Friday, May 30, 2008

She's just a child, you idiot!!

Assalamualaikum and Goodday
Just finished reading Esah's blog. Ada ceriter sedih la plak. Pasal budak umur 5 tahun kene tinggal kat umah sorang-sorang. Dah la home alone, takde makanan pulak tu. Yang mak dia plak gi clubbing...bleh? When she came back she acted as if nothing had happened. Muka tak bersalah.
I hate this kind of people. I mean some people would die to have a child and this biyatttch simply neglecting her God given miracle. If she went to work, then it would be a different story, but went clubbing????!!!! She should be shot to death I tell you. Damn you WOMAN!
Sorry la, since becoming a father, I am quite emo when it comes to people mistreating children. They are so small and vulnerable okay. Feel strong by bullying a child eh? Feel proud when they dont dare to fight you back after you've beaten them? God help you la, may you rot in HELL!!!
Children may not have the brains to comprehend the things done to them. But they do feel sad. Believe me, I know. I've gone thru it before. Nooo, my mother is not a child abuser, but she had this temper. She was young, and I was her first child. And yours truly oso was not an obedient kinda kid :)
So whenever I did something wrong she would grab anything that is around her and the rest is history. I'd usually cry, not so much because of the 'present' I got, but because of not being able to understand my mother's action. 'Apsal mak pukul tadi ye? Mak tak sayang lagi ke? Sampai hati mak buat camtu...'
I'd usually cry until I fell asleep. My mother would come to me to check on the bruises. She would cry out of regret. I knew this because I only 'tido-tido ayam' at the time. Offcourse after waking up, everything went back to normal as if nothing had happened. But the memories, can never be erased, I can still feel the sadness I felt then, eventhough it was more than 20 years ago. The wound healed, but it left a permanent scar.
But as the family grew bigger, my mother became 'cooler' in her approach. My sisters never tasted the real wrath of my mother. I was unlucky because I think it was an experimental period for my parents, they being first time parents and all.
So I had my cut, and I'm currently trying very hard not to be my mother when it comes to Alif and Akif. I want them to love me and my wife. I dont want them feeling sad 20 years from now just because I could not control my anger today. Tapi kekadang tu terlepas jugak la kan. Boleh tahan jugak degil anak aku nih. Memang hati kering la jugak. Agaknya aku dulu camtu la kot.
So people, I'm not gonna teach you how to raise your children, but please remember that some things can be forgiven, but can never be forgotten. We want to grow old having our children around us and caring for us. To have that, we must start from the time they are still young. Offcourse you can scold and cubit them once in a while, but make sure you shower them with love and care. Coz at the end of the day, that is the only thing that matters.
Have a nice weekend.


Amy said...

Well said Azrul :). Aku pun cukup menyampah orang-senang-dpt-anak-tapi tak-pandai-jaga ni. Oh pasal rotan2 tu, aku dgn abang aku selalu kena rotan kat kaki dulu sbb kitaorg selalu gaduh, sampai sekarang aku tak rasa apa, maybe sbb rotan pun rotan, and at the same time, parents aku pamper kitaorg macam balance la. Sometimes mmg perlu ketegasan sket supaya dia tak pijak kepala kita kan.. tapi mak budak tu mmg B.O.D.O

salman ® said...

aku antara yg selamat sbb bongsu. akak abang aku jenuh kena kejar keliling rumah dgn pelepah nyior ! ahahaha.

aishah badaruddin said...

sama la cam aku.. anak sulung.. mak muda.. slalu le kena rotan dgn rotan bulu ayam tuh.. hehhe. tapi bukan rotan pasal benci.. rotan pasal aku nakal kot..tapi salah kecik pun kena teruk wooo.. sampai skarang ingat.. huhuhu.. tapi i still love my mum.. tau dia sayang kat aku :)

Azrul said...

amy > balance tu yg penting kan. Nak marah bleh marah, tp sayang pon kena tunjuk jugak

tokman > tu yg aku menyirap anak bongsu tu....:) tp rezeki memasing la kan

esah > mana ada mak tak sayang anak oiiii....