Sunday, May 02, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan will be aired in June 2010

I read in NST about this. Finally, the fans will be able to evaluate if the film is as good as the book. Frankly, since everything will be cramped into one film, I reckon some segments will be omitted. It will a 90 minutes movie I assume. I couldn't even finish reading one book in 90 minutes.
Anyways, let's not get excited yet. Wait for the movie in June.
On the other hand, Farid Kamil will play Kasyah while Lisa Surihani will play Ayu. Furthermore, Que Haidar will play Azmi. Well, I'm not really comfortable with Farid Kamil as Kasyah. I don't see him as a person who has a fighting soul like Kasyah. Farid Kamil to me, is a little bit soft. I see Kasyah as a simple but attractive Malay guy. And by attractive, I mean rugged looking.
I'm not saying Farid Kamil is not qualified, it's just that Farid doesn't fit my version of Kasyah. But what to do? We don't really a large pool of actors right? So just layan aje lah....
And Que as Azmi? I tot Azmi is supposed to look like a Malay-Pakistan kind of guy. If my memory serves me well la. Betul tak?
Lisa should be ok as Ayu. I wonder who will be playing Ayu after the operation. Remember she changed her look after the accident? Will it be Fazura? Cannot be la eh. Different figure, different skin color.
And who's gonna play Katerina and Sapi? It remains a mystery. Just wait ya. June is just around the corner. But from my experience watching movies adapted from novels, it usually not that satisfying. But we'll see la eh.


Yanti Arshad said...


lagenda budak setan tu citer apa?

Azrul said...

Yanti > Lagenda budak setan ni novel. Author dia ahadiat Akasyah. Dia ni la satu2nya novelis melayu yang aku suka. yang lain suma asyik cerita jiwang ke. kalo tak pernah baca cuba la try beli kat kedai. asalnya ada tiga buku, tapi skang ni dah dicompilekan dah. baca la....gerenti tak rugi punya

klynnismail said...

kalau stay true the novel, kenalah carik skating rink kan.. and setting zaman dolu..

kalau tak, ice skating yolah.