge in that delicious and dainty Longan Ais at the al fresco Sabar Menanti.  Seriously, the Longan Ais is out of this world mann.  Sluurrppp..... 

But I still run though.  Just need some break from it once in a while.  

So maybe after work I'll go window shopping for that badminton shoes.  Will it be Yonex?  Hmm....too pricey I think.  Yet, I own a Carbonex 21....ahahhaha.....


Education Minister wants the public to give feedback on whether English should be a 'must pass' subject in order for a student to obtain an SPM.

Well, maybe the Minister doesn't know that if you fail your BM, you still could get you SPM.  Of course you wont be getting Grade 1.  But still, it's a SPM.  This is during my time, I reckon it's still the same now.  But if I'm wrong, please correct me.  You know la, it's been 15 years since my last day at school.  I might need to do some catching up.  

Update - Aishah clears the air for me.  If you fail BM, you will only get SAP not SPM, you need to take July paper and pass to qualify for SPM.  But if you score P7 or P8, you still could get your SPM but downgraded to Grade 2 eventhough you score A for all other subjects.  Thanks Esah!!   

I think before making English a 'must pass' subject, the Ministry should impose the 'must pass' criteria on BM first.  It's our National Language whattt....and this is a fact nobody can deny.   

And, what's the story about they don't teach grammar at schools anymore???  WTF???  I don't understand this.  Why la?  During my time, we were taught grammar since primary school, and yet sometimes my grammar still koyak.

I think this must has something to do with incompetent teachers.  When the teacher's grammar is mediocre, then how is he/she supposed to teach the students?  Well, that's my theory.  

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wan Cibai Update

I was told yesterday that Wan was discharged last Sunday.

The doctor gave him 6 months to live.

He has a newly born baby.

He couldn't even hold his baby in his arms because his hands were too weak.

I couldn't imagine the anguish and agony he and his family are going through.

Lets us all pray for him.  

Is there any way to fight cancer?

Ya Allah....jauhkanlah aku dari ujian sebegini.....

Monday, June 01, 2009


With the completion of the FA Cup Final last Saturday, the EPL 2008-2009 season is officially over.  Congratulation to the winners.  As for my team, Liverpool, we didn't win anything this season.  But we gave a hell of fight though.  We sure gave Man United a run for their money.  Well, better luck next season.

I feel that, Liverpool would do better next season.  Hopefully, we'll manage to lure some good players to the club.  I heard the management is trying to fish some players, inter alia, Tevez and Eto'o.  And I do hope that they'll offload the non performers such Lucas and Voronin.  And please don't let Alonso go.  He's such an asset to the club.  Same goes to Agger, he might not be at his best now, but I think he'll be better. 

My love story with Liverpool started when I was very young.  I think I was in standard 1 or 2.  My father is a Liverpool fan too, so we used to watch the game together.  Actually, I wasn't really interested in watching the game, but I had to or rather forced to.  I wanted to watch cartoons, but since we only have one TV, I forced myself to wait until the game was over.  But of course, once the game was over, the cartoon was over too.  So, since I cannot menderhaka to my father, I decided to join him.   That's my Liverpool story.

I think most Liverpool fans, became a fan in the 80's.  That was when Liverpool was the king of the premier league.  Names like Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, Peter Beardsly, John Barnes, Bruce Grobbelaar, Garry Ablett and many more were dancing on the lips of fans not only in Malaysia but the world over.

And I believe, that's also how MU fans became MU Fans.  Most of them started to follow MU in the 90's.  Because, that was when MU were topping the EPL league table and they still do.  And (I think) this is why MU got more fans than any other teams in the world.  Because, in the 90's, EPL games were broad casted much more frequently and also there was the introduction of cable tv.  They peaked at the right time.

Generally, Liverpool fans and MU fans hate each other.  ahahhahaa....but it's not as bad as it sounds.  We just enjoy the rivalry.  As for me, I don't really hate Man U as a team.  I hate Ronaldo and to some extent Rooney as well.  I don't know why.  I guess they look a little arrogant in my eyes, especially Ronaldo.  

But you know what, at the end of the day, both fans share something in common - our passion for football.  We just love the entertainment produced by the EPL.  Malaysian Super League will have to learn more.  And please do it quickly.  Alaaa....malas la plak nak comment on MSL.  I think I'll only comment on MSL when I feel they have taken a genuine effort to uplift the Malaysian Football.  Before that time comes, I'll stick with EPL.

Ok folks, see you next season!!!