Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Backkkkkk


I know...... I know it has been more than a month since my last entry. What to do ...... I could only write when I'm at home. Apparently at home my creative side is not as active when I'm in the office :)

Anyways, Amy left me a comment reminding me to update, thanks Amy! She requested a couple of specific entries. One, about the PTD officer who died during the DPA course recently and second, my take on World Cup.

Well, let's start with the PTD officer story. We'll talk about the World Cup later ok.

The death of the female officer was a tragedy. It's a big loss to her family and the nation. My deepest condolence goes to her husband and her baby. It's just unimaginable to think that the baby would grow up without the love of her mother. I really hope that the husband could shoulder this huge responsibility on his own. I hope he would shower her with all the love he has in him, tell her how wonderful her mother was and remind her that her mother would always love her even though she's no longer around. Insya Allah.....

So now, let's see how did this happen? The commando module is a new module. I didn't have it during my time. But I would never think twice if I'm offered to participate in one. Why? It's a once in a lifetime experience!

Besides, the army treated us nicely. I've never heard that PTD officers were mistreated by the army. Although they were strict and sometimes harsh in their use of words, but overall it is acceptable given the context and the nature of the module. I mean, you cannot expect to be treated like a gentlemen in a army camp right? If you are wearing the uniform, the least you could do is to expect to be treated like a soldier.

Yup, we were treated like a soldier. Any visiting civilians to the camp cannot tell that we are not actually soldiers. We looked just like any other soldiers undergoing training in the camp. But the army never forgotten the fact that we are civilian officers. Our welfare was never neglected, especially when it comes to our health.

In fact, it was the first thing we have to declare. Some of my friends who were not fit enough were not allowed to participate. They were not even allowed to stay at the camp. They reluctantly went back to INTAN where they had to do assignments as replacement. One of my friends, who had already participated half way when he caught the demam campak, was also sent back to INTAN.

There's a reason to this. The DPA army module is the most tiring module of all. It will drain your energy. Not enough time to sleep and rest. It's a non-stop action from the start to the end. That's why those who participate must be in their best condition.

So when some quarters blamed the army for her death, I find it hard to believe. That's just not how they operate. In fact, a friend of mine got a hold of his junior who is attending the DPA course and the guy told him that the army never forced them to participate. They did it on their own will. The guy suspected that the female officer might not have declared her true medical condition to the army officers.

I guess that's probable. But still, it arises another question. Why didn't she declare?

So, the question still remains, what happened? Your guess is a s good as mine. Although I do have some assumptions, I think it's not appropriate to share it openly. At least not now. I need to dig a little bit deeper before I can confirm it.

So Amy, one down and another to go eh. Next time I'll write about the WC :) Tunggguuuuuuu


Yanti Arshad said...

welcome back!

Amy said...

Yeay, you're back. Thanks for writing about it, wanted to know ur opinion. Aku pun dah 2 minggu tak update neh. Now on my annual leave before I start work in the new company..will be waiting for your write up on WC. Aku sokong Brazil! Hihi

Kaza said...

Salam.... biler mau turun lagik... sori tak dapat jumpa.... aku penat sangat masa tue.... kau tau yg sebelum nie (dari belajar lagi) aku tak pernah reject any invitations..... so do call awal for our usual gathering... as your friend ask.... aku rasa standing ko memang tak berubah.... sebab dari dulu lagi ko memang jiwang ngan Oliver Khan... so sampaikan sekarang dia dah tak main tapi ko masih lagi minat team dia.... hahahaha
... lain cerita.... no komen...

Azrul said...

Yanti n Amy > Thank you for reading. Appreciate it!

Ka > Aku tak salahkan korang pon. Aku paham masing2 ada hal. Tapi memang aku frust sket la.

Bukan apa Ka, kalo awal2 korang dah bgtau takleh datang, aku bleh buat plan lain sbb malam tu memang bebudak sekolah aku pon ada buat minum2.

Ari tu, aku dah sampai, dah parking and masa tgh tunggu kat tgh2 tu la baru bebudak ni bgtau takleh datang. Bukan sorang dua, SEMUA plak tu.

Frust beb. Rasa cam orang bodoh je menunggu. Aku rasa sapa pon kalo jadi aku mesti frust punya la. Kalo aku memang dok kat KL lain la kan.

Anyways, nanti kalo aku turun aku bgtau la.

Yanti Arshad said...


i tag u! pls visit my blog...

Kaza said...

Subhanallah bro..... memang aku tak tau langsung sampai jadi cam tue sekali.... seriusly kalu aku tau memang aku akan seriusly force myself to be there..... tak pernah kejadian semua kengkawan cancel.... but then there always a start to something... sabar bro... kena lak time tu ko punyer turn... kalau orang lain ada harapan gak tu.... anyway like i said before... turun call.... tak pun kita dah boleh start prepare for our Berbuka Gathering.... salam