Sunday, November 08, 2009


Recently, the government proposed that cars older more than 15 years must undergo a compulsory check at Puspakom. The purpose is to ensure that these cars are road safe. However, there were noises from some quarters against this ruling especially the antique car enthusiasts. Consequently, this ruling was eventually scrapped.

Well, I would understand that some people may not be happy with this ruling. That's normal. You just cannot make everybody happy. But to scrap the whole idea? Not so smart....

One can deduce a lot of reasons from this ruling scrapping. One, it may infer that the government didn't do a thorough study before coming up with the proposal. Second, it shows that the government listens to the rakyat.

I bet the scrapping is more due to the latter. It may sound as a good thing but to me it is the wrong thing to do. Yes, as politicians, we must always make people happy. But the fact is, it is impossible to do. You can never make everyone happy. So, if there is just a small group of people screaming their discontent toward the ruling, why bother scrapping it. Have they forgotten about the silent majority?
This act of bowing to unnecessary demands must stop now. I reckon sooner or later it could back fire. Remember, majority rules! If the government keeps on doing this, then there is nothing more to enforce. Do you think Singaporeans were happy when their government imposes their various laws? I don't think so. But over time, they get used to it. Malaysians can do that too. Malaysia Boleh right?!!
I hope, this will not recur in the future. It is embarrassing. It is as if the government has no spine.


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