Monday, December 24, 2007

Clarification on Chennai Trip


Sometimes i forgot that i'm a gomen servant. in a way, anything i do will reflect the gomen too.

Aje made a good point by saying that the trip was a waste of tax payer's money. I did reply on this in the comment section, but i then realized that some people dont read that section.

Anyways, i felt obligated to clear the air, and here is the explanation. FYI, the gomen didnt spend a single sen for the trip to chennai bcoz we were there by invitation. The big spendor was the company who invited us there. so the trip is kinda like a trade mission lah.

We were treated so generously becoz they see us as deemed investor, this is a normal practice lah. Even us treat our deemed investors like that.

So hope this will clarify everything eh. dont wori, the gomen oredi has a policy on oversea trips, and it's not so generous lah :)


ajezack said...

hehehehehe..i applauded u for backing up your organization like true gentlemen..i'm sorry i have a very low opinion about it..can't help it being on the public side.

but i am still green with envy.. ;p

Azrul said...

aje > ahahahha...takde hal la. tu la ko, dulu masa amik xm ptd memain, kalo tak ada jugak ko can nak merasa :P

Amy said...

Don't worry about it la dude. Having a father who served the gomen as a PTD officer all his life buat aku faham apa yg ko kena lalu. That's why dlm previous post aku cakap ko mmg bertuah, sbb all this while dok tengok how Ayah enjoyed his work. :)

Azrul said...

amy > thanks amy. yup jd gomen officer ekceli memang seronok. masalahnya banyak. tp insya allah bleh settle.

eventhou public perception toward gomen servant ni memang very bad. tp takleh komplen la kan, as long as kita buat benda yg betul tak perlu risau :)

ajezack said...

Tan Sri,
Slamat Hari Jadi
Semoga murah rejeki

Azrul said...

aje > tqvm,ingat jugak kat aku ye :)