Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I've been busy lately. No mood to update though I do have a lot to rant. Dunno why la.
Currently I'm in INTAN undergoing the compulsary 6-week Quantitative Analysis course. This week is week 4. It's actually relaxing. Not much pressure. And I'm back in INTAN's dormitory. Never thought I'd be back to stay in one of these rooms again.
All the DPA routines come back to haunt me. The long and uphill journey to the dining hall. The 11 pm curfew. The constant reminder that we are 'peserta kursus' - INTAN will always be INTAN.
But of course, it's not as strict as DPA. We could make use of the elevators. Transport is provided form class to the dining hall. The curfew is not actually enforced. But I do try my best to be back by 11 la. Just to make sure not to push them too hard. Politik beb politik.
Ok la. I'll be back in the office in the final week of February. Still a long way to go. See you guys then la eh. Babai!


Amy said...

enjoy :)

Abang Awan said...

miss those days... pepun good luck. Sedih gak sebab blom apply minta HLP nih... minta ko nyer contoh proposal paper bang!