Thursday, March 25, 2010

Akhirnya berjaya jugak aku update

I'm so pissed off with the IT Dept. You see, they have been blocking everything at my office. I don't know why. The worst thing is that they don't have the courtesy to even inform me about this. They even block blogger!!!! Funny thing is, I can read other people's blogs but I cannot update mine. What kind of policy is this ah?
I don't mind if they have this policy. But at least be consistent la. My friends at the HQ can access all sort of things but people like me who works far from HQ are being suppressed of all sort of things. Stupid!!!
Well, I never liked the IT guys anyway. They are an unfriendly snobbish lot. Never say hi or even smile at people. Would it kill you to be friendly? Of course not all of them, but the majority of them are like that.
Ok, enough of being angry. Let's talk about something else.
I noticed that lately many of my blogger friends have not been updating their blogs. Why eh? Your IT dept sucks too eh. Well what's new....
Anyways, I read an article somewhere that say blogging is sooooo in the past. Really??!!! It says that the emergence of Facebook and Twitter has drastically changed the landscape of the cyberworld. They argue that once you updated your status in FB and Twitter, it is more likely that you wouldn't repeat the same story in your blog.
In a way. The article did raise some points la. It's true you know. FB and Twitter are more dynamic in nature. Once you set your status, the responses will pour in almost instantly. This really gives the kick to keep going on right?
Human beings like to love and to be loved. We need to know that we are on someone's radar. It is a feeling that we never wanted to admit we have. But believe me, we have it in us. No matter how anti-social you are, deep down inside, you gotta admit you need friends, you long for the attention.


So, the responses from the status can be perceived as us being relevant to others. The longer the thread the more excited we become. Nothing can beat that aku-famous-ah feeling or ingat-jugak-kengkawan-kat-aku feeling. Right or not?
But in blogging, you can never get the rush you get from FB and Twitter. Unless if you are a famous socio-politico blogger, the responses are rather slow in nature. You gotta be patient. Your readers too need to be patient. Imagine reading an entry (like this one) and processing all the information at the same time. Tiring isn't it? 5 minutes spent in the blogging world is equivalent to 2 hours in FB time :)
And by the time you finish reading, you don't have the energy anymore to even drop two lines of comment. ehehehh.....sounds familiar eh?
But I don't care la. I still love blogging. It gives me the space I needed to express myself in my own way. Yup that's the high we get from blogging. It may not be as excited as FB and Twitter but it is satisfying and it lasts longer too.
So, I think I'll try to blog as long as I can. Even if nobody reads my blog anymore. I'm cool with it. I'm still cool with blogging even if blogging is hanging precariously on the edge of the 'has been' abyss.
And even if that happens, I will still try to impart whatever wisdom left in my congested noggin. Ehehehhh. And one thing for sure, no geek from the IT dept will ever stop me. It's war to the end. Damn you geeky guy!!


Amy said...

Agree with u 100%.. I maybe quick to update in my FB status but I still longed to put up an entry in my blog. Pendek kata, aku lebih selesa put more details in my blog rather than FB, lebih selesa luahkan rasa dlm blog dari FB. Dan masih belum jemu baca blog kawan2 dan of coursem belum jemu comment kat blog kawan2 :)

klynnismail said...

masa aku jadi orang IT, aku rasa PTD ni berlagak. Suka la nak eksyen bila server sistem dia down. Suka nak arah-arah aku. Benci tau. (the ones that i've net lah.. bukan semua)

Bila aku jadi dah switch places, aku rasa macam orang IT ni pulak tak nak kawan dgn aku. Aku rasa diorang berlagak, kununlah diorang yang control dia system and network. Lepas tu, especially yg non officers tu suka nak kelentong aku. Ingat orang non-IT ni sume tak reti. Benci jugak.

Yanti Arshad said...

i would prefer blogging than FB & Twitter. the reason, i can hv my own freedom. Kalau dalam FB or Tweet, kena diplomasi, takut ada yg terasa esp close friends.

don wori, i will alwiz read ur hupdet entry coz it's already in my bloglist!


Linda said...

Heyy...aku orang IT dan aku sangat friendly orangnya taww....hahaha!!

I'm the system administrator in my company and we dont simply block websites by just blink of an eye lah...there are policies & rules before we do such thing..

facebook, certain blogs and bloggers' entries, yeah, we block all that because admit it, these sites are addictive, especially to the newbies...and they did not bring any good to the company...especially bila diorang upload gambar, it can cause congestion to the net traffic, and at the end, orang IT jugak yang kena jerit bila internet slow..

habis kalo setiap minit sikit² bukak fb, atau taip blog panjang berjela² just to describe malam tadi buat apa, masak lauk apa kat laki, and anak dia dah pandai buat apa (not to mention the XXX sites or political forums website)...habih bila nak start buat keja?

You wont believe how much time employee spent surfing these websites...sometimes almost the whole day long...lepas waktu official hour habis baru nak start buat keja, then claim OT...too much lah kan?

and if you are in IT field, you will know (sometimes) how setoopid users can be...imagine if you have to travel jalan kaki abt ½ hour just to see user tak plug-in their power cord (ko tekan la button on tu sampai kiamat benda tu takkan on) lepas tu ko jerit² marah² kat bebudak IT for your own ID-10-T..not to mention sikit² pakai alasan bos nak report cepat tapi ko pegi save file dalam local drive (instead of file server), bila CPU kong, ko la yang paling kalut as though world is collapsing on you kalo PC takleh on...habih camno?

Sorry I took too much space writing this comment, tapi sebenarnya panjang la cerita kalo nak explain why IT people as you claimed "tak friendly"...but I think it's unfair to listen from one side of story jer..

Azrul said...

Amy > Thanks Amy, aku pon memang tak pernah miss baca blog ko :)

Klynn > aku pon cam ko gak, dulu pon aku keje IT. aku cukup benci kalo budak2 IT ni kelentong yg bukan2. Bila dah kantoi baru gelabah

Yanti > makacih la sebab baca blog ni ye yanti

Linda > aisey...marah nampak? :) rilex beb. aku faham bukan semua orang IT tak friendly. yg ok tu memang bagus sangat.

aku yang marah tu bukan sebab kena block. aku marah sebab policy tu bias. in my organization la kan. ada tempat boleh FB ada tempat takleh. mana boleh camtu. kalo nak block, block semua la. jangan pilih kasih.

most importantly, inform la. at least jgn bagi people guessing and wondering.


Linda said...

tak marah aiihhh, nasihat...hehehe

anyway, agreed...information or policies must be precise & clear..aku tak tau la kat tempat ko cemana, tapi kat sini memang dah letak internet code of conduct kat company portal, so anyone takleh simply twist the story..

but aku nak highlight jugak on responses given by IT people, it all depends on how user approach them, kalo ada masalah PC, call IT then tengking², kitorang pun ader hati & perasaan gak..macam la 5 tahun we train our brains, just to be screamed at like this..

I always got calls like "Hello, who are you?", "Hey, my PC got problem la, why ah?" or "file aku tak boleh bukak la, sape² datang tengok?!" hi, no salam, me, dont treat others the way you dont wish to be treated la kan..

Note: and how I wish I had the answers to all the questions in the world..

Azrul said...

linda > i must say your workplace sucks :) mean people heh.

Amy said...

Org selalu cakap org IT dgn org admin (user) cam aku ni bercakap macam itik cakap dgn ayam.. user tak paham apa org IT cakap, and org IT tak paham apa user nak. Bila dah sit down together baru ler paham :). Normally sebelum bila call org IT, aku try restart dulu PC sbb jawapan standard mesti suruh restart PC..hihi pastu aku selalu merendah diri masa call tu 'Awak, Kak Amy ni bodoh sket tau IT, minta tolong tengokkan naper bla bla..' and normally aku suka cuba buat dulu ikut instruction over the phone, kalau tak bleh gak baru ler org IT dtg..

Linda said...

That's why I always say: I love the job, not the people...

Takyah la merendah diri camtu sekali Amy, kita sebenarnya samer my line of work pun banyak jumpa orang & banyak mintak tolong orang..kalo aku nak mintak tolong akak kat admin or production aku selalu cakap, "kak, mintak tolong sikit boleh? Akak tolong checkkan bla-bla-bla"...I just fed-up bila orang treat kita macam kita dapat degree tu utk ditengking² like that..hellow, kita sama² makan gaji, okeh?!

Haiyan M. Nakhaie said...


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