Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not a good start

I didnt pass my PTK exam. Damn. Not a good start for the day.
I failed one of the components. So now I have to repeat it. I have never failed in any exams before in my life. This is the first. I'm now officially a loser. It sucks. Damn it!!!! But you know what....this is fate. And I believe in fate. I'll try again. No Guts No Glory!!!
Nobody disturb me today!!! I need to grieve....


klynnismail said...

if it's any consolation, i took ptk1 3 times. and actually registered 4 times. so, as of the latest result, belum tau lepas ke tak...

Azrul said...

klynn>goodluck la wei. tp aku taknak la amik banyak kali. demotivated siot

klynnismail said...

hahahahaahhahah. bukanlah nak bagi demotivation, but i guess i'm saying, there's always a first and ada org yang lebih teruk than you.

just for the record, i've finally passed the ptk1 hurdle. alhamdullillah.

zyrin said...


so sorry to hear about not passing, bro.

aku punya nasib pun tak tau lagik mcm mana.

kena buat assignment jer kan, format baru ni?

Azrul said...

muzie > thanks beb. insya allah ko lepas. aku dah tau dah sebab apa aku tak lepas.

1. jawapan tak cukup panjang. aku buat 2 pages je.

2. pastu aku tak guna management tools.

tu la puncanya. so kalo buat suma benda yg aku tak buat, insya allah lepas.

dengar citer memang buat assignment la. tp tatau la

f_mgh said...

sorry to hear bout that..

ni ptk3 kan?