Thursday, September 03, 2009


Did you guys watch the news last night? Did you remember the slot about some Indons in Jawa set our beloved Jalur Gemilang on fire as a protest to Malaysia? They accused us of robbing their culture - Tarian Pendet. Some also say that Malaysia has always been bullying Indonesia.

Hmm....these people are fierce eh. Just because of a traditional dance they are willing to go to war eh.
Such an ungrateful lots. Haven't they realized that we have been practicing tolerance all this while? Can't they see that nearly a million of their fellow countrymen are in Malaysia, robbing us of our 'jobs'? Do they know that their fellow countrymen have been contributing to our crime statistic?

Yup, some of us did do some bad things to the indons here ie maid abuse, the manohara case. But those are mostly isolated cases. In general, I believe that we have been so nice to them. Well, nice could be subjective too. But at least we never set their flag on fire right?

One thing I adore about them though - their loyalty to their country is amazing. They are willing to shed blood just because of tarian pendet (as if kita nak sangat ownership of that tarian). To them, the tarian is their pride and nobody can take that away from them. They see it as defending their sovereignty. Fuhh...respect ah

Wish we could have the same spirit here. No, I'm not saying that we are not patriotic. All I'm saying is that we sometimes are acting like a pushover. We seldom speak up. We are afraid of hurting other's feeling even though we ourselves are hurting. Dunno lah....

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