Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Most of the time, decisions are formulated based on the info we have in front of us. Usually it is in the form of document. But sometimes the documented info is just not there.

In this case, you then, have to rely on explanation given to you by another person. So, your decision is basically driven by your own instinct. In dealing with people, like my job now, this is usually the case.

Just now, while i was minding my own business struggling to finish my work. There was a knock on my door "Encik Azrul, ada makcik ni nak jumpa encik" - "ok"

The makcik came in, her first question was "Sibuk ke?"

"Biasala cik, ada le sket2" "Ada apa hal makcik?"

"Saya ni ada masalah peribadi?"

"ok, apa dia tu?" (apa pulak la ni)

"saya putus duit, suami saya outstation, dia keje bawak lori, minggu depan baru gaji dia masuk, jadi boleh ke bagi makcik RM50, sampai minggu depan je, nanti bagi la balik"..... "Kalo tak caya tengok buku bank ni"

Aku blur kejap. I reached for the bank book, opened it, and stared. Then i realized that i didnt understand my own action. What on earth was i doing?

"Err....saya tak paham la cik, apa makcik cakap tadi?"

She went to explain the same thing again.

"Mmmm....makcik dah pegi ke pejabat YB ADUN ke?"

"Dah banyak kali dah!!!" she replied in disgust. Not sure whether with me or the YB.

I decided to size her up further. "Bila makcik pegi ye?"

"Dah banyak kali dah!!!" same tone same expression

"Bila tu cik, hari nih ade pegi?"


"Minggu ni ada pegi?" i pressed on

"Takde lagi le" now she seemed a little bit worried.

I know why. She was lying to me. She couldnt even look me in the eyes.

At this point, my instinct tells me that she was lying . She didnt seem to be so desparate. She didnt even have the courtesy to introduce herself to me. I was puzzled.

At last i decided that she couldnt be trusted. So aku pon taichi la lebih kurang. Bersilat jugak la. I told her that the office takde peruntukan untuk bagi pada orang ramai (which is true, pejabat daerah mana la ada duit) . Suggested that she would be better off if she went to see the YB.

Last-last dia pon mengalah la. Dia kata pastu dia nak pegi pejabat YB plak.

I dunno la. I hope it was the right decision. Aku sebnarnya tau dia nak pinjam duit aku. Tapi aku memang betul-betul confident dia tipu. Anyways, she's a stranger. And i didnt want to set a precedent. Kalo takde duit pg mintak kat pejabat daerah. Mati ooiiii....

Lagipon watpe nak tolong orang kalo tak ikhlas ye dak. Tak dapat apa pon. Dah la tak ikhlas, silap2 kena tipu lagi. So daripada aku menyesal baik la aku tak bagi duit tuh.

I always believe that I should myself first before helping others...hehh...macam dalam kapalterbang plak eh. So i have no regrets. Sori la makcik. Better luck next time.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Rilek Jap

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Ekceli I was preparing a working paper (ke paper work?). Tapi suddenly I ran out of idea and tak cukup info. So rather than pening2kan kepala, i decided to add a new post :)

To succeed in something, you have to take risks (actually, calculated risk would be the proper word eh?). The trick is, knowing when to stop pushing it.

I've decided to take a break from my running program a.k.a Projek Kurus. Now both of my shins are aching. Yang left one tuh dah ok dah sket. But suddenly the right one plak ada rase2 cam nak kena. So i guess it's time to rest la. Dalam seminggu la rasanya nak lepak.

Petang Jumaat ari tuh hujan. So because of that, i decided to run after marghrib. Konon-kononnya nak really follow the program la.

I was supposed to do 2 x 12 minutes & 2 x 8 minutes with 5 minutes rest between sessions.

The 12 minutes went well, rasa cam terbang je. Ye la malam kan, sejuk je. Orang pon tak ramai kat Padang Polo tuh.

The next 12 minutes tuh aku stop at 10 min++. Sakit siot kaki aku. I tot i could just bulldoze jer. tp tak tahan ah.

Got home sambil jalan terdengkot-dengkot. My wife greeted me with a smile that said i-told-u-so-but-u-so-degil-one. ehehehh....she's been complaining that she had to urut me more eventhough she is actually the pregnant one :)

So, for the whole week, aku nak lepak la. Best gak takde buat apa2 petang nih. Bleh tgk 'Friends' and 'Transformers'. Lagi best kalo dapat swim eh. But i'm not a good swimmer lah. I want to, but dont know where to go for help.

So ok lah, i think i should get back to my paper work. tata titi tutu

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Berita Gempak?

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Gempak eh the title. But before we go to that, we digress to something else first ok.

Did you know that the right way to run is that you must not touch your heels to the ground. If you allow that to happen, you are actually wasting your energy and time.

Did you know that the toes must always point forward and never downward whenever the feet lands. If the toes are pointed downward, you are actually mimicking breakings and thus wasting precious energy and time.

If you are jogging, it is as good as you are walking. So stop wasting your time jogging. You are better off brisk walking.

How do you know whether you are jogging or running? If you run at 9.66 km/hour then it is considered as running. Slower than that is consider jogging. Assuming that you are running at a consistent pace. You are to cover 1 km in 6 m 12 s :)

Kesimpulannya ladies & gentlemen, no wonder la aku cepat pancit, salah teknik rupanya. eheheh...always find something to blame eh. But at least i'm not jogging la, i'm RUNNING :))

ok enuf of running.

Actually i dont really consider this as gempak la. Just that i couldnt find a proper word for it. well here goes....

Remember that i once said that my career is about to hit another milestone. It is happening now. Just got the black & white yesterday.

The letter states that i can no longer be an ADO....
The letter states that i will be posted out of district administration....

jeng...jeng...jeng...suspen tak :)

So my new office isssss (drumrolllllll)

THE MB'S OFFICE AS HIS SPECIAL OFFICER or kalo dalam BM tuh Pegawai Khas la.

I dont actually know how to react la. A part of me says that it's a good thing. A part of me says '...why me?'. But the only thing that i really like is that i dont have to commute 75 km a day anymore. The office is in Ipoh, so sep la sket minyak aku.

Actually, aku risau gak nih. Aku rasa pegawai khas tak banyak benda yang bleh aku blajo. Tp member2 aku kata ok tempat tuh. Diorang pon kalo dapat offer nak gak jadi pegawai khas nih. So skang nih, sedap sket la hati aku.

Anyways, I'll commence on the 18/06. So next week will be my last week in district. Bye-bye district. Hello Ipoh!

Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm a Magistrate

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

I received a phone call just now. It was from the local police. The conversation went like this:

Police : A'kum Tuan, saya Inspektor Zulham dari IPD Sg. Siput Tuan
Me : W'salam, ada apa inspektor? (Aku ada kena saman ke eh?)
Police : Nak mintak tolong sket la tuan, Majistret takde hari ini
Me : Ok..... (So?)
Police : Jadi kami nak mintak tolong tuan sain untuk tahan reman la tuan
Me : Oooo...ok. Datang la. (what?!!!!)
Police : Tima kasih tuan, saya datang dalam 1/2 jam lagi. A'kum
Me : W'salam

Finally, i was able to exercise my power as a Magistrate. FYI, an ADO is gazetted as Magistrate Class II. So, today, the local magistrate is not in. So the only other person who could sign the remand order is me.

I suddenly realized that i didnt know what to do. Mula la gelabah. Call sana call sini. ehehhehe...

So when the police came, i was 90% ready. The accused was a frail looking old chinese guy. I dont have to discuss lah what he did eh.

The procedings went well. The interpretor read the pertuduhan to the accused. I then asked him whether he understood or not? He said yes. Then asked for his plea. He said "saya mengaku bersalah tuan".

Then i asked him if he has anything else to say. He asked for bail. I looked at the policeman, he nodded and said "RM 2,000.00 tuan" I then jot down some notes on the remand sheet and signed it and stamped it. Selesai. phewww

Honestly, i was excited+nervous+scared.

Excited because it is new experience. Hey not any tom, dick & harry can send a man into prison ok :)

Nervous, because it is a first time and i didnt want to do any mistake. No play-play ok. This is the law we're talking about.

Scared kalo2 the accused would blame me for remanding him. Mana la tau kan. Orang2 camnih bukannya bleh percaya. But Insyaallah. I was just doing my job.

Weekend Update

Assalamualaikum & Goodday
Projek Kurus
Went to Padang Polo on Saturday. According to my running program, i was supposed to do easy run for 15 minutes. I added my personal agenda :) I wanted to cover 3 km in 15 minutes. The result, i managed to run the 15 minutes (offcourse la kan, 15 minutes je beb) but failed miserably to cover the 3 km. Only managed to cover 2.6km. Me sucks at running eh. Better stick to hockey lah :)
There was this otai who i guess is around 45++, he ran so fast i could only follow him for 5 minutes. tu pon dah rasa cam nak pecah dah dada. Damn you old man. takpe...gimme till end of the year. then we'll race eh. Racing against an old man? How pathetic eh :)
My left shin didnt give me any trouble during the run. Only after the run it started to hurt a little bit. Mebbe bcoz i was careful with the running lest i aggravate the injury. Oh yea...now i know what it's called. Thanks to Ironman Wawa. It's called shin splint. He told me that's common among beginners (yup i'm a rookie) and i have to stretch more to avoid it. I did exactly that and i worked. Thanks wa.
Shrek 3
It was Alif's first ever trip to the movies. He was soooo excited. My wife & i were excited too.
I was afraid that he couldn't stand the 90 minutes and we have to leave half way. But Alip did me proud. He survived the 90 minutes. There were whinings here and there but on the overall it was ok. Next time bleh pegi lagi la camnih.
The movie itself was great. Funny lah from the beginning till the end. Camner la orang tak respect hollywood nih eh. Power siot technology diorang.
Tanggungjawab Sosial
School Holidays = Kenduris.
Ehehehhe....Over the weekend, i had to go to 4 makan2 punya functions. A.D.O la katakan. Nanti kalo tak pegi orang kata sombong pulak. It's not like i hate going to these functions, it's just that i hate that i have to eat a lot. Tak makan nanti orang kata sombong jugak :)
So kesimpulannya, my weekend was like this:

4 x (nasi nasi minyak + rendang + kari + ayam masak merah + daily meals) + pop corn + sodas
20 minutes worth of brisk walking & easy running

ahahahha.....camne la nak fit camnih......sabar azrul sabar :)