Monday, October 29, 2007

Smashing Pumpkin's Reunion

Assalamualaikum and Good Afternoon

Last Saturday i went to my school reunion in Kelana Jaya. It was a small one but enough to bring back memories from our schooling days in Labu. It was fun and i feel that we should do this more often. But this is not our first reunion though, there were other series of reunions before, but this one is the first in two years if i'm not mistaken.

So like any other reunions, we did what people usually do. Recollecting the moments we had in smap, kutuking the wardens and offcourse comparing who has got the biggest 'spare tyres':) Generally, most of the boys have grown bigger (or should i say 'wider') and most of the girls didnt change much.
Most of my schoolmates are doing well with their lives. Some are lawyers, some work as execs with telcos, lecturers, phd holders etc, etc. As for me, i think i'm doing ok lah, nothing spectacular but ok lah :) since i'm a gomen servant, they dont ask much lah, coz most poeple know what gomen servants do. save me some time to explain my job to them :)

The menus were kerang bakar (btw what's kerang in english eh? i just realized that i didnt know that), bbq chicken, chicken rice, nasi himpit and etc etc etc. More than enough to accomodate everyone.
Oh yeah, i went there alone, my wife decided not to come at the 11th hour coz she was feeling tired. Alif oso didnt want to come with his abah coz he wanted to play with his cousins. ok gak tu, if not i had to be the part time lifeguard at the swimming pool coz u know lah bebudak kalo dah jumpa air kan :)
All in all, everything went very well and everybody was happy. We managed to revitalized the bond we had and still have. Most important thing is that after the reunion is that you know that you still have friends all around you and they are ever willing to be part of your life.

Ok lah peeps, gotta go now. Enjoys the pics :)

Me, the Angkatan Buang Tua ( Alif Ba Ta) and Salman. Btw the three of them are in the middle in case any of you are interested :)

Aji, Kabi & Me

Aku & Aji berjaya buat2 sibuk so that tak kena tolong bungkus makanan :)

Family Photo

Bird's eye view of the BBQ site

The Kerangs

The Ayams


Azrul said...

ekceli kan, zid a post satu comment. tapi aku terdelete la plak. her exact words were " kerang in english is cockles la dude". so tq zid. dapat aku ilmu baru ari nih :)

Nadia said...

hmm...kalo aku gi reunion sure aku la yg paling bosan nak cite apa aku buat...uhuk..uhuk...;-P

Amy said...

Update le wehh!

Azrul said...

amy > coming coming :)