Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Morning in Kuala Kangsar

Assalamualaikum & Good Day
I was in Kuala Kangsar just now for a tazkirah session with the Perak Mufti, Dato' Seri Dr. Hj. Harrusani bin Hj Zakaria.
I have always admired the Mufti. Very humble person. Whenever U are around him, you feel very calm and peaceful. When he speaks, you will have this urge to listen to what he's trying to tell you. After meeting him, you will have this feeling to do something good to people around you. (hmmm....i'm bad at describing people lah kan)
Anyways, the tazkirah was about Maulidur Rasul. The tazkirah session went for about an hour and followed by the Q&A session.
one of the question caught my attention. the mufti was asked for his opinion on social problems about muslims in malaysia. my first thought was ' alamak, soklan ni common sangat la....amende la mamat ni'
the mufti's answer was quite long. so i just give u guys the gist la ye. dia kata lebih kurang camni la:

'orang islam di malaysia ni banyak yang dah leka, mereka bukan tak faham akan dosa dan pahala, mereka faham, tapi mereka lupa. Mereka lupa yang nyawa mereka boleh ditarik pada bila-bila masa, mereka lupa yang nikmat syurga itu benar, mereka lupa yang azab neraka itu benar, mereka lupa dan mereka leka'
'cara yang paling mudah adalah kembali kepada asas, hiduplah seperti seorang muslim yang sejati. maknanya kita bangun sebagai islam, sembahyang, pergi kerja sebagai seorang islam, berpakaian seperti seorang islam, bercakap seperti orang islam, makan seperti orang islam dan tidur pon seperti orang islam'



hiii....risau kan. aku ni pon kekadang tu semayang pon ujung-ujung waktu je.
have u ever thought that whether u are in the right path or not? ekceli suma benda yang mufti cakap tu doable. tapi as always, kita ni (esp. me lah) take things for granted. tau nak serooonokk aje.
well, i'm going to be 30 this december, i hope i really can be what i'm supposed to be. A good muslim, a good husband and a good father (refer to resolution :P)Insya Allah. Sama-samalah kita ye.
Ya Allah, Engkau kuatkanlah imanku, iman isteriku, iman anakku dan iman kawan-kawanku. AMIN.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pizza Hut

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Some pics from my mak's birthday. We celebrated at Pizza Hut ( Yup, Ipoh pon ada Pizza Hut )

Atuk & Cucunya

Alif buat-buat paham apa orang cakap

Senyum sampai ke telinga. Very diplomatic punya smile as in 'I dont understand what U are saying Mak Ngah, i just smile to be polite' :)

'Kat bawah chair alip ni ada cat ke mama?'

Dia tengah geram on something. Not sure what.


Mak, my sister & Abah

My sisters & Mak

Birthday Girl. Tahun depan dah nak pencen dah. Happy Birthday Pn Pengetua!!

His aunties always treat him like celebs. So to repay them, Alif would perform some stunts like this one. Mama malas nak layan....:)

Post ni Aje Yang Request

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

This is the ubat kurus i was talking about. Aje requested the pic. So here it is.

Frankly, i'm not sure whether it is effective or not lah. It has been quite some time since i last weigh myself.

But my pants seem to be a bit longgar. But that might due to my jogging as well. So conclusion, i dunno whether this ubat works or not. Plus I have not taken it for a month now. Since somebody died bcoz of ubat kurus. My wife bans all ubat kurus.

So now, i have to get kurus on my own effort lah. No Pain No Gain.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Assalamualaikum & Good Day,

Feels like want to lay down and sleep. The sofa seems to be soooo inviting at this moment la (dalam bilik opis aku ada sofa ok....jangan jelas ah :P )

today, got four meetings. 8.30 am, 10.00 am, 3.00 pm & 3.45 pm. perghhhh...tak sempat aku nak bernapas....

after the second meeting i got tired oredi. plus today is Friday. so i drove early to the mosque and lepak dalam kereta tido.

after prayer, rushed to attend the 3.00 pm meeting. i told the chairman i need to get off early bcoz of the 3.45 pm meeting.

He said, 'no problem tuan'. he only let me off at 3.45 pm. ciss...kena tipu aku.....

so i drove like crazy to the fourth and last meeting of the day which was about 15 km away. I arrived at 4.05 pm - i got lost. I approached the main gate....the guard was there....

me : Hello, saya ada meeting di dalam ye
guard : inche...itu meeting ahh sudah cancel laa.....

hiiii.....kalo korang, korang marah tak? apa la....if you have to cancel the meeting, please inform in advance la kan. buduh punya olang....

dah jom balik. have a nice weekend

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Alif Hafi bin Azrul Sani

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

masa ni Opah buat majlis 'Naik Buai'. I think he didnt like the idea spending his time in the buai.

Finger Lickin' Good

tolong abah...alip nak jatuh ni. masa ni tak pandai balance lagi

dah beso dah anak aku skang ni. kejap je dah 2 taun 5 bulan. tapi sampai skang tak berenti nyusu badan. berenti la alip oiiii....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3 km

Assalamualaikum & Good Day
On monday I increased my running distant from 2.5 km to 3.0 km. Now my route has two hills for me to climb :P actually it's not that 'hilly' la, more of an incline. but still, the seksa tuhan je la yg tau.
and yesterday, for the first time in my short jogging career, i timed my jog. i did 00:21:02:09 for the whole 3km!!! ahahahahha....malu ah kan. i think even a drunk can run faster than me.
Nevertheless, i wasn't upset. ekceli i targeted below 20 minutes. so to clock 21min++ is not that bad lah. i hope after a month i would be able to clock below 18 minutes. Insya Allah. wish me luck ok.
so now, off i go to Kuala Kangsar. One whole day of meeting :(

Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Summary

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

My weekend went like this


Went to Padang Polo in the morning. The plan was to jog 4km, but couldnt finish it. Only managed 2.6km (according to the marker)

The reason : i ate 6 cokodoks for breakfast and a mug of coffee. so i felt a little bit heavy. But nahhhh....i was just weak in the brain department. Not enuff determination. It's all in the mind la stooopid.

In the afternoon, i took mama & alif for our weekly jalan2 session. went to ipoh parade.

while mama was busy looking at handbags, i was busy chasing alif around the mall. berpeluh-peluh aku di buatnya. so was he.

i guess he was boring duduk in the stroller.

In the evening, i went to a Senamrobik Perdana in Sg. Siput. Dato' Seri Samy Vellu was there too. The senamrobik was soooooo tiring la. Mebbe bcoz of the jogging i did in the morning.

Later that nite, watched AF5. Boyyy.... they suck BIG time. i think this is the worst set of students AF had ever had. Pity the industry.....


Morning : Breakfast, read newspaper & zzzzz.....

Afternoon : watched Melodi. they were making noise about fans prefer indon artists better than malaysians. well i have a message for them : LAGU MESIA TAK SEDAPPP!!!!

The rest of the day : resting & zzzzzz

sekian. tima kacih :)

Dah Jumpa Dah

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Last Friday when I got back, i asked Alif about my contact lense.

Me : Alip tau tak kat mana abah sorok abah punya contact lense
Alip : Tauuuuu.....
Me : ye ke...tunjuk kat abah bleh tak....
Alip : Bleyyy.....

He ran towards our room and i followed.

Alip : Tuuuuuu!!!!.....

I couldn't believe my eyes. the contact lenses were there on top of the meja cermin right where i left it. I tot i left it on the closet.

PELUPA betulla aku nih. Alif pon bleh ingat. I'm not young anymore :(

TQ alip. Abah lap U

Friday, March 16, 2007

Alif's Curse

Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Alif was doing his routine climb up on our meja cermin yesterday

Me : Haaa....nak wat apa tuuuu???
Alif : Alip nak pajat la meja ni, boleh tak? Abah marah tak?
Me : eh marah la....kan abah kata takleh panjat2
Alif : Boleh la abahhhh....
Me : Alip nak amik apa?
Alif : Tuuu....kotek len tu....yang gweeen kaler tu
Me : Huh...mana bleh...dah, dah, tanak main sini la, jom kita main ball kat luar

on our way out, i decided to hide the contact lenses. I put it on the closet.

This morning the contact lenses HILANG....hiii geram betulla aku....i was sure i hid it on the closet. but i couldnt find it. i searched it everywhere, but to no avail.

i think i kena sumpah by my own son la....

ok la everybody...have a nice weekend

p/s: tomorrow i gotta go for a senamrobik session with dato' samy vellu....bosannnn

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Assalamualaikum & Good Day
A few weeks back ada satu group of indians ni datang jumpa aku. There were three of them. Two brothers and their mom.
Out of the three, only the younger brother could speak malay.
They mengadu that a few years back their home was demolished by the gomen to give way for a road project. They claimed that they were promised some compensation money by the district office (opis aku la tu). But until now they have yet to receive anything.
At this point aku dah tak sedap hati dah. Coz to my knowledge district office will never offer any compensation. oh ye...i forgot to mention that they were living illegally - setinggan.
Since this happened before my time, i asked them to wait and i went down to check with my officer. Turned out that they were lying!! Cilakak!! The district office never offered any compensation, it was the Y.B's office that promised for a compensation. Lega...
So i went back up and explained to them. I offered to help them by writing a letter to Y.B's office. They were so happy la. Very happy i tell you.
So it was time for them to leave. I salam each one of them starting with the younger brother. Bila sampai turn si older brother ni. Dia salam with both hands and suddenly bowed, i was like - eh apsal pulak la mamat ni....
Rupa-rupanya DIA CIUM TANGAN AKUUUUU....yg bestnya tu I could feel his thick and black mustache brushing my skin. What a nightmare!!!! Geliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sioooottttt.....bodoh punya mamat. becoz of that i lost my appetite....hiiii...until now i could still feel the feeling...yuckss

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Assalamualaikum & Good Day

Yesterday I didn't finish my jog. I had covered nearly to 2km when suddenly my spirit vanished.

I had the energy & stamina but the body just refused to continue working. Monday Blues kot :) But i think actually it was 'malas' factor la.

Before the jog, my spirit was dampen when it rained. I was close to changing my clothes but managed to convince myself to run when the rain started going 'rintik-rintik'. But i knew then i oredi lost half the battle.

Nevermind lah, that was yesterday, today i'll finish the jog. Malaysia Boleh!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Last week in KL

Assalamualaikum & Good Day
ni kira balas dendam time la. sebulan tak post and today i felt like not doing anything. Monday Blues.
So, last week i attended a course in INTAN Bukit Kiara. Kursus Kepimpinan Pentadbiran Daerah. So yang datangnya suma ADOs from Perak, Kedah, Perlis, Selangor & N9. But the kursus was not so informative. Boring in fact. Why? Because most of the lecturers have never served in districts, and yet they are trying to teach us about leadership in district. C'mon man.
Forget about the course. The best thing that happened to me last week was meeting the NZ gang at NZ lah. Kazarul, Wakrin, Achik and Ijan were there. We met twice. On Monday and Thursday. Nik couldn't make it (as expected) since he's staying in damansara. Zid? Nevermind lah :)
The feeling was great. These are the people whom I trust my life with. Many things happened since we last met.
Wakrin & Ijan are going to tie the knot on 24 November - Wakrin's Birthday. It'll be at Dewan FELDA. Zid helped them to book the place (bagus ah ko rambutan)
Achik bought a Kelisa after giving up with his long lost bike (aku dah cakap dah dulu jgn naik moto). He told the gang that he's tired of PERODUA oredi; and currently contemplating to apply for a gomen's job - JKR. Elok la tu chik.
Kazarul bought a new handphone. Nokia N75. Jeles ah aku. My crappy handphone is so screwed up that i had to tie it up with a rubber band. ehehhe....kalo tak, people on the other end wont be able to hear me. kesian aku kan. nanti la aku beli. kena buat claim banyak2 sket nih.
On thursday, Wakrin had to go back early. Kazrul & I stayed for another hour. Our topics were mostly on our frens. Achik, Wan, Ihsan, Din, Nik, Imran, Ayop, Wakrin & Zid (Yup Zid is the only 'BOY' in the group) We discussed about how most of our frens have changed. Some got matured, some didn't have a clue and some seems dont want to change.
Just look at me & kazarul. 5 years ago, we wouldnt be talking about life over teh tarik session. we'd rather talk about stupid things like going to lorong hj taib for bapuk sightseeing or at least rating the girls around our table.
As for wakrin. He was approached by TWO giant corporations-Google and YTL. They offered him a job. Let me remind you that Wakrin doesnt even own a diploma. his highest qualification is SPM. these two companies knew about this and still they offered him jobs. Respect ah sama lu bro. But this actually didnt suprise me. Wakrin memang bagus pon. Tapi pemalas Ya Rabbi!!! I think that's why he rejected their offers (eh reject ke? nanti ah aku cek balik)
Kazarul told me that I am 'senang rezeki'. ehehhh....he argued that i always get something unintentionally :) like my job now. i sat for the exam just for suka2 je. tapi dapat la plak.
his statement got me thinking. i never realized that some people see me as lucky. i tot i struggled like the others. This tells me one thing, i have to be more grateful from now on. Alhamdulillah. Thank U kazarul for reminding me.
As for kazarul. i see him as a survivor. u can throw him anywhere and i bet on my ass that he'll survive. he's streetsmart.
as a conclusion. what i'm trying to say is that God has granted each one of us with different abilities to survive in this world. So it's up to us to use it to our advantage. and manipulating our abilities is not the only way to survive, you got to have faith in GOD. And there's nothing that can top that.


Assalamualaikum & Good Day

perghhh lama giler tak posting ek. i'm actually dying to post but somehow got bz like crazy. so here goes the sum up....

Projek Kurus

I've been jogging consistently since January. 2.5km, 3 times a week. That's on weekdays. On saturdays, i do 4km at Padang Polo.

I love Padang Polo lah...
Not because of the padang,
Not because of the track,
Not because of the smell of the grass,
Not because of the poco-poco dance,
and certainly Not because i can cuci mata a bit :)
seriously man, big boobs, big butts suma ade, but i'm still loyal ok :), so if u're single, padang polo is the best place to look for partners lah. hehehh....digressing a bit eh
ok the real reason why i love padang polo is because of the people. Here, there's no such thing as Malay, Chinese, Indian etc. We are just Ipoh people trying to get fit. No Game, Just Sport :)

You could see all races jogging side by side, senamrobiking, main bola. It's like the ideal nation lah. Terharu siot aku tgk unity kat sini. It's true la, sports could unite people. U might think i am being corny huh? i dont care la...it's the truth
I even made frens with this one chinese guy. We dunno each other's names. We just smile and high five whenever we bump into each other (he was running againts the current). Maybe this week i'll try to get to know his name.
Kasut Baru

I bought new shoes. A pair of Nike REAX. This is my second NIKE. The first one is a NIKE Max Air. I figured that since the old one is expensive, i'll wear it when i go jalan-jalan lah. The new one is solely for jogging.

Mr. Nike Max Air, now Mr. Kasut Jalan-Jalan

Kasut Jalan-Jalan punya side view

Mr. Nike REAX, the new guy

New Guy's side view



Aku langgar bontot orang la plak. MARAH. Masa tu aku nak belok kiri. The lady yang aku langgar tu dah kluar dah simpang tuh, but lepas tu she conviniently berenti tgh2 jalan. Yang aku ni plak ingatkan dia dah lepas. So usyar belah kanan - CLEAR. Step on the pedal and BAMMMM!!!! FAK la....

Aku tanya apsal berenti. Dia kata ada moto. The bike was actually 100 meters away. But i took it as an ujian lah from ALLAH. So we settle there la. Dia punya kete calar je. kete aku je teruk.

I tot it wont cost me much. So i dont bother to report. My wife told me that i should. She should know since she a lawyer specializing in accidents cases. But Nooo i said.

Kan dah menyesal. The cost of repairing the damage. RM ... nevermind lah. buat aku angry ajer. But it's 4 digits la.

Nampak cam sket je kan. Bila dah bukak reinforcement bar dia bengkok, clip bumper suma patah, casing lampu pecah, condenser ari cond pon patah....arghhhhh....sabar je la


Practical Jokes

My sister bought alif a practical jokes kit. Funny ah. just look at the pics.

Baru bangun tido. Serabai rambut dia

What's Up??!!

Ala-ala Ronaldinho version super ngeri