Tuesday, December 26, 2006



many things happened during the weekend.

first, i've got a new niece. my wife's sister delivered her first child after 6 years of marriage. so you can imagine how happy she is right now. but this is not her first child actually. she has an older son - adopted. this is a classic petua orang tua-tua punya story. there is a petua that if you couldn't have a child of your own, try to adopt one first and insyaallah you'll be blessed with your own child. so they did. 3 months after that she got pregnant. alhamdulillah.

second, i went to tampin to attend a friend's wedding. tampin is so damn far i tell you. and my friend's kampung is so hulu. to make it worse, according to the map, i'm supposed to take the simpang ampat exit, but there's no simpang ampat exit !!! it's actually alor gajah/tampin exit. only the locals call it simpang ampat. because of this, we wasted 60 km of travelling and 30 minutes of time. rugi...rugi dah la minyak aku yang bayor.

third, i finally managed to buy my wife her anniversay cum birthday present. it is in a form of diamonds (plural tuh) ring. saje la to take advantage of the crazy year end discount. up to 70% discount tuu. so the ring is not that mahal la. discounted price la katakan :) bleh la afford dgn gaji gomen aku ni. itupon sbb ada easy payment scheme. sib baik ada credit card. eheheh....

fourth, we bought a new stroller for my son. mesti korang pelik kan. dah 2 tahun lebih baru beli stroller ke?.... we have a couple before but buruk already. and those were presents from relatives. so this one special sket la. mahal oii stroller. i mean the good ones la. since we plan nak guna sampai 10 tahun so we bought yg mahal sket. brand Graco. the lady yang layan kitorang ni cakap graco ni actually combi, tapi dia tukar nama for marketing purposes i.e to penetrate middle income market. dunno la wheather she bluffing or not. tp rege dia mahal jugak, middle income market konon. aku rasa stroller anak aku ni lagi mahal dari gaji opis boy aku. bertuah punya anak....

so that's it. my weekend. btw today's my birthday :)

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