Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chennai Roti Canai

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Last week i was in chennai for 3 days. A WORK visit. So less leisure :P Anyways, to pen down everything would be boring and long, so i decided to only publish the highlights of the trip:

The flight to chennai was only 3 hours.

I found out that they dont have Roti Canai in Chennai. They said that roti canai is from Malaysia not India :)

For the first time, i dont have to wait long for my passport to be stamped at the immigration counter. Pakai diplomatic lane tuuuu.....perghhh dengan selambenya we cut through all the people. From their expressions, i could sense a mixture of envy and awe.

Stayed at the Taj Coromandel, some say it's a 7 star hotel, some say it's a 5 star hotel. but i think it's a 5 star lah. Anyways, the rate per nite is rm 1,400.00. Bleh?? It was my first time in a luxury hotel and hopefully it'll not be the last.

We travel by three cars, mercedez s 320. felt like celebrities lah. N we got the local police to plough the traffic for us. Hmm...senangnya hidup.....:)

The indians, they are suicidal drivers i tell you, i think they dont have traffic rules lah. The traffic lites are just for deco je kot. Nobody bothered to even look at them.

The indians, the are animal lovers, just imagine they have cows resting on the dividers. Not just resting, they do their 'business' there too. The cows are so lazy that they do their business while laying down. Horrible mannn.... i cannot imagine if we have this scenario in jalan tun razak. mau havoc satu kl :)

On the 2nd day, as we were going out thru the hotel gate, we saw this one guy sleeping on the sidewalk, he had NO pants on. N before you ask, nooooo, i didnt bother to look. N when we got back that nite, he was still there. Only now he was nearly entirely naked. Still laying down on the sidewalk. That's life huh.....

For the first time in my life i had lobster for lunch. Yup, that's rite folk, never had one before. I'm not that rich lah :) But offcourse, I'm always thankful for what I had and have. Only now, I'm more thankful. Alhamdulillah....

Dinner on the 2nd day was very late. Nearly 11 pm. I was so eager to eat. But got shut down when i found out that they served vege food. I hate vege food. But then, it's a rezeki rite. So just belasah je console myself, i imagined that i was eating a BigMc.

My boss gave me some money to spend, but ironically, we only had 45 minutes to spend for shopping. So nothing for me (as usual). But mama and alif got a LITTLE something lah (notice the little is in caps ;) ). N offcourse i bought something for my staffs.

The flight home was better for me as i was upgraded to Business Class. Thanks to Cik Wan from our consulate in chennai. Thanks again cik wan. It was my first time too. Mannn....asek makannnn je. i had apple juice first, then they served satays, but i didnt touch it coz i dont like satays, rugi eh. Then they served salads and after that the main course lah. In between, they gave us salted peanuts. By the time i finished, it was 40 minutes away from touch down. perghhh....memang gemuk la kalo salu naik business class nih.

So i guess that's about everything lah. I know, that some of you have had much much better experience than mine. Not to brag or anything. But, you know, just to share something about my life lah :)

Satu je yang kurang about this trip. No pictures. Tak sempat nak snap. Ada tu ada tapi senget. Nyesal aku suruh orang tu snap. Overall, i'm so thankful to God for giving me this opportunity.

Ye la kan, nak pegi sendiri, memang belum tentu. hopefully one day, aku ada cukup duit untuk bawak mama, alif (and baby) naik first class and hotel yang best. tak aci la kan, aku sorang je merasa. insya allah, one fine day nanti.

Anyways, today is our 4th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mama!!!! Thanks for everything. I'll always be 'Mad About You'. This year is kinda special coz we're expecting our 2nd baby. Insya allah by 31 December 2007, we'll be upgraded to a family of four. Hopefully, everything is going to be fine. Still got the shivers mannn....


aishah badaruddin said...

pengalaman yg menarik..
all the best to anim n u.. semoga semuanya selamat nanti.

Amy said...

Ko memang bertuah beb..ingat tu! Happy anniversary..insyallah dgn position ko sekarang, mmg ada rezeki nanti nak bawa wife dgn anak2 jalan2 tengok negara orang...

ajezack said...

ayoo.....saya banyak jeleslah.. huhuhu... ini rupernyer keje gomen yek..we, the tax payer has to pay for u guys punyer comfort huh...

Azrul said...

esah > tqvm. appreciate it

amy > aku memang akan ingat, don wori. insya allah, masin la mulut ko hendaknya :)

aje > lupa plak nak bgtau, trip ni tak pakai duit rakyat ok :P orang chennai yg bayor sbb depa yang invite kitorang ke sana, tu yang ade lebih sket tuh :) kalo gomen punya trip tak merasa la aku benda2 nih

Nadia said...

anim dah beranak ke blum ni?