Thursday, October 13, 2011


I learnt something sad about Darfur two nights ago in my Border Security and Migration class.

You know the two factions who are killing each other, the Arabs and the Africans, they are both Muslim.  Just to make sure, I checked with a friend who used to work in Sudan, and he confirmed it.  

It really got to me.  Why are Muslims killing Muslims?  Because of land disputes?  This is ridiculous!

Islam is a religion of peace and harmony.  It doesn't teach its followers to be mean cruel.  Still this is happening now.  And yet, we are mad when people label us terrorist.  We keep calling the unbelievers as infidel, but it is not them who are killing each other. Are we living the Muslim life?  Are we setting the right example to others?  

The Muslim world really is in need of a leader.  Just to bring all of us back to the right path.  I think it is our responsibility to clean Islam's name.  Just imagine how the Prophet (PBUH) would feel if he sees his ummah in such clueless life.  Totally disregarding all his teachings.  We are letting him down mann.....

I really feel I need to do something personally.  But I don't know where to start. us!  

Sorry la....kinda emotional because this is really sad.

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