Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Friends


just want to introduce my friends as they will be featuring in my posting a lot. i have a lot of friends. but my closest friends are as follows:

my laughing partner. there will always be jokes between us. some people just dont understand the jokes. but me and kazarul. we just 'click'.

the muscle guy and used to be health freak. loves body building. but pitty him, he's short.

mr slow and steady. slow in everything. i just cant believe that he survived his study in US

the computer guy. fails to finish his study. but can still successful due to his 'obsession' with computers.

a.k.a chicken. but that nick is history now. a clumsy guy. has vision but never made an effort to turn it into reality

wants things to be perfect. but always try to find a short cut to achieve his goals.

the sarjan. ex rmc hence the nick sarjan. quite serious in whatever he does. kazarul adn i always think twice before pulling a joke on him.

Allahyarham Mahrizal Asari
we lost him in 2004 due to multiple organ failure. we missed him so much. Alfatihah...

so the list is completed now. they are my closest friends - true friends. whenever i have a meeting in putrajaya i'll make some room to meet them. usually kaza, achik, nik and wakrin will be there. our favourite spot - NZ wangsa maju.

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