Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tsunami & the Big Three Oh

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Ekceli kan petang tadi aku dah post dah entry nih. Rupa2nya ada title je, content tak kluar pon. Hampeh ponye PC. So here i am, doing it all over again :P

Yesterday, marked the 3rd year since the infamous tsunami. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India & Sri Lanka were caught offguard. Many perished and hurt. Loses were in billions especially in Indon. Government had to fork up millions of ringgit to provide compensations and rebuilding programs. The victims' families, i'm sure can still feel the agony of this unfortunate tragedy whenever 26 December comes. So, today i'd like to convey my deepest condolence to those affected families. Be strong....

Yesterday, also marked my 30th year of existence in this world. Yup people, i am now the proud new member of the '30 something club' :) i tot i'd wake up and feel miserable. Surprisingly, i wasnt. Being 30 is not that bad huh.

Being 30 and all, got me to thinking. After all these years, what have i achieved? Am i an underachiever or am i doing just well?

During my younger days, i used to say that i will own a bmw 7 series once i reached 30. But now, that seems to be out of my reach. So the question now is, does my failure to own the bmw make me a loser? a tough one to answer eh.

Then i realized that life dont usually go as we planned it. Therefore some alterations had to be made to our goals in life to adjust to the constantly changing surroundings. Sometimes we even have to totally let it go because it has become irrelavent. Sounds familiar ? :)

Why do we do this? The only answer that i can think of is that we are just merely trying to survive. There's nothing wrong in surviving isnt it? And i also strongly believe that surviving is definitely not a sign of losing. There is always a blessing in disguise. We only need to be a little bit patient.

But for the record, i am happy with my life. Sure i did lose some here and there, but i also gain even more than i've ever hoped for. So my point is, never give up hope, have faith in whatever you are doing, never give up on your families and friends, and most importantly never give up on Allah. I believe that if we could will this, then we will understand that there's always something for everyone. We just need to find it.

Good Luck finding it peeps. May Allah be with you.


Amy said...

Happy 30th birthday..welcome to the 30's club heehehhe

K-lynn said...

Birthday ke hari ni? If so, happy birthday. Enam bulan lagi, aku pon join lah kelab yang sama.. heheh

aishah badaruddin said...

eppy bedday azrul.

Azrul said...

amy > tq amy, bangga aku masuk kelab nih

k-lynn > tq k-lynn....dont wori...enjoy la ko ponye '20 something' title tu puas2. lepas nih takde dah la

esah > tqvm...kem salam kat achik eh

salman ® said...

ler..wa ingat lu dah 35. kih kih kih

arenaKu uKanera said...

welcome on board. happy sweet 30th birthday!

Nadia said...

happy belated birthday beb!..
anyway, aku sukak ini entri. manyak mutut ooo..good luck untuk ko & family gak k?

p/s: passttt! kat ipoh ada dunkin donuts ke? (selingan jap)..

Azrul said...

tokman > aiii...kalo aku 35...ko 25 ke?....ehehehhe

arenaku > thank you very much

nana > tqvm. gudlak utk family ko jugak eh....