Saturday, December 26, 2009

Only 32

Yup I'm 32 years old today. A couple of years ago, I freaked out about being in the 30s group. But today not anymore. Still feeling young and free :)

Anyways, having a birthday is meaningless without family and friends. And Alhamdulillah I'm blessed with both. So, to those who sent their wishes through FB, SMS and orally, I can only thank you. You guys made my day.

To my wife, thank you for the lovely Birthday Card :)

So now, for next year, I've decided not to make any resolution. I think new year's resolution is overrated :) The most important thing is to live your life to the fullest. But of course I'm hoping that faith, fate and luck will always be on my side. Whatever comes, I hope I could go through it with bravery and dignity.

See you guys. And thanks for all the wishes!!!!

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