Tuesday, November 22, 2011

King of ASEAN!!!

Can't help it!  Need to blog about our win against Indonesia last night.

Maannnn....it was so sweeeettttt.   Sweet taste of glory.  Congrats to the players!  

Normally, I'd say something nice to the LOSERS - ie. better luck next time, good game etc etc.  But since they were so mean and disrespectful to us, I'd say IN YOUR FACE INDONESIA!!!!   Thanks for all the hostilities, hatred and provocations.  And of course the most mean-spirited thing of all - jeering our national anthem.  Come on man.  You guys are better than that.  Oh yeah.....my anger is dedicated only to those bad Indonesians.  The good ones, you guys are great.

Anyway,  winning the gold medal certainly solidifies our status as the best team in ASEAN.  Look - Gold in 2009, AFF Champian in 2010 and another gold in 2011 - i think we deserve a little bragging rights.  But don't stop there FAM.  Defending it will be much harder.  Keep up the good work!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

End of semester

Semester dah abissss!!!!!

It's always nice when the semester is over.  But it will be nicer if I could celebrate it with my friends.  And better still, have access to a lot of money so that I could really celebrate.  Mannn...seriously, JPA must revise the allowance structure.  It's just not enough, especially to those with family.  Dont get me wrong, I'm thankful, but I think it's not wrong to speak the truth.  The truth is...the allowance is barely enough.  

Fortunately, I still have my gaji in Malaysia.  But I feel so sayang to transfer the money from Malaysia to Australia.  My original plan was not to touch the money in Malaysia so that we have enough cash to restart our life in Malaysia once we got back.  Well, not our entire life, we just need to buy the cars.  But still, cars cost a fortune in my tanahair tercinta.  In Australia, cars are cheap.  Seriously cheap....so if you want to drive nice car even though your earn a middle class salary, please come to Australia :)

I have a three-month break and I have absolutely no plan what to do with it.  Thinking of getting a job, but don't know what kind of job should I do.  It would be nice to get some extra money.  It could cover our trip to Gold Coast in February.  Or maybe could save some money to send Akif to school here.  Dont know la.  I'll just keep that in mind for the time being.

Oh yeah...played my last football game with the TESL boys just now.  They are leaving for Malaysia next week.  Hmmm.....we have less people in the community now.  The government wont send any TESL students next year.  It's sad to see them leave.  The friendship, even though it's still new, it's solid.  I guess when you are in a small community, you really value your friends.  These boys, they are much much younger than I am.  Now I am not saying that I'm old either ok.  All I'm saying is that if your compare the age difference, they are younger, maybe by 12 years.  But they treat me as though I'm one of them.  Apparently, there's no concept of 'Abang' here.  And surprisingly, I'm ok with that.  

Anyway, I wish them best of luck.  Hope to see them in Malaysia.   Hmm...I'm missing Malaysia so much.  While Australia is nice, it's not Malaysia.  One thing that I really miss is my financial freedom.  I'm no rich guy.  But in Malaysia, I can do anything that I want without worrying about not having money.  

Here, I don't have that freedom.  I am constantly worried of whether the money could last till the end of the month.  It's sometimes frustrating when you cannot provide the same life to your family here.  But Alhamdulillah, my family seem to understand.  But Alif sometimes does ask question like 'abah...do we have money to buy this..' and it breaks my heart to say 'no'.  Maybe I would give him the same answer in Malaysia, but it's because I don't want to, here, I have to say no because I cannot afford to.  Hishhh....runsing wooo.

Ok la.  I got nothing to write anymore.  See you guys later.  Hope the tigers will maul the garudas tomorrow!!!