Wednesday, December 09, 2009

BTN@Balik Pulau

Amid the hot controversy regarding BTN, I just got back from one.

From 3rd to 7th of December I was in Balik Pulau attending BTN course for Master/PhD & Sub-Specialist for oversea candidates. It was awesome. Seriously.

This would be my 3rd BTN and 4th of such course. This one was different from the ones I attended before. It was full of information and fun too. I don't know, maybe because I'm more matured (MATURED ok not old) now then I was before. So, I could really appreciate the information fed to me and my friends.

Some say that the government uses BTN to brainwash our hearts and minds. But in reality, the ideology that we have today, is a result of us being brainwashed from the day we were born. We were brainwashed by the environment, people and gossips around us.

We always use our emotion rather than our brain to interpret anything. Why? We simply do not have the knowledge. We are too dependent on third parties whose credibility could be questioned. So, BTN provides these knowledge. It's up to us whether to use it or not.

I felt that the course had taught me of who I am and my purpose in this country. Sometimes, we are proud of what we have contributed to this country, but in reality, there are a lot more for us to do. This country needs us. We just cannot take her for granted.

Remember, we took her for granted once; and we paid it with 446 years of colonization. Now, we are given a second chance. If we still screw this up, we might lose her forever.

I'm proud that my friends from the other races too acknowledge the benefit they get from BTN. They say that now their views about this country and the constitution are much more clearer. They are now more patriotic than ever.

I've said this before, and I'd say it again. I love this country. This is my Tanah Air. This is my Tanah Pusaka. This country is my 'warisan' and the 'warisan' of my children. OUR children. Don't make them pay for our mistakes. I was born here and I hope to die here. I would defend her with all my life and soul.

In my way of course....


Amy said...

Bangga terasa di hari Jumaat ni bila baca post ko wehh. Looking forward for more of your entries bila dah kat US nanti..(with lots of pictures ye?) :)

Azrul said...

amy > thanks babe....doakan aku dapat Uni cepat sket eh :)

Anonymous said...


Brapa thn ye kat sana?

-Asrul PICC

Azrul said...

Asrul > 18 ke 24 bulan rul. tgk adviser la camna dia adjust

kedaiipohloken said...

bangga ada anak melayu yg bangga jdi anak malaysia.