Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Permisi Pak!


just got back from jakarta/bandung. hmm...so much to write n i dunno where to start. lemme start with a brief description of our neighbor lah ye

First Impression
'Kotor siot tempat nih'. Seriously man...Dirty and dusty la. No maintenance culture at all. i tot Malaysians have civic problems, but believe me, the indons are much more kesian than us. we malaysians easily can be 10 years ahead of them in terms of civic responsibility.

The Country
Well, we went to Bandung and Jakarta. In general, I would say that indonesia is a beautiful country, especially if you are a history buff. they preserve thousands of old buildings way back from the dutch era. but like i said, they dont maintain it. so everything looks dirty and dusty.

The People
They all look just like us la basically. Brown skin color, black hair bla..bla...

Anyways, the chicks can be divided into 2 categories la. First category, the one who look exactly like the bibik who we can see a lot here in Malaysia.

The second category are those who look like supermodels. Damn hot i tell u. But usually u can only see them on tv la. During my 6 days visit, never once i met the latter category. Everywhere only the bibiks around. hampeh!

The dudes, all look like indons in malaysia la. one thing for sure, i noticed that most of the indons are short.

Indonesian drivers are crazy lots. Traffic laws have no meaning here. Traffic lights lagi la. Lampu hijau jalan merah pon jalan. tak paham tul aku.

Taxi drivers suma cekik darah. If u have plans to visit indonesia make sure u only take taxi from Blue Bird Group. they are the only reliable taxi service.

Factory Outlets
Only Bandung has these outlets. Good place for shopping branded goods. some sort of reject shop la. but the good thing is that they dont tear the labels. aku sempat jugak la beli nike track suit, D&G shirt and Versace Tshirt. the 3 costs me Rp 150,000 (RM 60). It was a pity that we didnt spend much time in Bandung.

ok la, that's it for today. next post there will be some pics. easy for me to explain. bye!


salman ® said...

wahh..blogging gitewww !

Azrul said...

Tok Man : ehehh...kono follow trend bang....kalo tak buta IT nanti

Noorihsan said...

oK La tU aZRuL. tULis jGN tAK TUlis. aT LeasT, Tau GAK Aku cIteR meMBEr2. BilA nAK jD D.O? nANTI bULEla bUAT laWAtaN raSMI kE MelBOUrNE...

Anonymous said...

Korang pasti hanya pusing-pusing di pasar dan kampong. Sila datang ke mall-mall besar seperti Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall (Jakarta) atau Bandung Indah Plaza (Bandung) berlambak awek cantik yang ko anggap kategori supermodel. So, jangan cume jadi bebudak kampong 'lah...