Saturday, February 27, 2010

Penat ah....

I must say, it has been weird being in the office. The office seems to be too big for me. I feel lonely. I guess I miss being in INTAN. That's actually the scary part. Me? Missing INTAN? Nope, I don't think its INTAN. I missed my QA course. I missed my friends, missed the class, missed the after class activities, missed the oblivious-of-what's-going-on-in-the-office feeling. huh....
The office welcomed me with a stack of unattended files and letters. A scene that I reluctantly had to admit - my responsibility. Ah....bila la nak start belajar nih.
I checked with my QA friends. They too have the same feeling. Laziness. It's a disease lah. After six weeks of coursing, it's natural to feel like this right? Or maybe I just don't have that spirit anymore. The spirit to serve. Hopefully, I'll be having a better and productive week next week.
Anyways, I sat for my GRE exam last Tuesday. was damn hard. The english section made me feel like a kindergarten student. Every words seemed to be a new word. It's no child play I tell you. The math section was not helping either. But at least you could try to calculate. In english, if you don't know the word, there's no way you can answer the questions. Ah....there goes my RM850.00.
So far, I've spent nearly RM2k of my own money for my Master's Degree - TOEFL, GRE, postal cost, application cost. Takleh claim plak tu. I know I'm drilling a hole in my pocket. I just hope it's worth it. Moral of the story, if you guys want to further study, don't go to US. Opt for Uk or Aussie. They are much cheaper. I guess there is a silver lining in this. Anything worth doing is never easy right?
Ok la people. I notice that this entry has stopped making any sense now. I guess it's time to stop. See you guys later....


masmuni said...

I spent 2K++ for application to the US too, and xboleh claim gak!!! T___T

but the good thing of doing grad school in the US is that the universities offer coursework XD
and Americans are cool!! trust me!! XD

Amy said...

Insyallah dibalas setimpal nanti. Sabo..sabo.

Azrul said...

mas > definitely....US is cool, remember what rosman told us. eheheh....hopefully ada la rezeki. Btw, surfed the UC website....they don't offer security eh? Rugi ah

Amy > hopefully mulut ko masin la Amy....cuak ah

masmuni said...

erm there are like 10 UCs in total- if I'm not mistaken (UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Davis etc)

I went to UC Davis, mungkin salah satu UC ada offer security, I can't really help you in that. sorry

Anonymous said...


I just finished my master, planning to further my study in US...Still thinking the right date to sit the GRE...Do you recommend me to go for classes or courses for GRE?Is it so hard...? I mean..can we as a stand alone student be able to study the content?Thanks ya~