Monday, June 09, 2008

Good News Bad News

Assalamualaikum & Goodday

Good news first, I'm no longer in the Number One office. Yeay!!! Starting today, I'll be working at the State Finance Office which is also in the same building. I feel so relief for so many things. First, I finally got out of that office, second, I dont have to move far, just two levels below. Yippie. The only thing is that I lost my designated parking space. Alaaaahhh....small matter for the sake of happiness tul tak? So now, my designation is Penolong Pegawai Kewangan Negeri. ehehehhe. Ok la tu.
Early this morning, I visited the old office to collect some of my belongings. Met some of the new boss' people. They acted as if that they are shocked that i was transfered out. You guys aint gonna full me la. So full of bul*shit. I got more ears and eyes in this building than they do. I know that they plan to they have one of 'their people' to fill up my previous post. As if I care.
So that's the good news. The bad news is actually rather basi oredi. But I feel the need to pen it down anyway. So here goes. I hate the oil price hike. So outrageous la. As a government servant, I understand that the hike is imminent. But to do it so abruptly is soooo insensitive.
I think it was a very very very bad move on the government side. Especially considering the current political climate. They should at least delay the hike. Announce it yes, but dont enforce it yet. Let the people prepare. Let the people leash out their anger. Let them reorganize their life accordingly. Because eventually, they will accept it even though with some reluctance. But at least, down in their heart they'd understand.
I understand that delaying the hike may cause other problems to arise. But that is still just a small investment to win the hearts and minds of the people. Without the people the government will crumble.
And please stop using the same excuse that we are still the cheapest. It just wont work anymore. People want to know what are the measures taken to strengthen the economy. People want to know why does the government cannot afford to subsidize anymore? How come as the we keep telling the people that our economy is one of the best, but still we cannot afford to cushion the fuel crisis. At least give them something concrete. Or just admit that something is not right and apologize. Be honest la wei. The opposition is just waiting to launch attacks and we are subsidizing them bullets. At the end of the day, blame the government servants for not doing their jobs. Kitorang mogok nanti baru tau.
Ok la enuf of oil la. Nanti kena showcause letter plak.


Amy said...

Ok apa your new post. My dad was the PKN P.erlis before he retired. Challenging job he said heheheh. Tu la Azrul, kita ni paham keadaan dunia sekarang tapi yg aku geram tu tak bleh ke bagi seminggu ke 2 minggu bagi rakyat ready, daripada tetiba je and buat semua panik macam la minyak nak habis malam tu jugak. Cewah tension ni sbb rumah aku dekat dgn stesen minyak, nak masuk kawasan rumah pun sampai lebih setengah jam :)

Z.Y. said...

aku sgt marah & meluat dgn country ini. gives me more good reason to chow from here.

dulu ko penah tanya aku kenapa aku tak patriotik.. it's bad decisions like these la yg buat aku tak patriotik.. cemana nak sayang negara kalau negara tak sayang kita?

aku sgt emo pasal the state of our politics, now more than ever.

Azrul said...

amy > aku hepi dapat masuk PKN nih, dapat belajar benda baru. First day aku masuk pon, aku teringatkan yg bapak ko dulu pernah jadi SFINO. eheheheh

zid > kali nih, i'm with you babe, dah penat dah tolong cover orang2 yang kurang bijak nih. stupid dumb-dumb! just make you chow for the rite reason eh, hate the politicians not the country. peace babe :)

salman ® said...

alaa...naik sket pun korang kecoh. ahahahahahaha...(bikin panas lak aku nih)

Azrul said...

tokman > ahahahah...buta kelakar plak ko ye man

Anonymous said...

so tak pindah federal ler ni??

Azrul said...

wanna > tatau lagi. Yang pindah ni bukan sebab promotion. Lateral je. Nanti kalo dapat promotion baru tau pindah federal ke tak.