Tuesday, May 04, 2010


If a 15 year old boy who had just involved in an accident, then being beaten by 5 policemen and still manage to run away; what does that tell us about the police? Weak eh. That boy must be having some kind of superpower or something eh. It's not easy to escape from 5 grown and armed men you know.
And if you urge the public not to politicize the incident but still hire a lawyer who is also a hardcore politician, then maybe you want to revise your stand la. You are frustrating the public, me included. Please decide what do you want to do, and don't play Jekyll and Hyde. Ooohh...it must be a co-incidence la kan. Must be la eh. Anything is possible.
I'm not taking sides here. But the parties involved must be responsible when issuing a statement. Please bear in mind that the whole country is following this case closely. Don't talk and walk differently.
To me, the victims here are the boy and the police. Dua2 naya. Let's look back and find why did this happen. Whose fault was it? I'm not going to comment on this. But I think we need to put ourselves in both parties' shoes. Ask ourselves what would we do in that situations. Jangan pikir guna hati, pikir guna otak.
Anyways, my condolences to all the victims. Be strong!


klynnismail said...

saya setuju.
kesian kedua-duanya.
itulah ada polis penah cakap dengan saya, dalam tugas, sometimes it's better to come out dead than alive because you'd have to much explaining to do when you're alive and someone else is dead.

Yanti Arshad said...


if u ask me, ntahlah. tak tau nak cakap apa.

but one thing for sure, both parties bersalah.

moga roh arwah dicucuri rahmatNya. Amin...

en_me said...

muger2 negara akan tetap aman damai sejahtera sentosa senantiasa.. aminn

Amy said...

Azrul, Azrul..dah sebulan tak berupdate ni. Nak gak tahu ur feedback pasal PTD officer yg passed away tu and World Cup!