Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pudu Jail

Ok before we go to the Pudu Jail issue, let's talk about the WC!

Asians' challenge in the WC ended just now when their last representative - Japan a.k.a The Blue Samurai - lost to Paraguay. The winners, were decided through penalty shootout. Well, there's no saddest way to lose a match but penalty shootout. It's truly tragic. But nevertheless, there's no shame in it either. It's purely luck (or hard luck, depending on how you see it). The Japanese players should return home to the Land of the Rising Sun with their heads held high as they are not losers. Just hard luck....

Now, Pudu Jail.

I think to say that Pudu Jail didn't play a role in the nation's history would be very ignorant. It was said that:

for a structure to be regarded as such, it must be of immense national significance as well as having historical, aesthetical and architectural values

and Pudu Jail does not possess those qualities? Are you sure? Come onnnn......the oldest correctional facility in the country must have something right? And what about sentimental value? Doesn't that count? No? Yes? Of course it counts!!! The building is 115 years old for crying out loud! It once housed thousands of criminals, scums of the society, keeping them away from the general population. Ain't that enough for 'significance'?

Look, I'm sure the majority Malaysians are not against the proposal to develop the land. We have to admit it, we need the development. But at the same time, we too cannot afford to lose the history of the area. All we want is for the government to consider to at least leave a piece of the history for future generation to appreciate.

I support the Minister's proposal to leave the arch of the jail. I think that's good enough. Just like the A'Famosa in Malacca. In fact, the theme of the development should revolve around the Pudu Jail. Yup, it would be weird to have mall named like 'Jailhouse Mall' or apartment named as 'The Gallows'. doesn't have to be that extreme right.....but that's the gist. Preserve the history, cherish the memories. That would suffice. That would be just.....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Germany Vs England

Updated 28062010 0100 hrs

Wow.....I didn't expect Germany could win this big. 4-1 at this level of football is a superb result. But I reckon things could go differently had the referee allowed England's second goal. It was clearly in. Hard luck for England.

Original posting

It's a classic match! I shit you not. Though I would bask in the two teams meet in later stage, but as Joan of Arc says it - sooner is better. Ehehehh....

It's a definitely a 50-50 chance for both teams. But frankly, I reluctantly have to admit that England has a slightly better edge over Germany. Germany is having problem in the engine room with the injury of Bastian Schwiensteiger. While England will rely on its Gerrard-Lampard collaboration with Wayne Rooney on the attack.

On paper, I'd say it will go to England given their star studded team. But popularity won't bring you victory. It would be a mistake to discard Germany as they are known as a very disciplined team. The have youth and talent on their side.

My prediction; it would be a close match. Most probably be dragged into extra time or possibly a penalty shoot out as the decider. Well, we shall see.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tag Anak-Anak

Got tagged by Yanti. Here goes.....

Anda sudah mempunyai berapa orang anak & nyatakan girl or boy?
2. Dua2 boy

Bila perancangan anda untuk menambah anak?
Bila yang nombor dua tu masuk 3 tahun

Nyatakan nama anak anda dan makna dalam Islam?
Alif Hafi - Sahabat karib yang mulia
Akif Wafi - Seorang memberi penumpuan & setia

Siapakah yang memberi nama anak anda?
My wife and myself

Dari mana tercetusnya idea untuk memberi nama anak anda?
Err...bukan ke baby kalo lahir memang kena bagi nama

Sekiranya anda dikurniakan seorang lagi cahaya mata, apakah nama yang akan anda berikan?
I'll cross the bridge when the time comes

Bagi yang mempunyai anak lebih daripada seorang, nyatakan jarak umur anak2 anda?
3 tahun ++

Bagi kelahiran anak anda yang akan datang, anda mahu girl atau boy? Nyatakan sebabnya
Girl sebab takde girl lagi

Apakah ciri persamaan anda dan anak anda?
Kitorang lelaki :)

Upload gambar anak2 anda
Alif n Akif >

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup 2010

I have to admit that I'm not really excited about WC 2010. I wasn't even excited 4 years ago when Italy won the coveted cup. In fact, I only knew about Italy's victory 2 days after the final game.
Reason? I don't really have the crowd to watch the matches with. All my friends are not in Ipoh. They are all in KL. Those who are in Ipoh, well I guess they'd prefer to watch from their living rooms.
You gotta admit that it's no fun to watch it alone. Even in the comfort of your own living room with your Full HD TV and Astro B.yond. It's just not the same. WC is about that carnival-like feeling. It's about having fun. And the only way I know to do this is with my friends.
I still remember the last time I really enjoyed the WC. It was in 2002 when Japan and Korea were the hosts. My friends and I went to KLCC to watch the final match. They had this big screen and of course the most important thing there were a lot of hot chicks there:D (masa tu bujang maaa.....)
But unfortunately, we were late (as usual). So we ended up watching the match at Coffee Bean on the 3rd floor of KLCC way far from the chicks. It didn't go as planned but still, it was fun, because we had each other.
But things have changed now. We have so many other important things to tend to other than WC. Sign of ageing perhaps :)
Anyways, as Kazarul correctly point out, I'm a Germany fan. But I do not think they could win this year's edition, though. The squad is too young (an average of 25 years) to win the cup. If they could reach the semis, that would be good enough for me.
So, who's gonna win? I'd put my money on either Spain or Brazil. My gut feeling says it will be the latter. Though I hope I'm wrong. I just don't like Brazil. They are so annoying. Sorry Amy :)
Spain is ranked first when this competition started. Judging from their star studded line up, the WC is theirs to lose. However, as I recall it, they hardly do well in WC. It's their jinx I guess.
Other teams to watch would be Argentina and Holland. They could make a surprise if they play their cards well. England? No hope. The popular team is nothing more than just being popular. Quality wise, they still have a long way to go.
Well, that's my take. Bets anyone?!!! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Backkkkkk


I know...... I know it has been more than a month since my last entry. What to do ...... I could only write when I'm at home. Apparently at home my creative side is not as active when I'm in the office :)

Anyways, Amy left me a comment reminding me to update, thanks Amy! She requested a couple of specific entries. One, about the PTD officer who died during the DPA course recently and second, my take on World Cup.

Well, let's start with the PTD officer story. We'll talk about the World Cup later ok.

The death of the female officer was a tragedy. It's a big loss to her family and the nation. My deepest condolence goes to her husband and her baby. It's just unimaginable to think that the baby would grow up without the love of her mother. I really hope that the husband could shoulder this huge responsibility on his own. I hope he would shower her with all the love he has in him, tell her how wonderful her mother was and remind her that her mother would always love her even though she's no longer around. Insya Allah.....

So now, let's see how did this happen? The commando module is a new module. I didn't have it during my time. But I would never think twice if I'm offered to participate in one. Why? It's a once in a lifetime experience!

Besides, the army treated us nicely. I've never heard that PTD officers were mistreated by the army. Although they were strict and sometimes harsh in their use of words, but overall it is acceptable given the context and the nature of the module. I mean, you cannot expect to be treated like a gentlemen in a army camp right? If you are wearing the uniform, the least you could do is to expect to be treated like a soldier.

Yup, we were treated like a soldier. Any visiting civilians to the camp cannot tell that we are not actually soldiers. We looked just like any other soldiers undergoing training in the camp. But the army never forgotten the fact that we are civilian officers. Our welfare was never neglected, especially when it comes to our health.

In fact, it was the first thing we have to declare. Some of my friends who were not fit enough were not allowed to participate. They were not even allowed to stay at the camp. They reluctantly went back to INTAN where they had to do assignments as replacement. One of my friends, who had already participated half way when he caught the demam campak, was also sent back to INTAN.

There's a reason to this. The DPA army module is the most tiring module of all. It will drain your energy. Not enough time to sleep and rest. It's a non-stop action from the start to the end. That's why those who participate must be in their best condition.

So when some quarters blamed the army for her death, I find it hard to believe. That's just not how they operate. In fact, a friend of mine got a hold of his junior who is attending the DPA course and the guy told him that the army never forced them to participate. They did it on their own will. The guy suspected that the female officer might not have declared her true medical condition to the army officers.

I guess that's probable. But still, it arises another question. Why didn't she declare?

So, the question still remains, what happened? Your guess is a s good as mine. Although I do have some assumptions, I think it's not appropriate to share it openly. At least not now. I need to dig a little bit deeper before I can confirm it.

So Amy, one down and another to go eh. Next time I'll write about the WC :) Tunggguuuuuuu