Friday, March 07, 2008

Mari lah mari kita mengundi

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Tomorrow is D-Day....Polling Day. Who are you going to vote for? Dont tell ok. Undi itu rahsia. Doesnt matter whether u r voting for the government or the opposition, the only thing that matters is dat u go out n vote. It's a free country what.....So choose wisely.....

As for me i'll be casting my vote here at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pengkalan Lahat. Still contemplating when to vote thou. Dont want to get stuck in the long line lah.

in 2004, i didnt vote :) i had to work so couldnt get back to ipoh (alasan je sebnarnya...aku malas nak drive balik) i was working at bukit aman that day. even when the PM celebrated his victory i was still in bukit aman. i only clocked out the next morning. boring eh....

sepanjang tempoh kempen ni, macam2 orang aku jumpa. some are so semangat (tak kira la samada kerajaan or pembangkang) some just couldnt care less.

i asked this one young guy whether he's going to vote or not. he said he is malas to go out and vote. i told him that he's wasting his rights. he said he dont mind. if anything happens to this country he'll migrate to somewhere else. cheh.....i feel that this guy should migrate now lah. he has no heart for this country at all. and malaysia will not cry if she looses people with this attitude.

i ekceli dont mind if he doesnt want to vote. hak masing-masing. i'm only frustrated that he has no love for the country. i just cannot understand that. why would people migrate to other countries. the grass is always greener on the other side they say. ehehehhe....full of BS lah.

susah la kalo nak citer pasal patriotism nih kan. mebbe next time lah. as for now, i dont have the energy to write lah. i just want to rest.

so jangan lupa keluar mengundi besok ye. and undilah dengan bijak. your future is in your hands :)


Z.Y. said...

org nak migrate to other countries sbb org tak puas hati or tak happy la dgn negara sendiri.. itu je sbbnya.

mmg aku nak migrate pon, insyaAllah, to open my horizons and mentality. tanak la terperuk je kat negara ni. tak berkembang la aku rasa. sorry la aku ckp camni. Allah tak cakap yg aku kena cari rezeki kat mesia je, mana2 pon boleh cari rezeki asalkan halal, dak...? :)

Azrul said...

zid > it's not about the rezeki lah zid oiiii....ini pasal cintakan negara. kalo ko nak migrate pon migrate lah....but malaysia should always have a special place in your heart. tu aje...:)