Thursday, July 28, 2011

Malaysia Vs Singapore

Full Time
1 - 1. Aisehhmennn.....that's the end of our World Cup dream.

They played better in the 2nd half but still not enough firepower. Their movement were predictable. It is a sad night for the Harimaus. Knowing fully well that they are better than this.

We miss Norshahrul Idlan Talaha and Safiq Rahim dearly. Safee Salee did score. But I guess the burden was too heavy for him to shoulder alone. Abdul Hadi Yahya was ok. But they just didn't click.

Personally....I'm angry. This is not the team that won the AFF Suzuki Cup. That team played with bravado and honour. Even the fans could feel it. They had the width, depth, darting runs, I mean the whole nine yard. But the team that played tonight, couldn't be as half as good as the previous team.

Come on guys. This is not the end. We Malaysians still believe in you. So YOU have to believe in you. It's time to do some soul searching. Because I believe some of them might be wondering around aimlessly after being praised non stop lately. It's not the time to be proud. Buck up!

Original Entry
Half Time

0 - 0 still. Not so good so far. We are not playing our usual game. The defence seemed nervous. Lack of confidence perhaps. Come on! These are the same players who played in AFF. Then, they were solid as hell.

The midfield too are not running smoothly. Creativity is at all time low. Hardly any dangerous penetration. Not to mention the kiasus were defending with 7 players. Well, can't blame them right?

All in all, the southern guys are looking much more dangerous than our boys. Hope the boy can still do it. Come guys! Malaysia Boleh!!

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Yanti Arshad said...

frankly, i kesian tgk our rimau last nite. pity sangat2... especially safee. it seems like communication breakdown btwn him & amirulhadi (our mamat brunnet), kuna pulak asyik terlepas bola. my biggest salute goes to APEKKKKK!