Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The little things that we always forget

In my last posting, I commented about the IT Dept. So one of my friends who works in IT decided to defend her peers :) There were some comments and I really appreciate it.
But basically it's about communication lah. In order to create a formidable organization, each teams, depts or divisions must understands the functions of others.
Stop living in your own cocoon. Stop believing that your department in more important than others. Stop believing that other departments are just rubbish and toys you can play around.
At the end of the day, you'll need each other to really maximize your productivity.
Try do simple things like mingle. Try to understand their work pressures. Let them know your work pressures. That way, we'll be able not to be pissed off the next time the guy from the other the department screws you up.
It's basically building up a friendship. Treat them like friends and not acquaintances. Give names to their faces and don't describe them as just a dude from work.
Most important thing, be professional. That's the real solution.
And please, don't take for granted the little things that we thought not important. For example, SMSes. Try to reply sms even it takes you a day. Apologize for not getting to them earlier. Yeah, at first they will be pissed, but once you apologize, it all will be gone. After all, we are all humans.
I'd like to write more. But my battery is running low :( So see ya!


Linda said...

Well-said, thanks beb!

Yanti Arshad said...

agree sangat2...

Azrul said...

Linda > No prob beb

Yanti > benda basic la kan...