Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Potong or not to Potong

I think some Malaysians have lost their senses. They cry when they are supposed to laugh. They laugh when they are supposed to cry. They are happy when they are supposed to be sad. They are sad when they are supposed to be happy. Or maybe they are just grumpy. I don't know...

I think this 'potong' issue is really being blown out of proportion. I mean, who the hell is offended by the word 'potong'? Men? I don't think so. If there is a man out there who is offended by it, there must be something wrong with him.

And women? Why on earth would they be offended? They don't have the 'thing' to potong in the first place. Well, technically they do, but potong is usually synonymous to men.

They even call it a 'vulgar' word. WTF???!!! Vulgar??!! Come's not vulgar you's a double meaning word. And since when we are overly sensitive with double meaning words? From Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu to Senario to Raja Lawak; all of these series have been using double meaning words as part of their comedy. So what's wrong of using it in a commercial?

And what's wrong if 'potong' in infering to circumcision? Is it a taboo or something? I have never recalled if my mother scolded me whenever I use that word.

And what about this crap of taking this issue to the Cabinet? Come onnnn.....give the ministers a break....they have more important thing to do ok. So please leave them out of this. Better still leave this issue alone. It's just a joke.

Give yourself a break. Sometimes you gotta cut some slacks. Rilek la brader....

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