Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sydney, so far.....'s been nearly three weeks now, and we are yet to settle down in Sydney.

Let me tell you something, it is NOT easy ok. It's blardy stressfull and I hate it. But I guess good things don't come easy huh? You gotta earn it.

But yesterday, things started to change to a more positive tone. I was finally offered a house to rent. Yup people, we haven't moved into our own house yet. Again, it is NOT easy to find a house here in Sydney.

You gotta inspect the house first - then submit an application to the agent - the agent will then review the application and discuss it with the property owner - the owner will ultimately decides if he likes me or not :)

and the inspections are only scheduled on Thursdays and Saturdays. Apparently, before I came here, inspections are done almost everyday and exclusively. But now, it's always an OPEN inspection, meaning everyone can come and inspect the house. And of course, compete against each other. about about perfect timing huh?

Takpe, I already got a house now. And we are moving in on Saturday. Yeaaaa....the location is quite perfect. 15 minutes walk to the university, and around 7 minutes walk to Alif's school. Ok la kan...since we don't own a car yet.

I'm still contemplating whether to buy one or not. But it seems that it is a necessity. Well, I'm not going to think about it now. Just want to concentrate on moving into the new house. Hope everything would go smoothly.

I'd like to thank everybody who have been helping us all this while. Kak Nani, Wawa, Hanafi, Lan, Kia, Ein, Sabarul and Wan, Zid and Jimmy, Lin and Gabby and the rest of the Malaysian community who have been cheerleading when we were really down. Thanks guys. Only Allah can repay you.

.....I'll will repay you when my allowance is in :)..... EN. JPA, tolong cepat sket ye.

Ok's some pics: maleh la nak upload banyak2...slow....tgk kat FB la

@Max Brenner

@Manly Beach

on ferry to Manly

Harbour Bridge

with the boys


klynnismail said...

lamanya senyap sepi
tiba-tiba dah sampai oversea..
anyway, take care and all the best over there!

Azrul said...

klyn > tq!

Amy said...

Yeay ada pun update Sydney. Sila la update selalu eh, and banyak2 gambar :)