Thursday, September 16, 2010


To murder a person is absolutely an heinous act. But to kill a person and then feed the remains to your pet bear, that would definitely make you the leading nominee for the 'Lowest of the Lowest Scum' award.

This guy must have undergone an operation to remove his heart since he seems to be so heartless. I'm not sure whether he is human or not because no humans in their sound mind would be capable of such gruesome act.

I'm also not sure whether the animal kingdom would take this guy as one of them. Animals kill for survival. That is their God given instinct. Even so, they still have mercy for their prey. Have you seen the video clip of a leopard trying to kill a monkey? Instead of devouring its kill, it took care of the monkey's infant out of pity. Now, that's surely a slap on the face to mankind huh?

I'm actually quite worried though. You see, the accused is a lawyer. He knows the law. He knows the loopholes in the system. Surely, he would make sure that his all his tracks were covered right? Remember, law only provides the opportunity for justice, not justice itself.

The end result would depends on how the men and women of the court interpret the law to suit their goals. The prosecution would go for the toughest punishment, while the defense team would do everything to let the accused off the hook.

The police are currently working tirelessly to form a solid case against the accused. But please bear in mind that their effort also rely on the suspects' carelessness to leave the evidence behind. Confessions alone are not enough. Hard evidences are vital.

Our only hope now, is that God will help us. Let's pray hard so that justice will prevail. Let's pray that good will triumph over evil. Insya Allah....

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Amy said...

Aku tengok yg leopard jaga anak monyet tu.. binatang pun ada belas kasihan. *sigh*