Tuesday, November 22, 2011

King of ASEAN!!!

Can't help it!  Need to blog about our win against Indonesia last night.

Maannnn....it was so sweeeettttt.   Sweet taste of glory.  Congrats to the players!  

Normally, I'd say something nice to the LOSERS - ie. better luck next time, good game etc etc.  But since they were so mean and disrespectful to us, I'd say IN YOUR FACE INDONESIA!!!!   Thanks for all the hostilities, hatred and provocations.  And of course the most mean-spirited thing of all - jeering our national anthem.  Come on man.  You guys are better than that.  Oh yeah.....my anger is dedicated only to those bad Indonesians.  The good ones, you guys are great.

Anyway,  winning the gold medal certainly solidifies our status as the best team in ASEAN.  Look - Gold in 2009, AFF Champian in 2010 and another gold in 2011 - i think we deserve a little bragging rights.  But don't stop there FAM.  Defending it will be much harder.  Keep up the good work!

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Azrul said...

Tokman> aku terdelete komen ko. ehehh...sori