Wednesday, February 14, 2007

3 years oredi!!

this friday (16 February 2007) will mark my third year in government. Cepat betulla. Tak sangka dah 3 taun.
Anyway, it wasn't easy lah to be in government. Different culture, complicated procedures, the lazy staffs and many more. However, so far, i'm happy. Compared to my previous private sector job, i got better job satisfaction in gomen.
It's funny you know. When i graduated, it never occured to me that i would be a gomen officer. my impression of gomen then was BORING and only 'skema' people would go for gomen jobs. some more, i tot that gomen officers were all lazy and only goyang kaki all day long.
but i was wrong. 100% wrong. i ekceli have to work harder in gomen due to the heavy workloads. i'm given much more freedom in decision making. my colleagues are all cool dudes. just like the one i had in private sector.
one more thing, in gomen they stress on trainings. every once in a while u have to go for training. the most famous of all training is off course the basic training or DPA course. DPA is a 6 month course and all you have to do is to attend the classes and off course sit for exams. you are given 6 meals/day and your own room. tp yang paling best, gaji tetap jalan cam biasa. kaya oii 6 bulan gaji full, expenses takde sangat.
but DPA is a very tiring but fun course. especially, the outdoor modules. we had to go for military, police, BOMBA and OBS modules. all are tiring but fun. i dunno how to describe lah. just look at the pics :)

BOMBA - Oil Spill Exercise.
api betul tu tau. Dont play-play

'steady azrul steady...'

i oso dunno which one is me, all look the same init?

Offensive Internal Fire Fighting (OIFF)
Notice that we only crawl in there. if we sit or stand we'll be mati katak due to the extereme heat. scary tak?

me and my buddy padil. tengah tunggu turn untuk scuba. masa ni kira fit gak la. takde spare tyre :) btw, zip tu senget sbb memang style suit tu camtu. it has nothing to do with me

hehehehhh....i was nervous but nak cover line kena la senyum

BOMBA : ko dah readi ke blom ni?
me : dah bang
BOMBA : okeh. dalam kolam tu ko jangan terkencing pulakkk
me : kalo camtu saya pegi toilet dulu la bang

military module - Battle Inoculation (BI)
the soldiers are shooting REAL bullets you know

my platoon and i. we had to crawl for about 100 meters. penat tu jangan cakap la. nak bangun takleh takut mati katak. so crawl je la. along the way tu plak ada a few small lopak. in the lopak they put some kind of explosive and bila we all lalu kat situ je dia meletup. pehhh...memang rasa cam Saving Private Ryan la

padil : lu jangan memain rul, minah tu wa yg punya tau
me : aku dah kawen la bodohhh!!

happy after finishing 1st in the BI exercise

these are just pics from the military and BOMBA modules. i couldnt find the police and OBS pics. nanti la kalo ada aku post la.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007



Last two weeks were very bz for me. I was in Alor Setar and Penang. Kena jadi panel interview. Post - Pembantu Tadbir (Perkeranian/Operasi)....hehehhe...macam-macam orang aku jumpa...

but there was this one girl from penang who i cannot forget la.

i was flipping thru her documents. i noticed dat she has a diploma form a local politeknik. her CGPA - 3.74 !! power tuuu.... so i asked her:

me : cik xx, saya tengok di sini result awak bagus, 3.74... kenapa tidak sambung pelajaran (gila formal ah bahasa aku)

girl : saya sebnarnya....saya....hisk...

suddenly she cried. really crying i tell you. fortunately for me, this was not my first time interviewing people and it was the first time somebody cried while being interviewed.

so i kept my poker face. calming her down a little. even gave her tissue.

when she ok. she told us the story la. came from a poor family. she was offered a place in U but had to decline coz have no money. she said, her other siblings oso like dat. got good result but cannot further study coz have no money.

this is actually the first time i felt kesian to a candidate. b4 this, ko nak nangis ke, nak merayu ke, jerit ke, i dont care....i wont be influenced la. but this girl i really kesian la. lagipon dia punya performance during interview pon ok.

so i rekomen my chairman to give her the job la, and he agreed. hopefully we did the rite thing la. and hopefully she would be able to change her fate bcoz dia dah janji nak buat PJJ kalo dapat kerja ni. hopefully la....

some of the funny answers given by candidates

Q : Bagi saya 5 negara Asean
A : china, india, america, canada and malaysia
Q : awak tau tak ASEAN ni apa ni?
A : hmm...negara-negara bersekutu kan?...
me : (yea rite)

Q : bila tarikh kemerdekaan malaysia?
A : 31 Ogos 1946
Q : betul ke ni? yakin?
A : betul cik, saya yakin. saya memang ada baca buku sejarah sebelum interview
me : (yea rite)

Q : ada berapa wilayah persekutuan kat mesia ni?
A : 2 cik
Q : huh? bukan 3 ke? ...ok la bagi saya yang dua tu?
A : wilayah persekutuan selangor & wilayah persekutuan labuan
me : *frown* ok lah

ekceli got some got some work to do chow

Jakarta pics

yeeeaaaa......finally the Jakarta pics.

'Bape lama nak senyum ni abah?'

'Cepat la abah...alip nak naik awoplane ni'

In the plane. Ekceli he is very sleepy. We had to get up at 4 am to catch the 7 am flight. Masa snap this pic dlm 645 am. Notice the sleepy eyes. tp still sporting when asked to pose

'ZZZZZZ'....he slept right after take off. he refused to bangun after touch down. 'Alip nak tido agiiiiii....' he sreamed when the stewardess tried to wake him up. We were the last passenger to leave the plane.

In Bandung. Jalan Cihampelas. So called the jean's paradise la. Tp takde pape pon. Suma local jeans. i tot ada le levis ke CK hampeh

waiting for the 'Blue Bird' taxi

at the mall in Bandung. this is where we usually eat. ekceli got gerai outside. but since it was sooo dirty, we decided the makan at the foodcourt la. tak sanggup beb. like my MIL said 'kembang tekak mak'

our hotel in Bandung. Hotel Karmila. A no star hotel. RM 80 per nite. ekceli i wanted a better hotel (berlagak) but since i had to pay for two rooms, i decided to go ahead with my wife's suggestion. not dat bad la the hotel. got everything like normal hotels do. only the water smell like shit. no joke man

at the Mayor's Office garden. Dont ask me about the rhino, i dunno

'mana polish ni abah...alip nak naik la motor ni....'
he kept asking me this question untill we left the place.

alip was bored. so we bought him a book. so he drew and drew and drew

some of his masterpiece. FYI, the figure on the right is a police car. the three circles are the siren. while the left figure is a policeman. the two circles are his gun and his hands. at least that what alif told me.....

'I YIELDDDD'.....sleeping while mama and opah shopping. me? almost die out of boredom....

mama : ok tak abah? which one ah?
me : (hmm....soklan trick ni...camne ni)
mama : cepat la abah....nak balik dah ni
me : ok..ok...yg ijau tu ok la

at last she spent another 15 minutes and bought a completely different dress. i hate that kind of question la. it's just mama's way to buy some more time

A&W in Jakarta

alif, mama & opah at Taman Mini Nasional. Alaa cam yg kat Ayer Keroh melaka tuh la. tapi this taman is at least 50 times bigger that the one in melaka

alif : bleh jgn cium alip lagi abah....tension aahhh

"opah duduk la dalam ni....alip nak tolak ni'

at National Museum

alif wanted to take pic with 'Mr Senapeges' (Mr Snuffleupagus of Sasame Street).

still at the museum

at MONAS or Monumen Nasional.
Indon : ok bapak, ibu...sedia ya. 1...2
Me : (ni kalo dia rembat camera aku naya nih)

an indon helped us to take this pic. memula tu aku takmo. tapi mama kata it's ok. reluctantly aku bagi jugak la

in front of the biggest mosque in Jakarta. tp very the dirty one. i really can't understand their mentality la

at hotel in Jakarta. Hotel Alia Cikini. A 2 star hotel. RM102 per nite. ok la. cam 3 star hotel kat malaysia.

mama, alif & the red fire engine. notice the fire engine is so old skool

nak balik dah. babai indon. i wont miss u :)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Geram ahh



When I left home this morning, i brought along my camera and its software. I wanted to post some of the jakarta pics. Once arrived, I installed the software (i had to install the software, if not i couldnt transfer the pics from camera to pc). I was happy since the installation went very smoothly. So now it's time to transfer. Jeng ... Jeng ... Jeng.....



it was a total turn off. now i have no mood to blog lah. next week la.

oh yee....btw next week i wont be around. got an interview exercise in penang. ah