Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Look for this movie. Starring Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman. Watch it. I found it inspiring.

Seriously, watch it, it'll be a 2 hour worth of your time. I promise.

Well, let me give you the gist. It's about the struggle of Nelson Mandela after he secured the No. 1 post in South Africa. It's about unifying South Africa.

Now, in our context, let's not go that far ie national level. Let's start with your own race. Yup, your very own race. Try to forgive and forget. After all, that's what Islam taught us.

Watch it ok.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tak ujan pon

We went to a friend's wedding in Sungai Petani yesterday. Met some old friends from Labu. It was great. It's not easy to meet up nowadays since we all have our own lives to concentrate on. So a mini reunion like yesterday was a blessing.

A friend commented on Akif hairstyle:

Syed : Waa...ada style la rambut dia....
Aku : ehehh...style hujan beb
Syed : aahah...Noh Hujan!!!

Suddenly Akif responded.....

Akif : Tak ujan pon abah!!! - sambil tengok ke langit....

ehehehhh....Akif...Akif lain kali jangan menyampuk cakap orang tua

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Only 32

Yup I'm 32 years old today. A couple of years ago, I freaked out about being in the 30s group. But today not anymore. Still feeling young and free :)

Anyways, having a birthday is meaningless without family and friends. And Alhamdulillah I'm blessed with both. So, to those who sent their wishes through FB, SMS and orally, I can only thank you. You guys made my day.

To my wife, thank you for the lovely Birthday Card :)

So now, for next year, I've decided not to make any resolution. I think new year's resolution is overrated :) The most important thing is to live your life to the fullest. But of course I'm hoping that faith, fate and luck will always be on my side. Whatever comes, I hope I could go through it with bravery and dignity.

See you guys. And thanks for all the wishes!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

American Pie

I've seen the latest American Pie : The Book of Love

I'd rate it as 'OK la'.

I still believe that the original American Pie is the best. I don't know why, but it seems that the recent versions of American Pie have lost its touch.

I missed the original casts. They were hilarious.

However, the latest American Pie is still acceptable. Thanks to the hotter and sexier chicks :)

Friday, December 18, 2009



After 20 years, it was worth it!!

Thank You you guys. You made us proud! Feels good to be WINNERS huh?? So please get addicted to it!!!

Now, don't stop there ok. Aim higher from now on. Malaysia Boleh!!!!

And Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bagi can la

The truth hurts. Yup, it's true. Especially to those who are afraid of their own shadows. They would do anything to stop the truth from being told. Hence, the spin that the truth is actually an act of brainwashing.

Brainwash. It sounds scary huh? Especially if you are living a lie. Why? Because defending a lie is actually a struggle. So, the solution is ..... stop the lying.

If you want a person to stop the brainwash, you too must do the same. It has to be mutual.

Ok la, let me shoot straight to the point. Stop brainwashing our children. Stop training them to be racists and bigots. If you are one, fine, it's your decision. But let your children decide on their own.

Let our children and their generation decide what they want from each other. Stop planting the seed of racism in their minds. Let them learn the meaning of living together, to appreciate the unique existence of their friends.

Don't teach them about colors. Let them see their friends as one color no matter how brown, yellow or dark their skins are.

Friendship has to be laced with sincerity. With sincerity, respect will follow. Let them care and help each other.

Stop the selfish agenda of your community and embrace the agenda of the country. The truth is, this country has a lot to offer, enough for everyone to share. Whether we like it or not, everyone is here to stay. If you can't accept that. Please...by all means find another country that suits your needs.

Do not question the formula we've been practicing for the past 5 decades. It works. There's no need to downgrade or upgrade it. Our formula is unique. It suits us just right. So please..... appreciate it. Give our children a chance. Give this country a chance.....

p/s : sori la....this entry is quite berterabur...:P

The Elusive Gold Medal

Can't wait for the final match tomorrow. Malaysia vs Vietnam. Hope we'll triumph over them.

I think everyone knows that Vietnam is a good team. They did beat us in the group match. But anything is possible right?

As a fan, I do understand that winning and losing is part of the game. But the players too must understand that the fans demand nothing less than an impressive display. We want to see our team to play beautiful and smart football. If we win, it's a bonus, a job well done. If we lose, I reckon the fans will understand.

Moreover, the fans' expectation do not stop here. We want to see the team be elevated to a higher level. World cup would be too far fetched, so take it slow. The Asian Cup for example. Our participation is long overdue. It's a good chance for football to draw the fans back to our empty stadiums.

Don't give us hope. We've had hope inside of us for a very long time. And believe or not, despite the glamor of EPL, we still long for a formidable Malaysian football team. Deep inside our hearts, we want it to happen. So make it happen you guys.

For tomorrow's game, I'd say it's a 50-50 chance. But the voice inside of me is saying that we might be celebrating tomorrow. MIGHT. Hope we will.

I can't wait to see the Jalur Gemilang being hoisted. I can't wait to hear the Negaraku being played in the background. Mannn......that would be so emotionally awesome. And when that time comes, I'd sure be standing up and sing along in my own living room. Hope I wont cry :)

So all the best you guys!! Make us proud ya!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

BTN@Balik Pulau

Amid the hot controversy regarding BTN, I just got back from one.

From 3rd to 7th of December I was in Balik Pulau attending BTN course for Master/PhD & Sub-Specialist for oversea candidates. It was awesome. Seriously.

This would be my 3rd BTN and 4th of such course. This one was different from the ones I attended before. It was full of information and fun too. I don't know, maybe because I'm more matured (MATURED ok not old) now then I was before. So, I could really appreciate the information fed to me and my friends.

Some say that the government uses BTN to brainwash our hearts and minds. But in reality, the ideology that we have today, is a result of us being brainwashed from the day we were born. We were brainwashed by the environment, people and gossips around us.

We always use our emotion rather than our brain to interpret anything. Why? We simply do not have the knowledge. We are too dependent on third parties whose credibility could be questioned. So, BTN provides these knowledge. It's up to us whether to use it or not.

I felt that the course had taught me of who I am and my purpose in this country. Sometimes, we are proud of what we have contributed to this country, but in reality, there are a lot more for us to do. This country needs us. We just cannot take her for granted.

Remember, we took her for granted once; and we paid it with 446 years of colonization. Now, we are given a second chance. If we still screw this up, we might lose her forever.

I'm proud that my friends from the other races too acknowledge the benefit they get from BTN. They say that now their views about this country and the constitution are much more clearer. They are now more patriotic than ever.

I've said this before, and I'd say it again. I love this country. This is my Tanah Air. This is my Tanah Pusaka. This country is my 'warisan' and the 'warisan' of my children. OUR children. Don't make them pay for our mistakes. I was born here and I hope to die here. I would defend her with all my life and soul.

In my way of course....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We Will Not Forget

There's this effort to bring back Chin Peng to Malaysia. This effort is masterminded by people who see nothing but politics and powers. They are not being insensitive. They are just being chauvinist pigs. Sometimes I suspect that they are the actual communist agents trying to revive the moment in this country. There are rumors that these people are actually the descendants of Chin Peng himself.

I despise these people. To me, they are nothing but traitors. You see, I agree that politic is dirty. Politicians are dirty. But to take politic to this level is utterly disgusting. It's a direct threat to the peace and harmony of this country.

Let's not be part of this effort. We must vehemently reject this effort. Let's not forgive this terrorist and never forget the atrocities that he and his ilks had brought to this country.

So, since it is Hari Raya Korban. Let's recount one of the sad stories that should remind us of why we should not forget.

The Siege of Bukit Kepong (Kepung): The Malayan Alamo

by A L (Paddy) Bacskai

Kampong Bukit Kepong Police Station, lay at the SW apex of a big bend in the Muar river at around the 65km mark and upstream from its mouth on the west coast of the State of Johore in Malaya. The village itself was small and isolated - consisting of about twenty shops and groups of accompanying houses - and by early 1950 the area had became a hive of CT activity. From the month of January onwards, there had been a noticeable increase in the tempo of contacts & incidents - both road and river ambushes amongst other - but the most disconcerting of all, was the discovery of blazed trail markings showing the way towards the town. The nearest township of note to BK was Lenga, about 10km to the south along a rough enemy controlled dirt road in a vehicle or a 2 ½ hour foot patrol, but apart from this, it was just a few other like kampongs scattered about. The station was commanded by OCPS Sgt Ray Dancey - an old Palestine hand and away at the time and a point not missed by the CT - and manned by a mixed platoon of 15 Malay Regular and Marine Police Constables under the stocky and redoubtable Sgt Jamil Mohd Shah. At the time this force was complimented by three Special Constables (SC) and four local Auxiliary Police (AP) as needed by the post to assist with the guarding and other duty. A force of 22 all told. Thirteen police wives and children were also lodged in the married quarters at the rear of the compound. Communications in and out of BK were poor - hence the marine police attachments and the station’s launch service down to Muar - and signals to and from its nearest neighbour Kampong Java at about a kilometre away, as with kampongs Gek & Tui further on, was by the use of gongs. Even the outpost’s name was ominously translated as 'Siege Hill’- but this was historically believed to have originated from it’s 186m namesake 5km to the east. Now in the early AM darkness of the 23rd of February 1950, the 200 strong 4th Independent Coy under the joint leadership of one of the few Malay CTs within the MRLA called Muhammad Indera AKA Mat Indra from Muar (the main leader was believed the tactical mastermind & Commissar Goh Peng Tun), well armed with a full compliment of infantry weapons, began its move in towards the BK compound (for layout see map). The CT’s aim was to teach the police post a comprehensive lesson and to use it as an example to others and Mat Indra - who wore a talisman around his neck and so believed bulletproof by some - was contemplating a quick and easy straight forward job. As February the 23rd 2000 was the 50th Anniversary of the Battle at Bukit Kepong - an epic by any standard at arms - the following is a reconstruction of the phases of the battle which followed:

0400hrs - after some difficulty in the darkness, the CT Coy deploys to complete the encirclement of BK. The group is accompanied by some of the wives and children and these are to act as medical staff and to carry away the CT KIA (mainly in gunny sacks provided). Half the force is deployed to the front and main parts of the compound (Group 1), with the other half in Pl group lots (Groups 2 & 3), deployed to the other three sides. At this point, there is only L/Cpl Jidin bin Omar and SC Abdul Kadir Jusoh within the Charge Room, and two APs in Samad Yatin & Osman Yahya on guard in the compound backed by SC Jaffar Hassan with a Sten. There is also every indication, that the latter had become aware of the CT’s movements,

0430hrs - SC Jaffar challenges and fires on a CT who is seen to fall and the attack on the wire begins and builds up to the accompaniment of screaming and bugle blasts and although all forward sides are attacked simultaneously, the CTs mainly concentrate on the penetration of the front of the installation and where the post’s main strong-points are housed. They had expected to totally surprise the station - but are in turn! Caught completely by surprised by the volume and intensity of the return fire. This particularly from the two Bren Guns embedded underneath the Charge Room - it being a raised structure on posts - but also as from within the C/R itself as well as from the back and sides of the compound. Around this juncture, AP Osman is KIA and SC Jaffar is wounded, with the wives and children of the policemen fully noted assisting their menfolk with the defence of the base,

0450hrs - the initial CT assault is beaten back after a protracted exchange but at the loss of Sgt Jamil who had been manning one of the Brens under the C/R, and who is now seen slumped lifeless over one of the weapons. There were trapdoors in use for access down to the Bren guns. Command is now assumed by the junior NCOs like the youthful and diminutive Cpl Mohd Yassin and the much larger L/Cpl Jidin bin Omar (later fatally WIA)and combined casualties for both sides at this time, are placed at a dozen plus. The police wives and children left sheltering in the flimsy walled and also elevated married quarter building behind, make up a good portion of this. Also as such, at around this period. Four of the wives and five children manage to make their escape out of the compound,

0500hrs - Auxiliary Police and small groups of citizen volunteers are mobilised around Kampong Java under the headman Penghulu Ali bin Mustaffa, and these react to the attack by going to BK’s aid. They’re expected by the CT rearguard however and in turn ambushed and held engaged in skirmishes and suffering casualties. About this time the defenders main firepower in the two Bren guns back at the station, are knocked out,

0530hrs - the CTs continue a number of assaults on the wire and lighting and which provides them with a small breach at the front side and with which they attempts an envelopment of the C/R but are still held and beaten back from within and from the interlocking fire from the married quarters. Some of the weapons are at this point wielded by the wives remaining. Mat Indra is reported frantic at the lack of progress after an hour and wary of the approaching daylight, calls for an all out bayonet charge at 0600. Both the compound and CT casualties had mounted and are being treated in situ by the wives and children as before. The CT casualties had been retrieved under fire, and it was noted how the police would not fire at the women and children so involved.

0600hrs - visibility is now better and the CTs hit the wire again in a frantic mass as ordered, but are again surprisingly beaten back with the exception of some further gains at the SW rear and left hand side by the married quarters. Mat Indra now calls for a pause to reconsider his options. During this period and as it had been throughout the engagement, loud hailers and personal voice addresses had been used on the defenders in an attempt to get them to surrender. But to no avail - in spite of the fact that they had suffered badly - and just as the many alternate offers of ‘safe conduct’ out of the area had been treated with defiance and derision,

0700hrs - the frontal targets are now isolated by the CTs and all efforts concentrated in the vicinity of the previous gains around the rear and SW side and this providing them with an instant result. One of the police wives captured in this thrust, Miriam Ibrahim the wife of Constable Mohamad Jaafar, told her captors that only an other woman and her young child were left alive in the married quarters. The CTs force Miriam to appeal to the men to surrender but this is duly ignored. About this time, Fatimah Yaaba and her son Hassan are also taken, also asked to appeal to the men, and on refusal Fatimah is executed. Her husband Constable Abu Bakar Daud the base’s MP launch driver down at his duty station on the Muar river - perhaps aware of the personal tragedy which had just taken place - elects to fight to the death in a skirmish with the CT sent to capture and sink his launch. In the final outcome he is shot through the chest & arm. There are indicators that some others were either sent or also went to assist him with getting away for help. But this group is also assumed engaged by the CTs. And although its also believed that the MP Constable could have saved himself if he chose by starting his motors and casting off, he never ever did. At this point, the CTs consolidate their hold on the rear of the complex through the torching of both the launch (which sank) and the married quarters - with the reported wife Saadiah and daughter Simah still alive inside and refusing to come out - and throwing the executed woman’s body into the flames as well. Also about this time, the villagers of Durian Chondong a riverine kampong to the west, dispatched a boat down to Lenga to inform the police of the attack,

0800hrs - full daylight and with the rear of the compound ablaze, the CTs execute a determined grenade ‘pincer’ attack against the C/R and are finally successful. Setting it ablaze as well. Then picking off both male and female survivors attempting to get out with rifle shots - some seen with their clothing fully on fire at this point - and capturing Hassan bin Abu Bakar the young son of badly wounded MP Constable Abu Bakar in the process. Hassan was caught in the vicinity of the silenced Bren guns, with some believing that he was the last person seen standing or perhaps even attempting to fire, one of the weapon at this duty station. Perhaps he was just too shocked to leave his comatose father nearby or his dead mother Fatimah’s funeral pyre. But either way! The brave lad was thrown live into the raging flames of the C/R along with all the dead and wounded police defenders including Sgt Jamil. Also about this time, news of the attack is relayed to Police District HQ at Pagoh, and a relief force of Jungle Squad and Seaforth Highlanders is prepared for a forced march to BK,

0930hrs - Mat Indra finally declares the objective taken - five hours after the commencement of what had been considered a simple action - and stating that they the MRLA ‘had dealt a glorious blow against the Imperialists and for the Liberation of the Oppressed People’ (he would later be KIA in an ambush)- infact Mat Indra was captured and later hanged in Perak Priosn, Taiping if i am not mistaken. Also around this time, a boatful of villagers from Durian Chondong and coming to investigate and to assist, are also engaged by the CT force as they pull out,

0940hrs - a spotter aircraft also sent out to investigate, calls back to base that there is nothing but a charred ruin - ‘with no signs of life in evidence’

1030hrs - the exhausted relief force from Pagoh led by OC JJ Raj Jr, finally arives to take charge and is greeted by scenes of massive devastation. But the refurbishment of the BK station area, at times a slow refurbishment, does now begin,

12 Regular Police, two Special Constables, all of the four Auxiliary Police and four dependants, a total of 22, fought to the death at the Battle of Bukit Kepong. AP Constable Ali Akop bin Ahmad, who had earlier been cited for a Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry for a previous action, and once out of rounds, was last seen charging the barbed wire with his parang as example. A further four constables were found severely wounded within the compound. Of these survivors, as apart from the women and children who had managed to slip out much earlier, only PC Yusof Rono and well in his seventies now, is still alive today. A further two APs were also KIA and a number of locals WIA during the relief actions as mentioned. The CTs would only ever admit to around 10 casualties, but a quadruple of this would be very much closer to the mark. From the outset, the garrison had been outnumbered ten to one yet it never slackened in its resolve to do its duty. Even after the death of Sgt Jamil, and who is credited with the setting of the tone of the resistance, no one nor at anytime, appeared to consider the numerous offers of surrender or ‘safe conduct’ held out to them by the CT. Bukit Kepong was also the first real indicator for the MRLA, that the affable layback Malay, might just not be the easy mark that had been estimated. And that they would clearly constitute an additional factor in their the MCP’s, over simplistic overview of Red independence and rule in Malaya. It was also noted how quickly the humble kampong Malays, reverted to the fatalistic strength of their Muslim faith when cornered. In the final analysis, the words of an SEP who was one of the attacking force expresses it all - ‘I admired them at the time, and admire them to this very day’.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around

When you are a government servant, accepting money through any means and forms other than your salary is WRONG. Be 10 sen or 10 billion. It's still WRONG. It's as simple as that.

Even if your culture sees it as normal, the culture of the government sees it as WRONG. And since you are a government servant, you are tied to the government culture. And therefore, it is undoubtedly, unequivocally, undeniably WRONG.


To Potong or not to Potong

I think some Malaysians have lost their senses. They cry when they are supposed to laugh. They laugh when they are supposed to cry. They are happy when they are supposed to be sad. They are sad when they are supposed to be happy. Or maybe they are just grumpy. I don't know...

I think this 'potong' issue is really being blown out of proportion. I mean, who the hell is offended by the word 'potong'? Men? I don't think so. If there is a man out there who is offended by it, there must be something wrong with him.

And women? Why on earth would they be offended? They don't have the 'thing' to potong in the first place. Well, technically they do, but potong is usually synonymous to men.

They even call it a 'vulgar' word. WTF???!!! Vulgar??!! Come onnnn....it's not vulgar you moron....it's a double meaning word. And since when we are overly sensitive with double meaning words? From Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu to Senario to Raja Lawak; all of these series have been using double meaning words as part of their comedy. So what's wrong of using it in a commercial?

And what's wrong if 'potong' in infering to circumcision? Is it a taboo or something? I have never recalled if my mother scolded me whenever I use that word.

And what about this crap of taking this issue to the Cabinet? Come onnnn.....give the ministers a break....they have more important thing to do ok. So please leave them out of this. Better still leave this issue alone. It's just a joke.

Give yourself a break. Sometimes you gotta cut some slacks. Rilek la brader....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Updated @ Nov 12
Okey. I'm finally satisfied with this one. I think it suits me well.

Original Post
Got a new template....

While browsing, I thought this one looks cool.....but now not so much...but see how la eh

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Recently, the government proposed that cars older more than 15 years must undergo a compulsory check at Puspakom. The purpose is to ensure that these cars are road safe. However, there were noises from some quarters against this ruling especially the antique car enthusiasts. Consequently, this ruling was eventually scrapped.

Well, I would understand that some people may not be happy with this ruling. That's normal. You just cannot make everybody happy. But to scrap the whole idea? Not so smart....

One can deduce a lot of reasons from this ruling scrapping. One, it may infer that the government didn't do a thorough study before coming up with the proposal. Second, it shows that the government listens to the rakyat.

I bet the scrapping is more due to the latter. It may sound as a good thing but to me it is the wrong thing to do. Yes, as politicians, we must always make people happy. But the fact is, it is impossible to do. You can never make everyone happy. So, if there is just a small group of people screaming their discontent toward the ruling, why bother scrapping it. Have they forgotten about the silent majority?
This act of bowing to unnecessary demands must stop now. I reckon sooner or later it could back fire. Remember, majority rules! If the government keeps on doing this, then there is nothing more to enforce. Do you think Singaporeans were happy when their government imposes their various laws? I don't think so. But over time, they get used to it. Malaysians can do that too. Malaysia Boleh right?!!
I hope, this will not recur in the future. It is embarrassing. It is as if the government has no spine.

Monday, October 26, 2009

RM500 je??!!!

Aiseyman....korang ni rilek la. Jangan la merungut. RM500 tu duit jugak.

Cuba la jadi orang yang bersyukur sket. Allah dah cakap.....kalo kita bersyukur, Dia akan tambah lagi rezeki kita, tapi kalo kita kufur, maka seksa nerakaNya amatlah pedih. So, amik la pedoman. RM500 tu kalo korang pegi mintak kat tepi jalan belum tentu dapat lagi tau. Yang orang keje swasta satu sen pon tak dapat tau. Ni tak, tau nak membangkang je. Sedar la sket, korang tu dah la keje dengan kerajaan, tapi asek nak membangkang je. Syukur la dengan rezeki yang ada.

Lagi satu, cuba la patriotik sket. Korang bukan tatau ekonomi skang ni tak stabil, so kita kena la paham, kerajaan bukan nak menjaga government servant je tau, satu Malaysia ni kerajaan kena jaga tau. Jadi bila orang dah bagi tu amik je la. Jangan banyak bunyi. Nanti kalo Malaysia ni bankrap, baru korang tau, kerajaan nak bayar gaji pon takleh. Lagipon, sebagai pegawai kerajaan, kita kena sedar yang hak kita ni cuma satu je - GAJI. Selebihnya tu ie cuti, bonus, kursus semua hanya KELAYAKAN sahaja. Sedar la diri sket.

So, jom la kita beringat. Aku cakap ni bukan sebab nak kata aku ni bagus. Takkk....bukan camtu. Aku cuma nak kita sama2 beringat. Rezeki tu datang dari Tuhan, kalo Dia nak tarik bila-bila masa pon Dia bleh tarik. Ingat ye...jang buat-buat lupa plak.







Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today was supposed to be the day where fans would throng to one of the biggest and richest singer in the world's concert. She is Ms Beyonce Knowles. But unfortunately, Beyonce has cancelled (or rescheduled) it. Well, too bad.

I'm not a fan of Beyonce. In fact, she annoys me. I hate the way she uses her body to sell her songs. What irks me the most is that she is actually NOT that hot. She seems to be denying that facts. This to me is a sign of lack of confidence. Not in her singing though. She's a spectacular singer. Nobody would doubt that. What I'm trying to say that she lacks confidence in her appearance.

For years now she's been preaching the world that she is bodylicious. Hence, her revealing music videos and the dreadful catwalks and etc etc. Her clinging to saying like 'real woman got curve' really humors me.

To me, to have a talent a big as hers, there's no need for her to be sexy. Fans will still listen to her songs even though she's not sexy. I'm not saying that it's ok to be ugly. In the entertainment world, you do need to have the face that would lure people to the CD shops. But looks alone won't help you to fame right?

Just look at Celine Dion, she's superb singer, there's no need for her to wear thongs to make her point heard.

I think Beyonce needs to accept the fact that she will always be a little bit fleshy. She will never be as hot as Halle Berry, Liz Hurley, Rihanna etc etc. But she could always bet on her talent.

Well, this is my 2 cents lah.

Sunday Special

Yup, it's tonight. But I'm a little bit less enthusiastic than last season. Everything seems wrong for Liverpool this season ie. lack of charismatic players, injuries, lack of fund etc etc.

Judging by their current form, I'd say they have 30%-40% chance of winning. Man U is clearly the better team this time around. Not to say that I'm not 'patriotic', I'm just being realistic. But you know what, this type of game has a different aura, so it should be any team's game to win. Deep in my heart, I hope Liverpool will be victorious. Hopefully....

Friday, October 23, 2009

We love the 90's

Form 2, lawatan ke utara
403/11 PPP/ITM
Form 2
hari last SPM 94
Kursus BTN in 1993
Kat McD yg kat belakang Kotaraya
Form 5, aku yg sebelah tue merah tu

Funny eh? Dah puas gelakkan aku? ahahahha....aku pon gelakkan aku. Mannnn....I don't want to be that kid again. But I always have the kid in me though....:)


Sitting from left: Imran, Wan Cibai, Wan Karim, Achik and Ihsan
Back from left: Me and Norzie

A picture of Azwan aka Wan Cibai. Remember him? He passed away a few months ago. Many asked me to produce his pic. But I couldn't find one. Just now Achik uploaded few pictures on his FB, and there he is. Thanks Achik.

This picture was taken at a bowling alley in PKNS Shah Alam probably in 1996.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Motherly Role

My wife is currently away. She's in Beijing on a company's trip. So, I'm left at home with the boys. She's never been on a company's trip before. She's always excused herself and I too, was reluctant to let her go. But this time, I think it's time for her to really enjoy herself.

This would her first time to be away from the boys. You see, since 19the December 2003, she has never stopped from being a wife nor a mother. So, I see this as a gift to her. This is her break from home so that she could enjoy her time with her friends.

It's time for me to endure the experience of being a mother. Eheheh...well, I see this as an opportunity to bond with the boys. They need to know that they could depend on me too.

The boys have never slept without her mother on their sides. This would be their first. Well, that's not entirely true eh. Alif did sleep with me when my wife gave birth to Akif. For one night only. Now, they are going to spend 5 nights without her.

Last night was the first. Alif was cool. Maybe he's more mature now. But Akif had some problem facing the fact that his mother is not around. He kept asking and when I explained, he cried. Luckily dia ni senang nak pujuk.

This morning, he woke up at 6.45 and immediately jumped out of bed and called for his mother. When he realized she's not around he cried again. But just for a while though. Once he was calm, he was back to his normal self.

So, overall, everything seems to be fine. I hope I could maintain the momentum. Insya Allah

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Raya Ups and Downs

Syawal 1430H has ended with many memories, good ones and not so good. I decided to wait until today to post my Hari Raya entry. I feel that Hari Raya post will become a cliche if you post it right after Hari Raya holidays. So I waited.

My ups
I believe that I've performed better in the Ramadhan. I mean I was a better Muslim this year. I do not to elaborate. Just to make things clear, it has nothing to do with my ability to fast ok. I've been fasting full since I was in primary school ok.

I received nearly 200 hundred SMSes wishing me Selamat Hari Raya. Thanks you guys!

This year, for the first time we were able to wear our Baju Rayas with the same color theme. Turquoise. I'm very happy.

Raya preparation went smoothly. There was a minor hiccup with my wife Baju Raya. But we manage to solve it.

My uncles and aunties gathered at my parents house on the first day of raya. We haven't been able to do that since my grandmother passed away in 2001. When she was gone, my mom's siblings seemed lost and we celebrated Hari Raya in small groups. But this year almost everyone were there. I could see the happiness in my mom's face to see all of her adik-adiks to visit her. We are actually a big family you know. My mom is the eldest of 10 siblings. I have more that 40 cousins. We used to have more than 50 people in my grandparents' house on Raya eve. Can you imagine the chaos? :)

My office organized a Majlis Hari Raya. We invited all HODs, Village Heads, etc, etc. It was a blast, full house.

My Downs

I sent out 50 raya cards to my friends. Only one replied. The rest, they prefer SMS. It's not that I do not appreciate SMSes. But the feeling in different. Getting a card brings more joy to me.

My car broke down of Raya ke4. We were on our way to Sg Petani to attend a friend's wedding. The feul pump was the culprit. The car broke down in Bukit Merah. I had no choice but to have it towed. The nearest Proton Service center was in Taiping. So the car was towed while all of us were in the car. To make things worst, that day was the day the Celcom's network crashed. I couldn't call anyone for help. This is my most frustrating experience ever.

My car repair works cost me a little more than 1k. That really swung my budget for Hari Raya. So now I'm a little bit tight in cash.

The day after my car was brought back from the workshop, the battery conked. Another RM250 went down the drain.

So that's how I spent my Syawal 1430H. Lebih kurang. Of course these are just the significant ones. But basically, apart from being tight in cash. Everything went according to plan.

tidor sebab kepanasan

punya la panas dalam kereta sampai merah muka diorang
Di atas tow truck
aku yang tengah termenung
alif main basikal di pagi raya
yang ni pon sama

My wife and I

Ah, Liverpool

I surrender. I have given up hope on Liverpool's challenge this year.

On Saturday they stamped their worst ever season in recent years. They suffered their 4th defeat in 9 games. Unbelievably miserable.

The loss was actually conceded with the 'help' of their own fan. A boy threw a beach ball into the pitch. Later, a shot by a Sunderland striker hit the beach ball and deflected it into the goal leaving Pepe Reina helpless.

I saw the goal and I immediately knew that the game was not worthwhile to watch.

The line up was also a 'kamikaze' one as described by a friend of mine. No Gerrard, Torres and Mascherano. Leaving the midfield to Lucas 'hopeless' Leiva and a rookie by the name of Spearing. The flanks were occupied by Benayoun and Babel. Kuyt was the lone striker. In defence, the manager decided to field 5 defenders. Looking at result, he should have put everybody in defence. ehehehh.....

Hmmmm.....the match had stripped Liverpool true ability. They do not have formidable subtitutes. So when Gerrard is injured, they might as well throw the game before it even started.

But to say that is actually unfair. There were a lot of matches in previous seasons where the team was unable to field its first 11. But still they could managed a victory. There's something about this season that really bothers them. I don't know what. But if I had to guess, it would be because of losing Xabi Alonso. So far Lucas is always hopeless. Aquilani has yet to debut.

The manager needs to do something fast. Or else the players will slowly lose their confidence in the team. This might prompt them to flee next season and hence weaken the team even more.

As for me, I would be happy if Liverpool finishes as top four. Bye-bye Premier League, bye-bye Champion's League. Better luck next year.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1 year

Today completes my full year in my new office. Wooww..... I can't even believe myself that I've made it this far.

Since I set foot in this office, all I could think of was how to get out of this office. I believed then, that I was not the right person to head this office. I felt that I did not have the right persona for this job. And guess what, my view hasn't changed.

I couldn't achieve satisfaction in this job. The only thing that kept me going was the freedom it provides me. I technically don't have a boss. I am the boss of this office. I am the capo di tutti capi. I rule this office according to my whims. Well.....the majority of it... since I still have to report to my immediate superior once in a while. But that certainly doesn't kill the fun.

The job comes with heavy responsibility. Even though all I did was giving out orders, but the way the orders were carried out by my staffs reflect upon me. But alhamdulillah, I inherited a group of dedicated people who are professionals and transparent in carrying out their responsibilities. And I think they are also happy to have me on board (so far la).

I do have many sweet memories during my tenure here. For instance, last week I got a visit by a drunken guy. The guy came one day - drunk of course or maybe half drunk. As he entered my office, I could smell his breathe which was laced with alcohol. I told myself that this could be trouble. But I kept my composure and invited him to sit.

He started telling me his problem. He is a red ic holder. He's been applying to get a blue ic for as long as he has lived. He claimed he is pure Malaysian. His father was a blue ic bearer and so do all his children. He further iterated that his wish before he dies is to cast vote in the election. And of course, being drunk, he digressed a lot.

Me, not being able to bear with his pungent breathe offered him a solution. I wrote a letter to the National Registration Agency requesting them to help him with his problem. He was happy when he got the letter and left.

I thought that was it, but noooo....the next day he came back, still drunk at 8.30 in the morning!! He told me that the officers at the NRA didn't want to entertain him. I think I know why. Aiseh....I thought I could taichi this problem to NRA but apparently they have better taichi than me.....hampeh

But still, I entertained the guy. He reiterated the same story as before. So I said, I would help him to write another letter. Then suddenly he stopped talking and gave a scary grin.

"You know ah Tuan, saya suda 60 tahun duduk ini tempat. You are the only CADO who invite a kaki botol like me into your ....what you call this?? ahhh...your parliament!!!"... "you memang baik la Tuan. I salute you sir!!! so ini hal takpa la tuan. Forget about it. You layan saya ini macam pon sudah bagus. Thank you sir!!"

"No problem....saya cuma buat kerja saya saja....."

"Noooo!!!!! you BAIKKK!!!!" he screamed

"You sorang saja kata saya baik. Orang lain tak kata pon....tapi no problem laaa"

"Nooo.....You BAIKKKK!!!!!" he screamed again and this time louder. "I'll tell eveyone you are BAIKK!!!! Please sir, jangan pindah. Tunggu saya mati baru pindah...."

"Ye la.... ye la..."

"ok sir sir see you"....before he left he did this gesture like a hindu always does - he bowed as if he was touching my feet. Then he left.

After he left. I had this awkward feeling. I felt content. I didn't know why. As much as I hate having him in my office, this guy actually gave me something to cheer. I'm guessing maybe because he was drunk. A drunk always tells the sincerest truth. So maybe he was really sincere in appreciating my help.

You see, everyday I get a lot of people coming to see me. All of them are hypocrites. They pretend to smile and show appreciation and always say something good to me. These are all pembodeks. They only come to me when they need my help. And they thought I was such a fool to fall for it. I'm not a child la. I used to be a salesman so I'd know who is sincere and who is main wayang.

But since I've taken an oath to serve this country. I still entertain these pembodeks in the name of professionalism. I just hope that the society would change someday.

to the drunk guy whose name I've forgotten, thank you sir.