Friday, September 17, 2010

My Malaysia Day

Yesterday was Malaysia Day. I woke up at around 10!

Nope, I'm not proud of it. But it was holiday right?

The day went uneventful in the context of Malaysia Day. I didn't do anything Malaysia-ish. It was like the day was like any other public holiday. I thought it was supposed to commemorate something historical being it was the first time it was celebrated. But nothing actually happened.

My Malaysia Day started only at 9pm; thanks to National Geographic's 'A Leader's Legacy : Tun Abdul Razak'. It was an excellent documentary about the revered national leader. His early age, his studying years in London, his early political involvement, his struggles with Tunku Abdul Rahman to fight for the country independence, his rise to the throne of the premiership and his short lived tenure as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I feel that I know the late Tun Abdul Razak and the country better now. It is such a satisfying feeling.

After the documentary, I saw '1957 : Hati Malaya'. Such a lovely film. Infused with patriotism. If you haven't seen the movie. Give it a try. It is worth it to learn about our history. Get your family to watch it too. Especially the kids. They need to know where they come so that they would know where to go. Chewahhhh....

Anyways, that was my Malaysia Day. How was yours?


Amy said...

Dah sebulan setengah dah ni Azrul oit.

Amy said...

Berabuk dah ni Azrull..