Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's been quite a while....

....since I last posted in this blog.

A lot to share but my kerajinan to update is just not there. I blame this on the IT Department :P

It boggles the mind when you dont block blogsites but block Blogspot ( tounge twister plak kan).

In other words, you allow people to read blogs, but ban them from updating their blogs? And at the same time, you allow people to enjoy Facebook? Hmmm.... I'm not sure about others, but I just cannot comprehend the policy.

Most probably, the policymakers may have short-circuited some portion of their brains in their effort to understand this no brainer subject matter.

I believe reading is good. It stimulates the brain. But to be able to read and then offer your own two cent in writing is much better. It makes your brain to work harder. My justification is quite simple. If one can only read and unable to offer his opinion on the subject matter, over time, he'll become a robot. He will only do what he is programmed to do. No room for creativity or his own suggestions to make the job more practical and efficient.

Tatau la aku. Some people are soooo conservative that their only objective is to stamp their authority; even though they are wrong most of the time. I really think they should retire and make room for the more energetic and dynamic people..... like me :) ahahhah

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Yanti Arshad said...

you have been away for five months, welcome back!