Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Apa-Apa je lah

Assalamualaikum and Goodday

Hari Raya is just around the corner eh? Frankly, The excitement of Hari Raya has oredi started to seep thru me lah. I dunno why, but this year's raya seems to excite me a little bit. Mebbe bcoz of the new environment and mebbe bcoz i've managed to fulfill my wife's demands this year. Seronok oii kalo dapat happykan isteri nih. And mebbe bcoz she didnt ask much this year :)

However, there's one thing that upsets me this year. i think this would be my worst ramadhan of recent years. i was not able to really concentrate on ramadhan due to my work. so i couldnt feel the joy of ramadhan. kekadang tu sedih gak when i realize that ramadhan is nearly over and i did so little to take advantage of this holy month. sayang ah. hopefully umur aku panjang till next ramadhan.

Another thing that upsets me during ramdhan is the newspaper. you know that during this season they got this one section where those who are living abroad can send their pics and greetings. I HATE THAT SECTION. everytime i turn to that page, i'd be a little bit 'syahdu' la knowing that it could be my picture instead of other people. their smiles seem like grins to me :P hmm...i really need closure man....ehehehe

apa lagi nak tulieh ni eh. oh ye...last weekend had a buka pose session dgn kaka, wakrin, ijan and imran. yup, there were only five of us. what to do, nik was in kerteh, achik had to take care of his wife, the others also had their own plans. but it was nevertheless fun and achieved its objective - to lepak2 with frens and continuing the tradition of buka pose. We buka pose at Sakura Kristal. tempat nih kalo tak silap aku penah masuk Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. The food was ok. at least to me. imran was complaining kuah sate tak sedap. i didnt care coz i dont eat sate :D so i think it was worth it la.

then, that oso had a teh tarik session. this time achik & boy were there. we lepak until around 1 am and then chow.

ok la aku ingat nak balik ah. so if this is my last post before raya, i would like to wish all my muslim frens SELAMAT HARI RAYA & MAAF ZAHIR BATIN. Drive safely eh. one more thing, my kad raya lepas raya baru sampai kot. sori ah. at least aku anto la jugak kan. bai.


Z.Y. said...

that's why la e-cards are much more efficient! real cards are becoming obsolete la dude hihi save the trees!

PLEASE la get your closure on the "i believe i can fly - r kelly" issue. sampai bila bro?? SAMPAI BILAAAAAAAAAAA

huhuuuu :D

celamat hari rayeee

Azrul said...

zid > save the trees?? so now you are an environmentalist eh. aku nak anto kad sbb ada sentimental value la dude.

closure...dunno la. kekadang tu benda nih memang berantu lah :)

zyrin said...

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin!