Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bagi can la

The truth hurts. Yup, it's true. Especially to those who are afraid of their own shadows. They would do anything to stop the truth from being told. Hence, the spin that the truth is actually an act of brainwashing.

Brainwash. It sounds scary huh? Especially if you are living a lie. Why? Because defending a lie is actually a struggle. So, the solution is ..... stop the lying.

If you want a person to stop the brainwash, you too must do the same. It has to be mutual.

Ok la, let me shoot straight to the point. Stop brainwashing our children. Stop training them to be racists and bigots. If you are one, fine, it's your decision. But let your children decide on their own.

Let our children and their generation decide what they want from each other. Stop planting the seed of racism in their minds. Let them learn the meaning of living together, to appreciate the unique existence of their friends.

Don't teach them about colors. Let them see their friends as one color no matter how brown, yellow or dark their skins are.

Friendship has to be laced with sincerity. With sincerity, respect will follow. Let them care and help each other.

Stop the selfish agenda of your community and embrace the agenda of the country. The truth is, this country has a lot to offer, enough for everyone to share. Whether we like it or not, everyone is here to stay. If you can't accept that. all means find another country that suits your needs.

Do not question the formula we've been practicing for the past 5 decades. It works. There's no need to downgrade or upgrade it. Our formula is unique. It suits us just right. So please..... appreciate it. Give our children a chance. Give this country a chance.....

p/s : sori la....this entry is quite berterabur...:P


masmuni said...

You know what, I am totally agree with you.

My parents were brought up in Malay community, and during my childhood years they have been constantly implementing stereotyping towards other races (a mild form of racism haha).

But I went to a high school in Klang where all races are equally numbered, and I was able to reject my parents ideology.

I believe as Malaysians we should live together in harmony despite the culture and religion differences.

Amy said...

Well said. I love the picture you posted, so comel dan ceria.

Azrul said...

Mas > and dont forget to educate your friends eh....nanti marah tuan maamor nanti :)

Amy > Just doing my part for the country la Amy. Lately, aku memang syahdu sket bila cakap pasal mesia nih